Management Project Topics for Students in Cameroon

1. The Impact of the Anglophone Crisis On the Profitability of Small and Medium Size Enterprises In Buea Municipality

2. Failure of Small Scale Business in Cameroon: Causes and Solutions (A Case Study Of Selected Firms In Kumba II Municipality)

3. The Effect of Bank Recapitalization On the Performance of Small And Medium-Scale Enterprises In Cameroon: The Case Of Commercial Banks In Buea Municipality

4. Impact of Socio-Economic Factors On Investment in Small-Scale Enterprise (A Study Of Some Selected Electronic Shops In Buea)

5. The Role of Co-Operate Societies Towards The Development Of Rural Communities In Cameroon.

6. Effect of Employee Commitment On Organizational Performance In Cameroon: The Case Study Of CUCAS Ltd Mobile Money Network

7. Application of Budgets and Budgetary Control Measures In A Non-Profit Organization: A Case Study Of Catholic Church, Mamfe Town

8. Exploring The Determinants of Entrepreneurship Among Graduates In Cameroon

9. The Role of Effective Leadership in Achieving Organizational Objectives: The Case Of Fuji Consultancy, Bamenda

10. Impact of Social Responsibility On the Performance of Organizations in Cameroon

11. The Impact of Credit Management On the Profitability of Manufacturing Companies In Cameroon

12. The Impact of Employees Participation in Decision Making Processes of the Cameroon Public Sector


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13. The Influence of Strike Action On Employee’s Performance and Productivity

14. Impact of Total Quality Management Practices On Customer Retention and Satisfaction

15. Time Management as A Tool for Higher Productivity in an Organization

16. The Impact of Cash Flow Management in The Insurance Industry (A Case Study of Some Selected Insurance Companies in Buea

17. Effect of Management Information System in The Service Delivery (A Case Study of the University of Buea)

18. Impact of Knowledge Management On Organizational Performance (A Case Study of Selected It Firms in Bamenda)

19. Franchising as A Corporate Strategy for Increasing Organizational Profitability in Cameroon

20. Impact of Traffic Congestion On Workers’ Productivity in Kumba II Municipality

21. Provision for Bad Debts: A Strategy for Enhancing Business Growth in SMEs in Buea Municipality

22. The Use of Customer Information for Improved Business Operation in Buea Municipality: the case of some selected SMEs

23. Financial Statement as Determinant of Profitability in Business Organisations in Cameroon

24. Effects of Motivation and Job Satisfaction On Organizational Productivity in the Pharmaceutical Industry in Buea

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25. The Impact of Job Satisfaction On Employee Performance in Government Owned Enterprises in Cameroon 

26. The Impact of Disaster Risk Management On the Development of Small Scale Businesses in Buea Municipality

27. The Impact of Internal Control Systems On the Detection and Prevention of Fraud in Commercial Banks in Cameroon

28. The Effect of Advertisement On Consumer Preference and Behavior in Buea Municipality

29. The Impact of Total Quality Management On the Performance of the Banking Industry of Cameroon (A Case Study of NFC Bank)

30. The Effect of Pricing Policies On a Firms Profit (A Case Study of Some Selected Firms in Buea Municipality)

31. The Influence of Financial Management On the Growth of Small And Medium Scale Industries in Limbe Municipality

32. The Impact of Staff Welfare On the Productivity of Workers: The Case of Express Exchange Buea

33. Impact of Work Environment, Supervision, and Job Satisfaction On Employees’ Productivity in Buea

34. Impact of Effective Manpower On the Development of Organizations: The case of some selected SMEs in Bamenda

35. Impact of Multiple Pricing Strategies On Consumer Purchasing Behavior in Buea Municipality

36. Importance of Career Development as A Determinant of Organizational Growth

37. Impact of Power Outage on Small and Medium Enterprises in Cameroon

38. The Impact of Manpower Training and Development On Organizational Performance

39. The Impact of Working Capital Management on the Productivity Of A Manufacturing Company in Cameroon

40. Influence of Perceived Organizational Culture On Employees Performance: The Case Study of CUCAS Ltd Buea

41. The Impact of ICT on the Performance of Microfinance Institutions in Cameroon

42. The Importance Of Planning On Organizational Performance: Case Study Pamol Plantation Plc And Other Businesses In Lobe Estate

43. Conflict Management And Its Effects On Performance Case Of BICEC Buea

44. The Role Of Communication On Organizational Performance Case Study: Kosan Crisplant Cameroon

45. The Effect Of Ethical Behaviour On The Performance Of Service Firms Case Study: BICEC Buea

46. The Impact Of Cooperate Culture On Employee Performance In The Banking Sector Of Cameroon

47. The Effects Of Job Design On Organisational Performance, Case Study: N.F.C Bank Buea

48. The Effect Of Job Satisfaction On Employee Performance At Le Brasseries Du Cameroon Ombe

49. The Effect Of Employee Commitment On Employee Job Performance Of Microfinance Institutions In The Buea Municipality

50. The Effect of Corporate Social Responsibility on the growth of Small and Medium Size Enterprises in the Buea Municipality

51. Work-Life Balance Practices and Employee Behaviours in Selected Financial Institutions in Buea

52. The Effects of Work-Life Balance Practices on Employees’ Behaviours In Selected Financial Institution In Buea

53. The Effects of Job Satisfaction on Employees’ Turnover in Miahcha Enterprise & Njeiforbi Bakery Buea

54. The Effect of Time Management on Organisational Performance with The Buea Council Been My Case Study

55. Effect of Performance Appraisal Processes on Employee’s Productivity in The Buea Council

56. The Impact Of Collective Bargaining On the Organizational Performance Of Community Credit Company Bank In Buea

57. The Impact Of Leadership Styles On Employees’ Performance In An Organization Taking The Case Of Guinness Limbe SA South West Region

58. The Impact of Teams on Organizational Performance in NPACCUL

59. The Effect Of Labour Turnover On Organizational Performance Case Study of Lobe Cooperative Credit Union Ltd

60. Effect of Job Satisfaction On The Performance Of Small And Medium Sized Enterprises Employees In The Buea Municipality: Case Of Credit Unions

61. Effects Of Health Insurance Schemes On the Health Status Of The Population In The Buea Health District

62. Conflict Management and its Effects on Employees’ Performance in the Buea Municipality

63. The Impact Of Employees Motivation On Organizational Productivity Of Micro Finance Institutions In Cameroon. The Case Of NPACCUL Limbe

64. The Effect Of Work Environment On The Productivity Of Employees In An Organisation Using The Case Of Alpha Marine Shipping Services Ltd Limbe.

65. The Effect of Reward Systems on Employee Performance in C.F.C Buea

66. The Effects of market segmentation on Organisational Performance in Microfinance Institutions in Buea

67. The Effects Of E-Banking On Customers Satisfaction With A Case Study On UBA Customers In Buea

68. The Effect Of Working Environment On Employees Performance In MTN Cameroon.

69. The Contribution Of Mobile Money Technology On The Performance Of Mtn Cameroon

70. Assessing the Effect of Service Quality on Mutengene Savings and Loans Cooperative Society Customer retention

71. The Effects Of Change Process On Managing Organisational Innovation

72. The Effect of Leadership Style On Employee Work Productivity in The Buea Council

73. The Effects Of Performance Appraisals Techniques On Organisational Growth: The Case Of Buea Regional Hospital

74. The Effect Of Service Quality On Customer Satisfaction” In The Microfinance Case Of The Ntaccul Bamenda Branch

75. The Effect of Training on Employees Commitment in Cameroon Development Corporation

76. The Effect of Customer Relationship Management On Organisational Performance

77. An Assessment Of Communication System And Effects On Employee Performance

78. Effect of Wage and Salary Administration on Employee Performance in Tertiary Institutions in Cameroon

79. The Effects Of Higher Education Institutions On Residential Property Development in Cameroon

80. Work-Life Balance Practices And Employees Behaviours In Selected Financial Institution In Buea

81. Real Estate Investments And Their Effects On The Environment In The Buea Municipality

82. Effect Of Corporate Social Responsibility On The Financial Performance Of Some Selected Commercial Banks In Cameroon


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