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108 Best Research Topics In Nursing (2024)


Looking for the best research topics in nursing? if yes, then you are at the right place.

In this blog post, you will learn how to choose good research topics in nursing, in the various nursing field such as children’s health, adult health care, midwifery, pain management, Obstetrics nursing, Pediatric nursing, Geriatric nursing, and mental health research topics in nursing.


How To Choose Good Research Topics In Nursing?

Learning how to choose good research topics in nursing is one very vital skill every nursing and health care student should have.

Choosing good research topics in nursing is easy but requires a little bit of your time.

Know that you will need to submit about 2-3 research topics in nursing to your supervisor or jury committee for approval before you can proceed with the research writing process.

The first step to take when choosing awesome research topics in nursing is to brainstorm for ideas. This involves you writing down the list of ideas you will like to undertake the research process.

The next step will be for you to do a background study (on google) on the ideas you have just listed in your idea book.

This online search will broaden the scope of your idea and gives you a view of what has been covered so far by other researchers on the idea you had in mind.

The next vital step on how to choose good research topics in nursing is for you to try and turn your idea into questions. For example, if your original idea was “Obesity”, then your possible questions that should come to your mind will be:

What are the causes of obesity? what is the effect of obesity? how can obesity be controlled? Turning your idea(s) into question tags will help gives you a better and more focused overview of the research topic.

With this list of some of the questions, you generated from your idea, the next step in choosing good research topics in nursing will be for you to take each question you generated and do a further internet search (on google).

This simple activity will help broaden your understanding of what others have done concerning your idea(s), what major findings did they obtain, what did they leave uncovered, and how can you help in solving these missing gaps.

These missing gaps you identified will constitute what will be your statement of the problem for your research idea(s).

After identifying your research gap or statement of the problem, you will need to narrow your research topic by choosing a particular audience and making the topic more location-specific by selecting a particular geographical area (county, city, state, etc.) or by choosing a particular health institution as your focus and target institution.

We have covered a detail of these steps in the blog article: What every student should consider before choosing a good research topic


Below are some ideas (s) on possible research topics in nursing for students in the USA.

Worth noting that these ideas apply to students in other parts of the world such as the UK, Canada, Japan, Australia, Germany, and Africa Countries, etc.


Best Research Topics In Nursing for Students 

Children Research Topics in Nursing

Children Research Topics in Nursing
Children Research Topics in Nursing

1.  Neonatal and pediatric antimicrobial stewardship programs in Philadelphia Pennsylvania USA

2. Antibiotic utilization for hospitalized pediatric children in Georgetown Hospital, USA

3. Drug prescriptions to outpatient children in New York-Presbyterian Hospital, USA

4. Recognition and Management of Pediatric Seizures in children in Coney Island Hospital, USA.

5. Profile of children admitted with seizures in a tertiary care hospital of North Carolina: Case Study UNC Health Care

6. The incidence, etiology, and outcome of acute seizures in children admitted to Lincoln Medical and Mental Health Center, USA.

7. Childhood obesity: Causes and consequences in Gatlinburg Tennessee town

8. Childhood lifestyle as a predictor of adult obesity in Sonoma, Northern California

9. Pediatric Ethics: Protecting the Interests of Children in Steamboat Springs northern Colorado.

10. Birth Injuries and Related Risk Factors in neonates Born in Jacobi Medical Center, USA

11. The prevalence of recurrent abdominal pain in 11-to 16-year-old Sanibel Island schoolchildren in Florida State.

12. Causes and Risk factors of child mortality in the USA: Case Study of Kings County Hospital Center.

Adult Research Topics In Nursing

1. Nurses’ experiences of the encounter with elderly patients in an acute confessional state in orthopaedical care in Denver Health Hospital Erie, Pennsylvania

2. Ethical challenges related to elder care in West Chester Hospital Pennsylvania

3, Nutrition status and its relationship with depression in elderly people in Lock Haven, Pennsylvania.

4. Restraint use in the management of the elderly with Dementia in Geisinger Bloomsburg Hospital Pennsylvania.

5. Reducing restraint use for older adults in acute care Nursing: The Case Study of Women Place Heart Of Lancaster Hospital.

6. Physical restraint use with elderly patients: perceptions of nurses and nursing assistants in Lancaster General Hospital Pennsylvania state.

7. Nurses’ perceptions and practice of physical restraint in selected public hospitals in Pittsburgh

8. Restraint use among selected hospitalized elderly patients in Philadelphia City.

9. Nurses’ experiences of restraint and seclusion use in short-stay acute old age psychiatry inpatient unit

10. Use of physical restraint in hospital patients: a descriptive study in a tertiary hospital in South Africa

11. Strategies for Nurses: Helping Elderly Patients with Dementia in selected public hospitals in Allentown

12. Stroke and Cerebrovascular Disease in Elderly Patients in selected private health care facilities in Scranton.

13. The Most Common Joint Disorders in Elderly Population in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

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Obstetrics Research Topics In Nursing

Obstetrics Research Topics In Nursing
Obstetrics Research Topics In Nursing

1. Status and awareness of HIV/AIDS among antenatal Virginia Beach women in Sentara Princess Anne Hospital

2. Prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV-1 through breastfeeding by treating infants prophylactically with lamivudine in Chesapeake Regional Medical Center

3. Adolescent Pregnancy: Risk Factors, Outcome, and Prevention in Norfolk City, Virginie

4. Risk factors associated with pregnancy in adolescents in Hampton city, Virginie.

5. Awareness of gestational diabetes mellitus among pregnant women attending West Virginia University Hospitals in Morgantown.

6. Knowledge of gestational diabetes mellitus among antenatal women in Arlington City, Virginie.

7. Knowledge and Health Beliefs of Gestational Diabetes Mellitus Associated with Breastfeeding Intention Among Pregnant Women in Alexandria City, Virginie.

8. Awareness of Gestational Diabetes and its Risk Factors among Pregnant Women in Hampton City, Virginie.

9. Diagnosis and management of first-trimester miscarriage at Naval Medical Center Chesapeake, Virginie

10. Management of Pregnancy Beyond 40 Weeks’ Gestation at Obici Hospital, Chesapeake, Virginie.


Pain Management Research Topics In Nursing

Pain Management Research Topics In Nursing
Pain Management Research Topics In Nursing

1. Assessment and Management Of pain in Hemophilia Patients in Houston Methodist Hospital, Texas.

2. Quality of life and its predictors among adult patients with hemophilic arthropathy. An observational study at Memorial Hermann Health System, Houston, Texas.

3. Attitudes of patients to obstetric analgesia at the HCA Houston Healthcare, Texas.

4. Clinical audit on the existing attitudes and knowledge of obstetricians regarding labour analgesia at the Baylor University Medical Center, Dallas, Texas.

5. Knowledge of and attitude towards pain relief during labour of women attending the antenatal clinic of Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas.

6. Utilization of obstetric analgesia in labour pain management and associated factors among obstetric caregivers in Methodist Hospital-San Antonio.

7. The transition from acute to chronic postsurgical pain. Physiology, risk factors, and prevention studies at the Baptist Medical Center, San Antonio.

8. Determinants of patient satisfaction in postoperative pain management following hand ambulatory surgery at the Brooke Army Medical Center

9. The impact of preoperative information on state anxiety, postoperative pain, and satisfaction with pain management at the Clarity Child Guidance Center.

10. Analyzing the effectiveness of non-pharmacological methods of pain-relief for adolescents in El Paso, Texas City State.

At this point, you have gotten full knowledge of how to choose good research topics in nursing.

From this point below, you will find just a series of research topics in nursing without a case study.

Using the above examples, you will be in a good position to use these research topics in nursing ideas to choose case studies that you are more familiar with.

Midwifery Research Topics In Nursing

Midwifery Research Topics In Nursing
Midwifery Research Topics In Nursing

1. Factors associated with mental health in mothers with children under seven

2. Stressful life events and women’s mental health during pregnancy and the postpartum period.

3. Maternal postnatal depression and children’s growth and behaviour during the early years of life: Exploring the interaction between physical and mental health.

4. Prevalence and determinants of common perinatal mental disorders in women in low and lower-middle-income countries

5. Patient Attitudes toward Gestational Weight Gain and Exercise during Pregnancy.

6. Association of maternal weight gain in pregnancy with offspring obesity

7. Impact of compliance with different guidelines on physical activity during pregnancy and perceived barriers to leisure physical activity

8. Obstetrician/gynecologists’ knowledge, attitudes, and practices regarding weight gain during pregnancy.

9. The effects of an exercise program during pregnancy on health-related quality of life in pregnant women.

10. Impact of maternal knowledge of recommended weight gain in pregnancy on gestational weight gain.

11. Hepatitis B and HIV co-infection in pregnant women

12. How to Improve Neonatal and Maternal Practices in Rural Areas

13. The Impact of Hepatitis B and AIDS on the Pregnant Women

14. The Methods to Evaluate the Impact of Delayed Umbilical Cord Clamping

Mental Health Research Topics In Nursing

1. Vitamin D deficiency in elderly: Risk factors and drugs impact on vitamin D status

2. Selective Mutism and Its Relations to Social Anxiety Disorder and Autism Spectrum Disorder

3. Peer interaction and loneliness in high-functioning children with autism

4. Social anxiety symptoms in young children: Investigating the interplay of the theory of mind and expressions of shyness.

5. The effect of social media on mental health among teenagers

6. Early Detection and Intervention in Bipolar Affective Disorder

7. Causes and risk factors of bipolar disorder

8. Depression During and After the Perimenopause

9. Understanding personal experience and phenomenology in patients with schizophrenia

10. The effectiveness of cognitive-behavioral therapy for panic attack treatment

11. The role of socio-cultural factors in the development of eating disorders

12. Effects of music therapy for adolescents with autism

13. Analyzing the effectiveness of emergency medical assistance for road traffic accidents.


Geriatric Research Topics In Nursing

1. Effects of Ageing on the Immune System: Infants to Elderly

2. Vaccination for older adults: benefits and challenges

3. Urinary tract infections in older adults: risk factors and diagnosis

4. Malnutrition in older adults: consequences and effects on organ systems

5. Gastrointestinal tract disorders in older age: nursing care strategies

6. Assessment of physical function in older adults: effects of regular physical activity

7. Dehydration in older adults: prevention, recognition, and treatment

8. Diet as a risk factor for dementia

9. The role of diet in reducing the risk of osteoporosis

10. Taking care for seniors citizens with chronic illness: psychological issues

11. Physical environment as a risk factor for functional decline in older patients

12. Delirium in elderly patients: prevention strategies

13. Adverse drug effects in elderly patients: interventions and care strategies

14. Ethnicity as a risk factor for pressure ulcer development

15. Substance use disorders in older adults: treatment and care options

16. Complications in critically ill patients due to prolonged hospital stay

17. Pancreatic cancer surgery in older adults: balancing risks and benefits

18. Bladder cancer in older adults: risk factors and challenges

19. Care of the older patients in the ED: nursing intervention


Pediatric Research Topics In Nursing

Pediatric Research Topics In Nursing
Pediatric Research Topics In Nursing

1. Evaluation of pragmatic language patterns in autistic children

2. Childhood cancer treatment optimization: new ways

3. Children with cancer and their families: psychological issues

4. Early life exposures that promote heart disease later in life

5. Role of early-life exposure to endocrine-disrupting chemicals in childhood obesity

6. Obesity in children and adolescents: prevention strategies

7. Prenatal exposure to nicotine: health effects

8. Effects of early life stress on metabolic and cognitive development of children

9. Asthma in children: monitoring techniques

10. Meningitis in children: prevention and vaccination

11. Common measles complications in children

12. Tourette syndrome in children: causes and treatment

13. Eating disorders in children: effects on growth and health

14. Infant nutrition: prevention of obesity and eating disorders

15. Ear infections in children: diagnosis and treatment

16. Kidney stones in children: preventive strategies

17. Children with type I diabetes from ethnic minorities: risk factors

Conclusion on Best Research Topics In Nursing

Congratulations if you made it so far at this point on learning how to choose good research topics in nursing.

If you have any suggestions or questions, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.

If you still having some difficulties in choosing a good research topic in nursing, don’t hesitate to contact us via WhatsApp.

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