Natural Resource And Environmental Management Thesis Topic For Postgraduates Students In Cameroon.

1. Evaluating Structural Measures And Waste Disposal Practices Instituted By The Buea City Council To Reduce Flood Risk.

2. An Assessment Of The Willingness To Pay For Ecosystem Services Of The Urban/Peri-Urban Forest Ecosystem In The Limbe Municipality.

3. An Assessment Of Household Perception And Willingness To Pay (WTP) For An Improved Solid Waste Management Service In The Buea Municipality.

4. An Evaluation Of The Impacts Of Plastics Waste Pollution In Limbe Municipality. .

5. A Model Proposal For Efficient Disaster Management For The Limbe Council.

6. An Investigation Of Basalt Rock Dust (Quarry Dust) As A Soil Amendment.

7. An Assessment Of Ecotourism And Sustainability Opportunities In The Cameroon Mangrove Estuary.

8. Evaluating The Opportunities And Challenges Of Ecotourism As A Form Of Conservation And Sustainable Development In Cameroon National Park Buea.

9. An Evaluation Of Sustainable Natural Rubber Farming Systems In Cameroon.

10. Assessment Of The Feeding Behaviour Of Gorillas In Limbe Wildlife Centre, South West Region, Cameroon.


Geography Project Topics with Materials


11. Potable Water Supply Challenges And Its Implications On The Population Of Tiko Community South West Region, Cameroon.

12. Assessing The Micro Biological Quality Of Drinking Water In Mamfe Town.

13. An Assessment Of The State Of Water Catchments In The Limbe Municipality.

14. A Comparative Study On The Effect Of Co-Composting And NPK On The Soil Quality And Growth Of Cucumber.

15. Briquettes As An Alternative Source Of Household Fuel.

16. The Occurrence Of Extreme Climatological Events In The Context Of Climate Change (Case Study Buea).

17. Landslide Hazards: Household Vulnerability, Resilience And Coping Mechanism. Case Study: Limbe, South West Region Of Cameroon.

18. The Impact Of Climate Change Variability On Flood Hazard And Coping Strategies. The Case Of Mamfe Municipality.

19. Administrative, Legal And Government Issues In DRM.

20. Forensic Investigation Of The Bafoussam Landslide Disaster.

21. An Investigation Of The Causes, Impacts And Mitigation Strategies Of The Landslide Hazard, Case Of The Landslide Area In Limbe.


Environmental Science Project Topics with Materials


22. Assessing The Impact Of Anglophone Crises And Building Resilience In The Southwest Region Of Cameroon.

23. Floods And Sea Encroachment Into Land And How It Has Affected The Lives Of The Indigenes In Limbe Municipality.

24. Analyzing The Impact Of Landslide Risk To Settlement And Road Network; Case Study Limbe Municipality, South West Region Of Cameroon.

25. Characterization Of Mass Movement Hazards And Risk Assessment In The Limbe Municipality, South West Region Of Cameroon.

26. Assessing The Role Of Indigenous Knowledge In Volcanic Hazard Management In Some Villages Around The Mount Cameroon Volcanic Area.

27. Effects Of Climate Change (Positive And Negative) On Agricultural Yield In The Fako Division of South West Region Of Cameroon.

28. Climate Change Influencing Natural Hazards And Disasters. Case Study; Limbe Landslide.

29. An Assessment Of Land Use And Land Cover Changes In Mbankomo Sub Division, Central Region, Cameroon.

30. Surface water and groundwater quality for agricultural risk in Garoua and its environs, North Region, Cameroon.

31. Assessing Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Outdoor Cattle Sleeping Areas in Cameroon.

32. The Level Of Community Participation In The Conservation Of Natural Resources In Fako Division.

33. Resident Perception and Willingness to pay for improve Waste Management Services in the Kumba II Municipality.


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