15 vital ways to invest in yourself and change your life forever

Investing in one’s self is the greatest asset ever. Your future will be determined by what you invest in now. There is a saying that “You reap what you sowed”.  

So, there is no way on earth that one will reap what he/she didn’t work for. This simply implies that one should not expect any benefits in the future if he/she is not investing in his/herself now as you will be a reflection of what you are now.

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word invest? Probably investing money in one’s self right?

What does it mean to invest in yourself? Investing in yourself simply means attempting to improve oneself with the hope that doing so brings future benefits. Investing in yourself also implies dedicating oneself to some task or goal.

Investing in yourself equally means choosing yourself as well as banking on yourself to make moves that will take you further in life. The second question that comes to mind: is how can one invest in his/herself?


 15 vital ways to invest in yourself and change your life forever

#1 love yourself

Loving yourself is the key factor to investing in yourself. Do you know of this track “the greatest love of all” by Whitney Houston? She said it all.

Learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all. There exist people who because of what they have gone through in life have given up on life.

People who don’t see anything good in their selves. This is the direct opposite of what we want because investing in yourself means loving yourself. 

Make an effort to love yourself unconditionally by using daily affirmation, self-reflection, and paying close attention to your thoughts and beliefs.


#2 Set Goals

One vital way in investing in yourself and change your life forever is developing the habit of setting goals. The importance of setting goals is to keep your focus.  A goal gives one a sense of direction. It is like a map that helps you to get to where you desire.

The truth is when one sets goals, you become more focused and motivated to achieve them. Setting goals also helps you to focus more on things that matter.

When setting goals, 5 things must be noted. SMART is the acronym for setting a good goal.

Your goal must be SMART which means it must be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time frame. Have deadlines when setting goals.


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#3.Plan Your Day and Week

Failing to plan is planning to fail. After setting your goal what next? Setting it only does not guarantee success.

Nope, it doesn’t work like that.  After setting your goal, you need to plan on how to achieve it. You need to have a course of action. If plan A doesn’t work, go for plan B.

Planning is very essential in everything we do. So it is no different when it comes to investing in yourself.  

Planning helps you to manage your time effectively rather than wasting it on irrelevant things. All productive people plan, so invest in yourself by doing the same. The effects are powerful.


#4 Measure Results

Another vital way to invest in yourself and change your life forever is to keep track of your accomplishments. Try to focus more attention on positive results.

This is because measuring your result will help you know how far, your achievements which go a long way to increase your motivation in whatever you do.

Measuring results also help you to know how to avoid possible obstacles and spending less time to achieve your goal.

#5 Learn a Language

Learning a language whether foreign or challenging yourself is vital when investing in yourself.  Learning a new language be it for travel or work gives you an upper advantage over others and makes you become a more interesting person.

You get to learn a new culture as well as increasing the chances of being hired for a job. Remember investing in yourself entails improving yourself with the hope that it brings future benefits. If learning a new language is what it takes, what are you waiting for?


#6 Find a Mentor

Are you serious about investing in yourself and your future? Having a mentor is just what you need to help you excel in whatever field you desire.

Ask yourself; is it really important to have a mentor? Yes. This is because it will help you avoid mistakes that he/she encountered in the past, you would be opportune to learn new skills and techniques and it will provide invaluable inspiration.

What are you waiting for? There are many people out there that are willing to share their ideas, their course of struggle which got them to where they are.

It does not cost anything. Nowadays it’s even easier to get a mentor. The internet has made everything possible. After choosing, read their books if they have, notice the way they see life, watch their talks, understand their lifestyle, and try to imitate.


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#7 Create a vision board

 Creating a vision board is a vital way of investing in yourself and your future which can change your life forever.

A vision board is like a dream board what you aspire to accomplish. It is a visual representation of your goals.

It contains various images and text that stand for something you are trying to accomplish. If you are damn serious about investing in yourself and your future then, creating a vision board is very essential.


#8 Eat healthy food

Health is wealth so it’s very important to feed well. Taking good care of your health involves making better choices and paying attention to your daily nutrition.

Healthy food nourishes the body and gives us the energy to get through each day. Do a lot of exercises, get enough rest and develop a morning and evening routine.


#9 Save your money

Investing in yourself and your future requires saving money. The rule is to save 10-20% of what you earn.

While saving never forget to pay yourself. No matter the amount you are earning as well as saving, always keep 10% to invest in yourself.


#10 Invest Your Money

After saving what next? Investing your money is the best way to ensure you meet longer-term financial objectives. Don’t play safe when it comes to investing.

Take the risk and learn from it. Investing is another vital way of investing in yourself and your future.


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#11 Travel

Another vital way of investing in yourself and your future is to travel. There are a lot of things you get to learn when you travel especially out of your comfort zone.

You get to learn a new culture, try different dishes, make new friends and why not learn a new language or mother tongue.

There are a lot of experiences and memories you have when you travel.  

Travelling opens your mind and makes you realize how the whole world is connected. It equally renders you a new and different perspective on life.


#12 Develop multiple streams of passive income

When you earn money in a manner that doesn’t need too much effort is known as a passive income. With passive income, the earner adds little effort to grow the income.

Examples include rental income and any business activities in which the earner does not materially participate.

Learn many skills that will add to your passive income.


#13 Forgive

Learning to forgive is also a vital way in investing in yourself. What’s the essence of keeping a grudge for long?

Staying bitter only helps to hold you back in life which is not what we want.

The bad energy you use to hold the grudge would have been using to do something more positive.  Being angry or bitter is not good health-wise.

There is a feeling when you forgive. You become happier and create better relationships. If our Creator forgives despite our wrongdoings then who are humans not to forgive?

It might be difficult to forget but forgiving first is a great move. So, make it a habit to forgive others when they wrong you. It doesn’t cost a thing.


#14 Read books or e-books

Knowledge is power. Even the bible says; “My people perish because of lack of knowledge”. Reading books is a powerful way in investing in yourself and your future. You get to learn a lot when you read books.

Develop the habit of dedicating at least 30minutes of your time in a day to read any book of your choice.

Why not go as far as listing the names of the books you wish to read in a year. Endeavor to also visit positive websites. Websites that can add value to your life.

Do you really want to invest in yourself and change your life forever? What are you waiting for? Time is money. Get started with Rich Dad Poor Dad”.  It will change your mentality. The way in which you see things will be different.


 #15 Stop Procrastinating.

Procrastination is the worst enemy you can imagine especially when it comes to investing in yourself and changing your life forever. It kills so badly.

Procrastinators are always like: I will… I will… I will… at the end of the day they end up achieving nothing. Avoid postponing things just do it.


Concluding remark

Summarily, investing in yourself can be a turning point in your life forever. You are your own greatest asset, so invest wisely in yourself.

Vital ways of investing in yourself and change your life forever include; loving yourself first, setting goals, plan your course of action, finding a mentor that would guide you in life, learn a language, travel because when you travel you get the opportunity of learning new things, eat healthier because health is wealth, learn how to forgive easily, save money, invest money, create a vision board.

It represents your future self, measures your results, avoids toxic relationships/friends, and develops multiple streams of passive income.

Bear in mind that if you don’t invest in yourself, nobody will.

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