Best Public Health Project Topics for students in Cameroon

Best Public Health Project Topics for students in Cameroon

Best Public Health Project Topics for students in Cameroon

1). Substance Use Among Secondary Students in the Limbe health district.

2). Determinants of Knowledge, Attitude and Practice Of Covid-19 Prevention Among Community Health Workers In Kumba Health District

3). An Assessment Of The Art Differentiated Dispensation Models And Their Effect On Adherence And Retention In Care Among Adult Stable Patients On Art in the Nylon District Hospital

4). An Assessment Of The Role Of Traditional Birth Attendants On Antenatal Care Seeking Behaviours In District Hospital Tiko

5). Impact Of The Anglophone Crisis On Knowledge, Prevalence, Determinant And Trends On Preventive Measures Against Adolescent Pregnancy In Mamfe Health District

6). Trends In HIV Treatment Outcomes Among Adult Infected Patients At The Nylon Health District, Douala

7). Acceptance And Preferences For Long-Acting Antiretroviral Formulations Among People With HIV Infection And Perspectives Of Healthcare Providers IN Private hospitals in Buea Municipality

8). Determinants of Utilization Of Maternal Healthcare Services Among Women Of Reproductive Age In The Tiko Health District

9). Knowledge and Frequency of Adverse Health and Obstetric Outcomes of Long-Term Contraceptives Used by Women Aged 25-49 Attending Health Facilities In The Limbe Health District

10). Barriers to Management and Treatment Of Acute Malnutrition in Children Below Five Years In The Adamawa Region

11). Knowledge And Perception Of Mobile Health As A Tool To Promote Maternal And Child Health Among Health Workers And Women Of Child Bearing Age In The Bamenda health district

12). Health Care- Seeking Behaviours, Anxiety and Depression Among Survivors Of Covid-19 At The Mamfe Regional Hospital

13). Assessing The Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices of Health Care Workers On Immunization Of Children 0-59 Months In The Mboppi Baptist Hospital

14). Assessing The Knowledge, Perceptions And Practice Towards The Use Of Recreational Drugs Among High School Students In Bafousam.

15). Covid-19 Vaccine Uptake Among Healthcare Workers In Manjo Health District

16). Acceptability and Preferences for Long-Acting Antiretroviral Formulations Among People with HIV Infection And Perspectives Of Healthcare Providers in Bafang

17). The Prevalence Of Malaria Among Pregnant Women And Its Health Implication: Case Study Of Select Patients In Limbe General Hospital

18). Attitude and Interest of Health Professionals Towards Electronic Health Record System (A Case Study Of selected private hospitals in Buea)

19). Attitude, Knowledge And Perception Of Health Workers On Transmission And Prevention Of Covid-19 (A Case Study Of Health Workers In The Outpatient Department Of Buea Regional Hospital)

20). Factors Associated with Health Seeking and Prevention Of Human. Papilloma Virus Infection (A Study Of University of Buea Health Units)

21). Attitude And Perception Of Nursing Mothers Towards Exclusive Breastfeeding (EBF) in Dschang

22). Knowledge And Attitude Of Female Bankers Toward The Practice Of Exclusive Breastfeeding In the Buea Municipality

23). Assessment Of Health Care Workers Compliance On Covid-19 Protocols At Specialist Hospital Bauchi

24). Factors Influencing Health Seeking Behaviour Among Women of Reproductive Age in Kumbo Municipality

25). Assessment of Public Health Activities of Community Pharmacies in Bamenda, North West Region, Cameroon

26). Assessment Of The Knowledge, Attitude And Practice Of Kangaroo Mother Care Among Mothers In The Buea Regional Hospital,

27). The Perception Of Health Workers Regarding Prevention And Control Of Nosocomial Infection In Health Facilities In Limbe Health District

28). Knowledge, Attitude, And Practice Of Preconception Care Among Men Of The Reproductive Age Group In The Bamenda Health District

29). Assessing Knowledge, Attitudes And Practices Of Community Health Workers In The Prevention And Control Of Malaria In The Buea Health District

30). Prevalence and Determinants of Malnutrition Amongst HIV-Infected Adults in the Kumba Regional Hospital

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