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6 Careers option with A Degree in Educational Psychology in Cameroon.

Psychology can be defined as the scientific study of human behavior and mental processes.

Educational psychology has to do with observing human behavior and mental processes in an educational setting such as the school.

It involves observing the teaching-learning process, the various teaching strategies and methods that can be used to improve learners performance, the relationship that exists among teachers, teacher-student, student-student, teachers-parents, parents-students, how to manage diversity in the classroom, study skills to enhance learners performance, how to deal with children with disabilities just to name a few.

A common question that most people ask with regard to what you are reading in the university is; what can you really do with a degree in educational psychology especially in Cameroon?

This question might seem annoying but the truth is most people are not aware of the various careers one can engage in as an educational psychologist.

So, if it happens that someone asks you such a question, just inhale and exhale!!! Then try to explain for the person to have a better understanding of the field.

There exist numerous careers that one can pursue with an educational psychology degree depending on your specializations and interests.

Educational psychology as a field focuses on studying how people learn.

This knowledge can be applied to many different types of careers.

Graduates can focus on jobs in education, research, or public policy.

Typical settings where educational psychologists work include schools, health care facilities, businesses, and government offices.

Are you wondering what you can do with a degree in educational psychology? You have come to the right place.


Careers you can pursue with a degree in Educational Psychology 

#1. Educational Researcher

One of the many careers one can do with a Degree in Educational Psychology in Cameroon is to become an educational researcher.

Researchers in psychology play a vital role in learning institutions.

As an educational researcher, you can work in various settings whether locally or working with government departments that are related to educational policies.

You can also work with organizations like non-profit foundations and NGOs focusing on education.

These organizations often have educational researchers on staff and sponsor large-scale research projects.

The sole aim of an educational researcher is to examine the learning processes throughout all stages of life.

Educational researchers are equally responsible for designing training programs developing new instructional programs that will be of benefit to infants, children, individuals, groups, the elderly, social service agencies, private corporations, families.

Being an educational researcher demands a lot of analytical, exploration, and communication skills. Knowledge about child psychology is equally necessary.

In a country like Cameroon, one might need a doctorate or master’s degree in order to become an educational researcher.

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#2. School Psychologist

With a degree in educational psychology in Cameroon, another career you can pursue is to become a school psychologist whose responsibility is working closely with the administration, teachers, government agencies, and parents in order to cultivate a conducive learning environment as well as helping learners learn and helping teachers improve on their teaching.

They apply their knowledge and skills in mental development, learning, and behaviour to help students get the most out of school.

They also design programs that help students thrive socially and emotionally.

They equally help with process issues like bullying, social anxiety, low self-esteem, disabilities, problems at home, and poor academic performance.


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#3. School Counsellor

Another career you can take with a degree in educational psychology in Cameroon is being a school counselor whose job can be found at all academic levels ranging from elementary to college/university.

A school counselor assists with students’ academic, social and emotional concerns.

They assess students’ abilities, personalities, and interests to help them develop practical academic and career objectives.

They work with parents and teachers to get to know about the learning, social and behavioural problems students face.

They also provide information that can help students develop their cognitive function and learning abilities.

They equally act as intermediaries between the school and the community, come up with strategies that can help enhance the learning process.

An elementary school counselor evaluates elementary students’ strengths and weaknesses to maximize their learning potential.

A high school counselor’s job also includes career and college planning, such as assisting with college applications, scholarships, and jobs.


#4. College/University Professor

In line with the numbering, the fourth career one can do with a degree in educational psychology in Cameroon is to become a college professor.

In the case of Cameroon, it’s either a doctorate and/or master’s degree.

As a college professor, you work in a college setting either as an instructor and/or researcher.

 Primarily, the function of a college professor is to teach psychological courses to undergraduate as well as post-graduate students.

In some cases, they spend part of their time teaching students and the other spent developing and supervising research studies.

In the case where the professor does not teach or conduct research, he/she may consult other psychologists or render counseling services to children, individuals, groups, and/or families.

In Cameroon, college professors teach in teacher’s training colleges like ENSET, Higher Technical Teacher’s Training college (H.T.T.T.C) where they teach teachers how to deal with diversity.

Diversity has to do with the fact that learners come from different financial, religious, family, and cultural backgrounds. How to use the various teaching methods and strategies to suit learners as well as knowing how to accommodate the various types of learners in the classroom.

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#5. Educational Psychologist

Being an educational psychologist is another career one can pursue with a degree in educational psychology in Cameroon.

One of the main responsibilities of an educational psychologist is to work with children, families, groups, schools, and government agencies to create programs that improve learning.

 Another aim is at helping young people strive/attain their full potentials.

They use their knowledge in education and child development to assess the difficulties learners face and come up with effective programs that can improve their experience in school.

The programs may include new teaching techniques, improved learning environments, advice on curriculum, and behaviour support.


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#6. University and School Administrator

A master’s degree in educational psychology may also be a path to work in academic administration and student services which is a career one can do in Cameroon.

In many universities, educational psychologists may work in areas such as assessment, disabilities, residential life, study skills centers, and other support services for students.

They may also work with faculty to improve the quality of teaching and to assess teaching.

Educational psychologists may also work in the area of online education, developing instructional strategies and guidelines or offering support to remote students.

One can work in healthcare settings helping struggling students, in government departments concerned with educational policy, or in schools or universities.


Concluding Remarks

In conclusion, having a degree in educational psychology opens many doors to the individual with regard to your specializations and interests.

You can either become an educational researcher, school psychologist, school counselor, college professor, educational psychologist; you can work in healthcare with struggling learners, government departments concerned with educational policy or in schools or universities, assessment coordinator, vocational rehabilitation specialist, crisis intervention specialist.

 Since psychology deals with studying human behaviours and mental processes, as a psychologist, you have the upper hand to work anywhere especially when it comes to human behaviours, creating long-lasting relationships with others or how to deal with others, avoiding conflicts, how to deal with life stressors both at home, school, job side just to name a few.

There is a common ideology in Cameroon that certain fields don’t have anything to offer and educational psychology is not an exemption.

That is not true. Every field has its area of focus and psychology is one of those fields which cut across many fields. Whatever field you are in, don’t allow anyone to discourage you.

Please feel to add your own point as to what one can do with a degree in educational psychology in the comment section.

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