Chemistry project topics for undergraduate and postgraduate students in Cameroon

1. Evaluation of chemical components in energy drinks

2. The biochemistry of biogas production from biodegradable

3. Treatment techniques of municipal solid waste

4. Perfumes, extraction and formulation processes

5. Catalysis and its application in pollution remediation

6. Allopathic chemicals from plants

7. Different methods of treatment of industrial solid waste

8. Sweeteners and their effects

9. Qualitative and quantitative evaluation of phosphoric acid, sugar and caffeine contents in Cameroon Coca-Cola.

10. Anticancer agents and their mechanism of action.

11. Treatment technology of industrial waste water.

12. Production of medicinal lotion from the ethanolic extract of Cyprus rotundus L tubers.

13. Production of mosquito repellent using orange peelings.

14. Biodiesel production from residual oil.

15. Production of starch from cassava.

16. The chemistry of plastic recycling.

17. Chemical composition of some selected cosmetics.

18. Method of producing less resistant plastics.

19. Extraction processes and analysis of crude oil.

20. Environmental sound management of polychlorinated biphenyl in Cameroon.

21. Management of solid and liquid industrial waste

22. Extraction and formulation of perfume from plant.

23. Extraction of oil from local seed (groundnut seed) and characterization.

24. Production of black and brown polish brown polish

25. The Use Of Local Pigments And Extenders For Formulation And Production Of Emulsion Paint.

26. Desulphursation Kerosene

27. Comparative Analysis Of Coal, Fuel Oil And Natural Gas For Cement Production.

28. Extraction And Formulation Of Perfume From Lemongrass Leaves.

29. Kinetic Study On Hydrolysis Of Cellulose (Saw-Dust).

30. Assessment Of Carbon Monoxide (Co) Level In Douala Metropolis Monitoring Industrial And Residential Area.

31. Effect Of Temperature On Hydrolysis Of Cellulose (Saw-Dust).

32. Production Of A High Quality Bar Soap And Compare With Detergent.

33. Production of cassava of starch from cassava.

34. Production Of Liquid And Vapourized Perfume

35. Evaluation Of Some Heavy Metals Concentrations In Chocolate, Candies And Tomato Puree

36. Effects of roofing sheets on harvested water run off

37. Studying Of Hydrogen Cyanide In Cassava

38. The Study On The Determination Of Heavy Metal Contamination Of Well Water In Buea Municipality.

39. Arsenic Groundwater Contamination And Human Health Implications.

40. Extraction Of Tannin From Indigenous Wood Species.


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