Careers With A Degree In English

Top 14 Surprising Careers With A Degree In English

Someone has probably asked you, “What careers with a degree in English are you going to do?” if you majored in English, are now devoting your life to it, or plan to do so in the future.

You can also inquire about work opportunities for English majors.

A degree in this discipline can prepare you for a wide range of jobs.

Here are some choices to explore if you want to study English in college but are concerned about what you will do with your degree after graduation.


What you can offer with a degree in English

  • You can easily do a convincing argument that only English majors can do. Good communication and consistent manner in writing messages.
  • You can absorb and digest lots of information and recognize the essential ideas and flaws in arguments.
  • With a degree in English, you can manage time and prioritize tasks. You must learn to effectively manage time to complete time-consuming reading and writing assignments on time.
  • Another significant skill learned you have as an English major is your ability to accept and appreciate different perspectives as you strive to comprehend the approaches taken by various writers and classmates.
  • You frequently have a creative streak that allows you to write poetry, novels, and essays, as well as conjure a unique interpretation of a work of literature.
  • Your educational process as an English major includes explaining perspectives and verbally presenting information to others. As a result, you learn how to give presentations, which is a vital commercial ability.


The following are the top 14 careers for English degrees.

Because your major is only one part of your professional profile, you should consider your other talents before committing to careers with a degree in English.

However, consider the following careers after your degree.


1) Social Media Manager

To build tactics for promoting an organization through social media, social media managers require the same level of imagination as English majors.

Social media management is an adequate job for careers with a degree in English. They frequently create written proposals for other employees to consider and explain their ideas to their coworkers to reach a consensus.

Social Media Manager
Social Media Manager

Social media managers are frequently tasked with partnering with bloggers and content creators, as well as managing those connections.

An English major is the ideal candidate to help in identifying quality writers and equally provide constructive comments to them.

New graduates prefer beginning their careers as assistants to social media, public relations, and marketing managers.


2) Sales Representative

Advertising sales professionals offer advertising space in print magazines as well as time on TV and radio programs.

This is a good example of a job for a good career with a degree in English.

Most firms provide sales training, but employees are expected to have excellent verbal and writing communication abilities.


3) Create Professional Documents

Manuals, frequently asked questions, internet help sections, and other documents relating to the use of products and services are written by technical writers.

For these, they need candidates available for careers with a degree in English and abilities to use exact language to communicate concepts most clearly and simply possible.

When revising documentation based on user experiences, technical writers should ask and incorporate comments, just as English majors do when reviewing their writings based on feedback from professors and classmates.



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4) Freelance Writer

A freelance writer is a good choice if you are looking for a career with a degree in English. As an English student, you have certainly dreamt of becoming a writer.

It is possible for you to realize your dream as a writer and why not doing that for a living. Nowadays websites and blogs pay good money for articles they use.

That is why they always need someone available to write some content for them.

Start your career as freelance writing with your degree in English and become the best English freelance writer with practice.

You can earn much as a freelance writer as it pays much than you can imagine.


5) Public Relations

Public relations professionals must present a captivating tale about a client or colleague that will pique the interest of the media and result in a placement in a magazine, newspaper, website, television, or radio station.

English majors have honed their storytelling talents and have the creativity and writing abilities to effectively communicate these concepts through press releases.

When preparing events and serving the demands of various audiences, public relations representatives need the same organizational skills that English majors need to handle their heavy reading and writing workload.


6) Marketing Manager

Marketing managers are an option for you searching for careers with an English degree are in charge of a company’s marketing strategy.

They find markets, set prices, and figure out how to reach out to potential clients.

While many businesses favour people with a business degree, others value English majors’ communication skills.


7) Grant Writers

Grant writers are also an option for effective careers with a degree in English must also be storytellers since they must persuade funders that the resources will benefit their constituents.

As part of the grant development process, they frequently examine, edit, and change submissions from scientists and teachers.

Scholarships are awarded to writers who research funding sources and assess projects that have been financed by target organizations throughout time using their research and reading skills.

Many English majors’ creative sensibilities help them in situations when they need to raise money for arts and culture groups.


8) Librarian

When deciding which books to add to their collection, librarians might use the English major’s ability to recognize good literature. Thus, the librarian option is a good career for a degree in English.


When making book selections, their reading skills enable them to rapidly read book reviews. By accumulating material for articles, English majors learn to leverage resources, and librarians spend a lot of time directing clients to the finest sources for their research tasks.

The English major’s detailed orientation and organizational skills assist librarians in setting up efficient book cataloging and filing systems.  


9) Specialist In Human Resources

When developing employment regulations for businesses, human resources professionals utilize highly specific and meticulous terminology found only with English majors.

They guide managers on how to communicate with employees about their performance in writing.

Job advertising is written by human resources managers to recruit the best candidates. They create written training materials for the development of their employees.

When analyzing resumes, employee assessments, contract language, and staff expansion proposals, human resources managers need the critical reading abilities of an English major.


10) Do Funds Raising

Fundraisers equally represent an option for those wondering which careers to do with an English degree.

With this, you must be able to contact potential donors, identify their interests, and develop written communications that will generate the most donations.

Staff members that work in development create content for brochures and websites, as well as campaign mailings.

They create a language for phone fundraisers that volunteers can utilize. Thank you letters and articles are written by fundraisers to thank donors for their gifts.

To prepare successful events and suit the requirements of individuals in attendance, fundraisers, like English majors, must be organized and detail-oriented.


11) Teaching English as a Second Language (ESL)

Majors in English are a strong opportunity for those who want to start careers with a degree in English.   Knowledge of the English language, including grammar and vocabulary.

They are in a good position to pursue higher education and become an ESL instructor at a public school or a university.

Furthermore, international language groups, such as the Peace Corps, as well as language schools abroad, hire English majors as English teachers right out of college.



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12) Lawyers

English Lawyers draft contracts, notes, legal documents, and oral arguments in court.

The ability to carefully build words and the writing skills of English majors position them to thrive in these parts of legal practice.

Law students, who must constantly write arguments on legal cases and precedents, may find writing to be even more important to their success.

Law students also employ their English majors’ reading skills to sift through the numerous legal books and articles handed to them.

Law students must also develop well-written answers to essay questions to pass the bar exam.


13) Journalist

Journalists conduct interviews, conduct research, and publish pieces for the media.

Some of their work has been published in newspapers or on the internet.

Others broadcast their stories on television or radio.


While many businesses prefer journalists with a bachelor’s degree in journalism or public communication, some may recruit English majors.


14) Editor and manager of content

When examining applications for magazine and book publishers, editors should use the critical eye of an English major.

Content managers and online editors should evaluate the writing abilities of potential contributors, who are typically freelance writers, and provide feedback and guidance.

Publishers, like English majors, must understand their target audiences and develop communications strategies that will appeal to them.

To create publications on time, they must be able to set and meet deadlines.



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When should you start looking for job opportunities?

 In all fairness, the majority of these careers with a degree in English are open all year, so keep an eye out whenever you’re ready to get started.

However, a large number of global corporations launch their applications in the fall (along with many other roles), so keep that in mind!


  • To find out about possible job possibilities, go to your college’s career center. Consider how your hobbies, skills, and talents relate to potential careers.
  • Request informational interviews from graduates in fields of interest. Join groups, attend career fairs, and look for internships in your profession.
  • Once you’ve decided on a career path, look for skill gaps between yourself and successful individuals in the sector. Take classes, locate mentors, and volunteer for initiatives to fill the hole.
  • Decode the job advertisement and match your abilities and expertise to their requirements to catch the hiring manager’s attention.



With the above careers with a degree in English, you have a wide variety of choices from which you can select.

If you have a novel idea that you believe has commercial potential, you might seek funding to help you get it off the ground.

Being your boss and pursuing something you are truly passionate about comes with a lot of hard work and effort, but being your boss and pursuing something you are truly passionate about comes with a lot of job satisfaction.

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