Top 10 Jobs with a Journalism Degree

Top 10 Jobs with a Journalism Degree

You have decided to study subjects such as media and communication, then you should be aware of all available jobs with a degree in journalism.

Be aware of the fact that having a degree in journalism is suitable because it opens the path to numerous occupations.

Since it is a competitive career, being aware of the various job opportunities can ease the way to success in your career.

Here’s a rundown of the sector’s potential and working conditions with a degree in journalism.


Top 10 Jobs with a journalism degree

1) News Reporter or Journalist

News Reporter or Journalist
News Reporter or Journalist

A journalist is a fantastic reporter, a profession you can do with a degree in journalism.   

As a reporter, you should have solid general knowledge, excellent writing abilities, mastery of information and communication technologies, and a critical mind.

Contrary to popular assumption, a journalist does not systematically go into the field.

As a journalist, you will be required to use the Internet, telephone, and the dispatches of major news organizations to find, verify and disseminate material to write more in-depth articles or stories.

To do accurate notes, you must be curious and also have a good listening ability.

To cover local or global events, as a journalist you must be quick to respond and be ready to work hours and weekends.

Journalists mostly work in the written press on a variety of platforms, including paper, online newspapers on the Web, multimedia, and so on.

You will continuously add your contact book as you progress in your career. 


2) Do Freelance and Fixed-Term contracts

You can be a freelancer with a degree in journalism.

A degree in journalism permits you to acquire information rapidly using various skills.

You can start by doing freelance jobs such as writing articles on demand for one or more newspapers which is frequently required.

A website is held by around 35,000 journalists. A quarter of them is freelancers or employees on fixed-term contracts who are paid for articles they write.

If you do not have funs opening a website, you can still do freelance by writing for those who already have one and get paid for it.

A specialized website offers more options than national newspapers and news magazines.

With your degree in journalism, you have huge chances to be hired since majors in journalism are in high demand on the internet.



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3) Be a Documentalist

As a documentalist, you must respond to particular requests for information and not forget to improve your documentary collection by searching for an address in a database, picking articles for a press kit, ordering books, and changing filing plans.

Your tasks are separated into three categories: gathering data, processing data, and conveying data.

You should be able to work in a team environment.

Your activity includes a significant amount of interaction with users and partners.

Your place of work as a documentalist is in a library or a company’s information center.

More that, you should be curious, methodical, and curious to be highly performant as a documentalist.  


4) Be an Image Reporter Journalist

Image reporter is an option for you searching for a job with a journalism degree.

Television reports are produced by the JRI (image reporter).

As an imaging reporter, your task is to use a camera for the collection of images and sounds during interviews.

You also have to prepare your subjects before shooting, call the persons who will be interviewed, and conduct a preliminary inquiry to verify that the report is accurate.

You must equally edit the pictures after they have been shot, which includes selecting the most intriguing shots, cutting the sequences, and writing an audio commentary.

You should be able to enlist the service of a field editor, who will handle the interviews and image commentary, as well as an editor or a sound engineer.

As a professional, you should be flexible in any situation that arises. You can have to travel to a nearby city or far away to collect information. The work of an imaging reporter requires to be always up-to-date. You have to work timeless hours with your heavy camera and always be attentive to any situation that may arise. 

Thus, you should always be in good physical condition.

If you are working for a television news channel, for example, you will need to cover recent events to satisfy the audience.

On the other hand, if you work for a business production or an agency, you will do the shootings for movies and magazines.


5) Head of an editorial team

editorial team
editorial team

With a degree in journalism, you can be the head of an editorial team.

Media like the press, televisions, radios, and the internet have editors.

Working as the head of an editorial team is setting the tone and determine the substance of the daily newspaper, television news, or radio flash, for example.

As an information professional, and being the head of an editorial team, you decide on the topics to be covered, the viewpoints to be given to the pieces, the treatment, the format, the title, and so on.

After that, you are in charge of proofreading and approving the texts.

Your responsibilities include supervising and hiring a team of journalists, as well as promoting the title’s reputation in the public, political, economic, and advertising circles.

After having several years of experience under your belt, you must be disciplined, stress-resistant, and a decent manager to be successful with your work.

You must be able to inspire your staff, defend projects, and defuse disputes in the editorial department.

You should be able to make decisions as an important attribute.

Because your initial task is to make a choice and impose it while explaining it to your media and superiors.



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6) Become a social media specialist

You can do this job with a degree in journalism. Social medial planning has become an inescapable job for majors in journalism.

It has become fast growing nowadays thus, pushes many degree owners to embrace it as a career.

Newspapers, companies, and businesses have social medial accounts. That is why the need for social media specialist is required to manage the various accounts and conduct activities on the various pages.

Knowing farewell that each individual has at least a social media account, it wouldn’t be difficult to accomplish the work.

As a specialist, your work is to improve the brand’s image on social media using marketing strategies, content creation, etc.

However, doing this job with a degree in journalism will be a breeze.


7) Be a graphic designer

Be a graphic designer
Be a graphic designer

You are surely curious to find out how you can be a graphic designer with a degree in journalism right? In fact, with digital media, articles are mostly attached with infographics.

That is why you have to use the skills acquired during your course to accomplish the job perfectly.

Some of these skills are digital illustration, photo editing, software layouts, etc. 

Graphic designing requires skills that can be found with journalism graduates.


8) Become a Photo Reporter

Choosing to be a photo reporter as a job with a degree in journalism is fascinating. 

You cross the world with a camera strapped on your shoulder as a witness to your time.

What is your objective?

You aim to create news visuals to inform and educate the audience.

Whether the subject of the report is presidential elections, natural disasters, social movements, sporting or cultural events, you have to seek out the one-of-a-kind, unusual photograph that no one else has!

Your job includes informing people through the use of a specific point of view or a close-up shot captured on the scene.

This profession is fascinating since it demands actual human skills to deal with a wide range of scenarios in the field.

It’s also important to understand how to pitch your images to magazine editors and how to negotiate a fee.

The majority of reporters and photographers operate as freelancers, either on commission or regularly submitting subjects to periodicals. Decisiveness and resourcefulness are required!


9) Become a Blogger

Become a Blogger
Become a Blogger

You can do blogging with a degree in journalism.

A journalism degree can be a good degree to make you qualify to start a career in blogging.

It will quite be easy for you because blogging necessitates skills like editing, writing, public relations, and so on. Use your skill in journalism to use a blog to reach the consumer.



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10) Be a secretary to the editor

A secretary to the editor is equally the best choice of jobs with a degree in journalism.

Here you work as an editorial secretary.

You do not go into the field like colleagues.

You are primarily responsible for reviewing and formatting the information at the end of the chain. Then, you ensure the hierarchy of information under the direction of the editor-in-chief.

You should also report late writers, then carefully rereads their articles, looking for even the tiniest mistake: the article’s structure, style, spelling, or grammatical issues.

You do that because you are a critic who ensures that everything is clear and consistent.



These jobs represent just a handful of opportunities you could explore with a degree in journalism.

When you have a degree in journalism, you are always driven by curiosity and the need to inform, your versatile skills to explore either by image, prints, or sound.

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