Theology and Biblical Studies Project Topics for Undergraduate and Postgraduate students in Cameroon

Theology and Biblical Studies Project Topics for Undergraduate and Postgraduate students in Cameroon

  1. Youth Lifestyle And Church Growth In The Buea Municipality
  2. An Investigation Into The Effectiveness Of Faith In The Life Of A Christian In Cameron: Case Study Limbe Catholic Christians
  3. Religious Conflicts In Cameroon: Issues And Solutions.
  4. A Discourse Analysis Of Jesus ‘conversation With The Samaritan Woman
  5. A Semantic Analysis Of Psalm 51.
  6. The Impact Of Doctrinal Difference On The Church Growth In Cameroon.
  7. The Threats To Sustainable Peace In Cameroon; The Role Of The Church.
  8. Apostasy And Church Growth: Case Study, Jehovah Witnesses in Cameroon.
  9. The Biblical Examination Of Factors Responsible For Divisions In The Churches In Cameroon.
  10. The Effect Of Denominational Practices On The Growth Of The Church: Case Study Missionary Churches In Cameroon.
  11. Theism And The Problem Of Evil: A Critical Study
  12. The Problem of Division in the Corinthians Church
  13. The Church Minister And Challenges Of Moral Upbringing Of His Family (A Case Study Of Selected Churches-In Fako Division)
  14. A Study Of Proverbs 23:29-35 And The Effects Of Alcoholism In Cameroon: The Role Of The Church.
  15. An African Perspective Of The Menace Of Rape And Its Implications On Christian Teenage-Girls in Cameroon: Case Study, Bamenda Municipality.
  16. Broken Marriage, Causes, And Effects On Children In Christian Homes in Mamfe Municipality.
  17. An Exegesis Of Mark 5:25-34 And Its Implications For Healing: The Perspectives of Christians in Cameroon
  18. An Exegesis Of 1 Timothy 2:9 – 15 And Its Implication for Women Ministry The Perspectives of Christians in Cameroon
  19. An Appraisal Of Church Planting Activities In In The Buea Municipality: Case Study; Catholic Church
  20. Grooming The Next Generation For Leadership Succession And Its Implication For Contemporary Church
  21. Exegesis Of Nehemiah 8: 1-12 And Its Impact On Church Growth In Cameroon.
  22. Effect Of Pastoral Leadership On Local Church Growth In Manyu Division
  23. Planning And Organizing: Vital Management Tools For Church Growth And Sustainability in Cameroon: Case Study; Kingdom Hall of Jehovah Witnesses.
  24. The Biblical Patterns Of Leadership And Its Effect On The Church Growth in Cameroon
  25. The Challenges Of Immorality And Its Implications On The Growth Of Church: Case study Selected churches in the Buea Municipality.
  26. The Achievement Of Church Growth Through Christian Publications in Cameroon: Case Study Catholic Church
  27. Sexual Impropriety: The Issues And The Implications For Church
  28. Revival Movement: A Catalyst For Church Growth
  29. The Impact Of Christian Education For Transgenerational Leadership
  30. The Effect Of Christian Attitude To Giving Towards Church Growth: Case Study Catholic Church Buea Municipality
  31. The Impact And Implication Of Crisis Management On Church Growth Using Winners’ Chapel International Buea Municipality
  32. Impact Of Church Administration On Effective Management Of Church -Sponsored Schools (A Case Study Of Presbyterian Church Cameroon)
  33. Christian Participation In Politics: A Moral Concern In Contemporary Cameroon Society
  34. The Influence Of Pentecostal Churches On The Development Of Education. Living Faith Church (Winners Chapel) As A Case Study
  35. Immorality In Churches: Issues And The Way Forward
  36. The Role Of Church Leaders In Growth And Survival Of A Church: Full Gospel Mission – Molyko Assembly, Buea
  37. The Role Of The Church In Ensuring Peace And Harmony In The Society
  38. The Strategies To Enhance Teaching And Learning Of Christian Religious Studies In Secondary School
  39. Teachers And Students Perceptions Of Problems Of Effective Teaching And Learning Of Christian Religious Studies in Secondary Schools in Fako Division
  40. Factors Associated with Mass Failure Of Student In Christian Religious Studies In Secondary Schools In Bamenda Municipality.


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