Marketing Project Topics for Undergraduate Students (2023)

1. The Effect of Advertisement On Consumer Brand Preference

2. Effect of Personal Selling and Marketing On Sales Growth

3. Impact of Customer Satisfaction Strategies On Customer Retention in Afriland First Bank Yaounde

4. Impact of Social Media On Consumer Buying Behaviour (A Case Study of Buea University Students)

5. The Effect of Quality Service Delivery On Customers Patronage BICEC Bank, Buea

6. The Impact of Market Segmentation and Product Positioning in A Service Industry: The Case of Hotels in Bamenda

7. Marketing Research and Its Importance in The Cameroonian Banking Industry: Case Study of Commercial Banks in Buea

8. The Effects of Organizational Culture On Employee Performance and Productivity: The case study of Camwater Office Buea.

9. The Impact of Sales Promotion On Customers’ Loyalty in The Cameroonian Telecommunication Industry. (A Study of MTN Buea).

10. The Impact of Cultural Influences On Consumer Buying Behaviour. 


Management Project Topics with Materials

11. The Problems Facing the Marketing of Poultry Product.

12. The Impact of Marketing in The Development Of Tourism In Limbe Fako Division.

13. The attitude of Consumers Towards Public Utilities (A Case Study of ENEO, Cameroon).

14. The Problems Facing the Establishment of Banks in Rural Areas: The case study of Manyu Division.

15. The Impact of Promotion On Consumer Patronage of Pharmaceutical Companies in Buea Municipality.

16. The Effect of Management Development Programmes On Top-Level Employees’ Productivity.

17. The Impact of Physical Distribution Channels in Marketing Agricultural Products in Mamfe Town.

18. The Relevance of Marketing Planning in Achieving the Business Growth of Dealers of Electronics in Cameroon (A Study of Selected Dealers of Electronic in Bamenda).

19. Guerrilla Marketing for Improving Performance of Marketing of Hotel Services in Cameroon: The case of Limbe Municipality.

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Human Resources Management Project Topics with Materials

20. Impact of Customers Complaint On Marketing Performance in The Service Industry

21 Consumers’ Perception of Branding and Packaging On Sales of Cosmetics Products in Buea Municipality

22. Effect of Social Media On Consumer Buying Behaviour of Jumia Cameroon

23. The Evaluation of Problems of Small and Medium Scale Industries in Kumba Municipality

24. Factors That Influence Consumers Preference Of Detergent In Buea Municipality

25. The Role Of Public Relations In Improving Cameroon International Trade

26. The Impact Of Marketing Mix In The Accomplishment Of Organizational Objectives: The Case Study Some Selected SMEs In Buea Municipality.

27. The Impact Of Information Technology (It) In Marketing Of Banking Services In Cameroon: The Case Study Of Some Selected Commercial Banks In Cameroon.

28. An Appraisal Of Promotional Strategies Of Barbing Salons In Buea Municipality

29. The Effect Of Price And Price Changes On Sales Of Consumer Goods In Buea Municipality

30. The Effect Of Quality Service Delivery On Customers Patronage In Afriland First Bank Plc. 

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Business administration Project Topics with Materials

31. The Effects Of Organizational Culture On Employee Performance And Productivity: The Case Study Of MTN Cameroon

32. E-Marketing And Small Scale Business In Buea Municipality Threat Or Opportunities

33. The Impact Of Cultural Influences On Consumer Buying Behaviour

34. Factors That Influence Consumer Purchase And Consumption Of Eggs In Buea Municipality

35. Marketing Research As A Tool For Increased Profitability In Service Industry (A Case Study Of Higher Institute Of Management Studies (HIMS) Buea

36. The Impact Of Physical Distribution Channels In Marketing Agricultural Products In Manyu Division

37. Effective Marketing Strategies for Health Care Services in Buea Municipality

38. Passenger’s Rating Of Service Delivery Of Transport Businesses In Cameroon

39. Brand Switching Behavior Of Consumers In The Hair Care Service In Buea Municipality

40. The Effects Of Subsidy Removal On Effective Marketing Of Petrol In Cameroon


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