Advertisement Project For Undergraduate Students in Cameroon

21+ Advertisement Project For Students [2024]

Advertisement Project For Undergraduate Students in Cameroon

1). Perception Of University Students Towards Transit Advertisement: Case study the University of Buea.


2). Influence Of CRTV Cooking Shows In Educating Women In Their Food Preparation in Buea Municipality


3). Attitude Of University Students Towards Online Shopping: Case Study University of Buea


4). Perception Of University of Bamenda Students In The Use Of Celebrity Endorsement In Advertising in Cameroon


5). Impact Of Celebrity Endorsement On Consumer Buying Behaviour in Cameroon


6). Influence Of Celebrity Endorsement On Sales And Patronage Of iPhones in Cameroon


7). Students’ Perception And Believability Of Social Media Advertisement in Cameroon.


8). Effect Of Hypo Television Advertisement On Students’ Choice Of Body Cream in Buea Municipality.


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9). Influence Of Women’s Image In Products And Services Advertising Campaigns In Cameroon


10). Effectiveness Of Detergent Advertisement On Students Buying Habit in Tiko Town


11). Impact Of Foreign Advertising On Cameroon Culture


12). Effect Of Advertising Of Herbal Product On Consumer Decision-Making Process in Cameroon


13). Influence Of Advertisement On The Consumption Of Brasseries products in Cameroon


14). Influence Of Billboard Advertisement on the sales performance of Source Du Pays products in Cameroon


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15). Influence Of Product Packaging On Consumer Purchase Of Products of Source Du Pays


16). Impact Of Billboard Political Campaigns On Electorate Voting Behaviour in Cameroon


17). Influence Of Television Advertising On Consumers Buying Habits Of Cigarettes In Cameroon: Case Study Buea Municipality. 


18). Baby Formula Advert And Buying Habits Of Nursing Mothers in Mamfe Municipality.


19). Television As A Positive Contributor To The Socialisation Of Children in Kumbo Municipality


20). Influence Of Ultimate Search On The Consumption Of Alcoholic Drinks Among Undergraduate Students in Kumba II Municipality


21). The Effect Of Advertisement On The Success Of A Business Organization: Case Study Njirforbi Bakery Buea


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