Public Administration Project Topics for undergraduates and postgraduates’ students in Cameroon

  1. Ethnic Nationalism In Cameroon And Socio-Economic Development In Cameroon. A Study Of Ahmadu Ahidjo And Paul Biyas Administration
  2. The Effect Of Communication Barrier On Organizational Success At Air Peace Aviation Company in Cameroon
  3. Traditional Political System And The Development Of Democracy In Cameroon. A Study Of The Buea Municipality
  4. An Appraisal Of The Cameroonian Correctional Service: The Need For Reform
  5. The Effectiveness Of Bank Verification Number In Detecting And Eliminating Ghost Workers In The Cameroonian Public Service
  6. A Comparative Analysis Of Staff Welfare Administration
  7. Skill Acquisition, Unemployment And Standard Of Living In Cameroon
  8. Impact Of Metering On Customer Satisfaction In Electricity Company (A Case Study Of Eneo Distribution Company)
  9. Regional Policing And Crime Reduction In Cameroon: A Case Study Of The Buea Municipality
  10. The Role Of Councils In National Development (A Case Study Of Buea Council)
  11. The Role Of Councils In Rural Development In Cameroon Case study Mamfe Rural Council
  12. Autonomy Of Municipal Councils In Cameroon: Issues And The Way Forward
  13. Examination Of Prison Administration And Crime Prevention In The Buea Central Prison.
  14. The Effect Of Mismanagement And Embezzlement Of Funds In The Public Sector. A Case Study Of The Southwest Region Of Cameroon.
  15. An Assessment Of The Role Of Non-Governmental Organisations In Rural Development In Cameroon (Buea Municipality As A Case Study)
  16. Local Government Administration As A Panacea For Rural Transformation
  17. Impact Of Corruption In The Civil Service In Cameroon
  18. The Method Of Appointment Into The Public Service In Cameroon From 1960-2020
  19. The Role Of Women Empowerment And Its Impact On The Economic Growth Of The Cameroon
  20. Role Of Women In Tackling Corruption In Cameroon
  21. Effect Of Anti-Corruption Policy On The Cameroonian Civil Service
  22. Corruption In Cameroon; A Threat To Sustainable Economic Development
  23. Roles Of Community Based Organisations In Community Development In Mamfe Cameroon
  24. Effective Public Relations As An Instrument For The Achievement Of An Organizational Objective
  25. Boko Haram And Its Implications On National Development Of Cameroon
  26. Improving Organization Efficiency Through Conflict Resolution And Management
  27. Rating Administration In Cameroon (A Case Study Of The Dos Office South West Region Of Cameroon)
  28. True Decentralisation: A Panacea For Rapid Growth In Cameroon
  29. An Assessment Of Democratic Consolidation Process In Cameroon: A Case Study Of Elections Cameroon (Elecam), 2011-2020
  30. Boko Haram Insurgency And Educational Development In Far NorthnRegion of Cameroon.
  31. The Limitations Of Public Relations Practice In Developing Countries Case Study Cameroon.
  32. Participative Leadership Style And Its Effect On Organiational Performance (A Case Study Of NADEV Cameroon)
  33. Resources Generation And Management In Public Institutions In Cameroon: A Case Study Of The Ministry For Territorial Administration
  34. The Influence Of Conflict Management Effectiveness On Administrative Staff Productivity In Tertiary Institutions.
  35. The Anglophone Crisis: It’s Impact On Cameroons’s National Security
  36. An Assessment Of The Role And Challenges Of Non-Governmental Organisations In Rural Development In Cameroon (Case Study Of Selected NGOs In Buea Municipality
  37. Human Right Violation In Cameroon And Its Implication
  38. The Role Of Effective Administration In The Rapid Socio-Economic Transformation Of Cameroon
  39. Corruption And Economic Crimes In The Public Sector Of Cameroon
  40. Communication: The Key In Effective Public Relations
  41. Curbing Unemployment In Cameroon (A Case Study Of The Ministry Of Vocational Training
  42. Taxation And Local Government Development In Cameroon
  43. Taxation As A Major Source Of Funding To The Government Of Cameroon
  44. An Appraisal Of The Role Of The Government In Poverty Alleviation In Cameroon
  45. A Study Into The Management Of Employee Grievances In An Organization (A Case Study Of Some Selected Firms in the Buea Municipality)
  46. Democratic Control In Cooperative Management
  47. The Impact Of Inter-Governmental Relations On Local Government Administration In Cameroon
  48. Assessment Of The Effort Of Privatization And Commercialization In The Cameroonian Economy
  49. Causes And Effects Of Communication Breakdown In An Organization
  50. Communication As An Indispensable Tool For Effective Administration
  51. The Role Of Effective Leadership In Achieving Organizational Objectives (A Case Study Of Buea University)
  52. Conflict Management For Effective Performance In An Organization
  53. An Evaluation Of Privatization Programe As An Effective Tool For Enhancing Productivity In Public Enterprises In Cameroon
  54. Problems Of Tax Collection In Cameroon:
  55. The Impact Of Leadership Style On Employee Productivity
  56. The Impact Of Leadership Style On The Achievement Of Organizational Productivity Goal
  57. The Effect Of Manpower Training And Development On Organizational Goal Attainment
  58. Effect Of Financial And Non Financial Incentives On Staff Productivity
  59. The Effect Of Corporate Governance On The Performance Of An Organization
  60. Impact Of Team Work On Organizational Productivity
  61. Staff Training And Development As A Tool For Achieving Organizational Objectives
  62. Staff Training And Development As A Tool For High Employee Performance In An Organization
  63. Performance Appraisal As A Tool For Achieving Higher Efficiency And Productivity In An Organization
  64. Evaluation Of Human Capital Development As A Strategy For Increasing Productivity In Public Organizations In Cameroon
  65. The Impact Of Team Work On Organizational Productivity
  66. Leadership Styles And Their Impact On Employee Productivity
  67. Effect Of Proper Records Management On Workers Productivity
  68. The Effect Of Non-Monetary Incentives On Employee Performance
  69. Effect Of Motivational Incentive On Employee Performance
  70. Effect Of Manpower Planning On Organizational Performance (A Case Study Of Brasseries Du Cameroon)
  71. Conflict Resolution As A Tool For Effective Management In An Organization ( A Case Study Of Some Selected Firms In Douala )
  72. Assessment Of The Influence Of Conflict Resolution On The Performance Of An Organization (A Case Study Of Cameroons Civil Service)
  73. Impacts Of Corruption In The Judicial System In Cameroon


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