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Top 13 Highest Paying Jobs In Cameroon

The economy of Cameroon is expected to lead within the next 15 years as a result of major advances in production and a young population being under 34 years old.

Here is a list of the top 13 highest paying jobs in Cameroon:


Top 13 highest paying jobs in Cameroon

1. Banking And Finance Jobs

The banking and financial sector is vast and is one of the highest paying jobs in Cameroon one can have.

Saying it is vast means that the careers areas found in these sectors are financial management, insurance, security brokerage, and asset management, auditing, banking, tax, and finally payroll and salaries.

With a degree in accounting, actuarial science, or economics you will have the adequate skills to do a career in this sector.

Those who are mostly paid in banking and finance are analysts, with an average salary of (2 million CFA francs).


2. ICT Jobs

ICT Jobs in Cameroon: Two clinet sitting opposite to employer
ICT Jobs

Information and communication technology (ICT) is included in the highest paying jobs in Cameroon.

Skills required for this sector are a degree in computer science, a degree in physics, a degree in mathematics, and a degree in the management of information.

These skills are highly required because the sectors are heavily technical.

When you have an artistic and creative brain, you can do web design followed by graphic design since you have an eye for detail.

Technical and business architecture are most paid in the sectors of ICT as well as business analysis. In these areas, the average salary is more than (2,300,000 CFA francs).


3. Entrepreneurship

The lack of jobs has made the entrepreneurial sector grows high and classify among the highest paying jobs in Cameroon.

Entrepreneurship has grown considerably recently and has become one of the main providers of jobs in Cameroon.

Becoming an entrepreneur is quite an easy task, you should be able to have business talent. For these, you need to have a degree in accounting, business management, with a knowledge of economic as a bonus.

It will be an advantage for you if you know the industrial sector.

The salary of an entrepreneur can’t be stated as the profit margin are periodical and mostly high.


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4. Transportation And Logistics Jobs

Transportation and Logistics are high-paying in Cameroon. It is the highest paying sector in Cameroon.

Various particulars invest in this sector which requires a solid knowledge of construction, architecture, town planning, engineering, and logistics management.  

This is a captivating career for graduates from all fields because it is chain-oriented.

To be eligible for this career, you should be good at planning, organization, practicality, and also have technical skills. The highest-paid in this area are the logistic managers.

Among the task of a logistic manager, there is to perform the distribution process between suppliers and customers.

The average salary in this sector per month is (2 million CFA francs).


5. Surgeons

The surgeon profession is delicate and the highest paying job in Cameroon.

The surgeon is a specialist who performs surgical interventions (operations) that can concern all parts of the body: tumors, fractures, defective organs, hemorrhages, transplants, etc.

The fact that it is highly paid is because of the long studies carried out throughout the years. The work of a surgeon is too delicate since it involves high risks.

The salary of a surgeon ranges from 924,000 XAF to 2,580,000 XAF.


6. Lawyer

At some point in life, the services of a lawyer are vital. In court, they are unstoppable and ready to defend your cause.

For this reason, they are of great value to their clients as they represent hope for a certain victory.

A lawyer can make you recover a loss fund, real estate, business, and much more.

Their remuneration is hard-earned because they can also save you from a death sentence.

A lawyer who always wins has more reputation and earns between 628,000 XAF to 1,760,000 XAF.


7. Agriculture

Two local farmers sitting across a grazing land
Agriculture is vital for Cameroon economy

Cameroon’s largest economic sector is agriculture, which represents a percentage of the country’s GDP.

It requires a degree in agriculture and skills such as business research and consultancy work, agricultural sales, food production, agricultural journalism, and farm management are beneficial.

The highest paying jobs in agriculture include agricultural engineering, where principles of scientific engineering and agricultural exercise are applied to agricultural problems and where personnel earns more than (32 million CFA francs);

Veterinarian – which relies on animal health care and employees earn an average salary of over (12 million CFA francs), and farm management, which relates to the commercial management of a farm where employees can earn more of (48 million per year).


8. Orthodontists

An orthodontist is a dentist who specializes in the development, diagnosis, prevention and correction of dental positional anomalies.

He or she corrects problems in the positioning or alignment of the teeth and jaws for aesthetic and functional purposes.

All this directly makes Orthodontists among the highest paying jobs in Cameroon.

The salary range of an orthodontist is 499,000 XAF to 1,390,000 XAF.


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Chief Financial Officers

The Chief Financial Officer (CFO) has a key role in the company as works closely with the executive or senior management department.

Commonly, the role of a CFO is to analyze and anticipate the strategic development of the company.

Any job that is about handling finance automatically qualifies as the highest paying job.

As far as the salary range is concerned it ranges from 517,000 XAF to 1,450,000 XAF.


10. Pilots

A pilot in aviation is the highest paying job in Cameroon.

A pilot is a person who flies an aircraft (airplanes, ultralights, gliders, hang gliders, balloons, gyrocopters, helicopters, or drones).

Talking of an airline pilot (who flies an airliner), a fighter pilot (who flies a fighter plane), etc.

A pilot is part of the aircraft’s technical flight crew.

Perhaps the only job on the list that comprises some kind of pleasure, nevertheless; pilots undergo hard training programs and they are in charge of the safety of thousands of people.

The salary of a pilot ranges from 370,000 XAF to 1,030,000 XAF.

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11. Judges

Elected judges: in some specialized jurisdictions, lay judges are called upon to settle disputes that require specialized skills; these include the consular judges of the commercial court, the assessors assisting the juvenile judge, and the judge of the social affairs court.

The work of a judge requires great responsibility, hence the huge salary.

Judges have a heavy responsibility to decide the fate of people. 

The salary of a judge ranges from XAF 776,000 to XAF 2,170,000.


12. Chief Executive Officers

In Cameroon, the CEO is among the highest-paying jobs. In the joint-stock company, the position of Chief Executive Officer can be held by: the Chairman of the Board of Directors, who then bears the title of Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (CEO); CEOs are mainly responsible for future success or failure of complete organizations.

Their huge salary is due to the enormous influence as well as the risks involved with the job. The salary of a CEO ranges from 554,000 XAF to 1,550,000 XAF.


13. Singer Artist

an artist performing on stage
Singer Artist

In Cameroon, a singer artist is on the list of the best remunerated. This makes the job the highest paying job in Cameroon.

The artists make money by producing successful songs that permit them to perform through national and international tours and views on social media such as YouTube and many others.

The salary of an artist cannot be said because it is varied according to the music released and tours.



Conclusively, the above list of highest paying jobs in Cameroon have been selected have been chosen among several. So, you have an overview of the best-paid jobs in Cameroon.

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