Most Worthless University Degrees

6 Most Worthless University Degrees in Cameroon by 2035

If you read this, you probably wonder how important your current degree is to your career. Or perhaps you’re a senior in high school, wondering what degree to seek.

Artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics, nanotechnology, 3D printing, 5G, genetics, and biotechnology will trigger widespread labour market disruption within the next 10-15 years in Cameroon.

As most degrees lead to employment after graduation, these changes in technology will also influence what you want to study at university.

The overall objective of the Cameroon Vision 2035 is to make Cameroon an emerging country over the next 10-15 years.


The vision also has medium-term objectives, which includes:

  • Poverty alleviation;
  • Becoming a middle-income country,
  • Becoming a newly industrialized country and
  • (iv) consolidating democracy and national unity while respecting the country’s diversity.


The vision hinges on the results of past studies, identification of the population’s needs, aspirations, and the ambitions of politicians. In particular, the vision synchronizes the aspirations and hopes of various actors as follows;


  1. A united and indivisible nation enjoying peace and security;
  2. A true, strong, and fair democracy;
  3. A decentralized administration at the service of development;
  4. A prosperous economy with good infrastructure;
  5. An economy based on sub-regional, regional and global integration;
  6. Controlled population growth;
  7. A nation that promotes gender parity in electoral processes and equality in elective positions;
  8. A socially and economically empowered woman;
  9. A stable and harmonious family;
  10. Access to basic and quality social services by all;
  11. Independence and accessibility of the judiciary;
  12. Minimal poverty, illiteracy, and social exclusion rates;
  13. An attractive Cameroonian culture united in diversity, and assertive at the international level;
  14. Low unemployment and underemployment rates;
  15. Well-trained youth exalting merit and country’s expertise;
  16. A fair distribution of resources between urban and rural areas, and between the various regions of the country.


In this article, we bring to your notice, 6 less relevant university degrees to have in Cameroon by 2035. Hopefully, this will help someone make a smarter career decision.

In this emerging or rapidly changing economy, some new jobs will be created while many jobs or degrees will be worthless.


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6 Most Worthless University Degree in Cameroon by 2035

#1. Having a Degree in Banking & Finance will be a worthless university degree in Cameroon

Artificial intelligence and rapid technological changes will cause a lot of jobs to go extinct in the banking industry. This implies that banks will need fewer employees thus many staffs in this industry will lose their jobs.


There is a great possibility that banks in Cameroon will embrace blockchain technology in their day-to-day transactions by 2035 by using cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoins.

This is not to say that banks will be completely run by Artificial Intelligence (A.I) or robots. No. What we are trying to say is that a lot of banking jobs will no longer be needed in the nearest future.

Hence, make your career decision wisely.


#2. Having a Degree in Anthropology will be a worthless university degree in Cameroon

Anthropology as a whole is one of the most worthless degrees to have in Cameroon by 2035.

Unlike Psychology where an individual can pursue further studies to become a psychologist (psychotherapist, a sports psychologist, counselor, psychiatrist, etc.)

Anthropology will be a worthless university degree in Cameroon

However, obtaining a degree in Anthropology won’t grant you the ability to pursue a degree in Anthropologist, simply because no job simply exists in the world.

Unless you aiming o become a professor or an academic researcher, there is very little option for a future career for individuals with a degree in Anthropology.


#3. Having a Degree in Marketing will be a worthless university degree in Cameroon

A degree in Marketing will be one of the most worthless university degrees in Cameroon by 2035.

We all have already observed how the traditional marketing of door-to-door or word of mouth has already been disrupted by the digital market and digital technologies.

We currently live in the 5G technology which will last decades and there is a great possibility for the world to emergent to the 6G by 2035.

Future advancements in technology will adversely affect jobs in the Marketing Field.

Many Companies now in Cameroon such as telecom (MTN, ORANGE, NEXTEL, and CAMTEL) now consider the knowledge of digital marketing and analytic tools and strategies over academic qualification in marketing.

If you decide to go to the university to study marketing for 3-4 years, your knowledge will be outdated by the time to graduate and if you managed to secure a job now, you will be required to have further skills in analytics and digital marketing strategies to be able to keep that job by 2035 in Cameroon.

Thus a mere enrollment into the university for a degree in Traditional Marketing degree would be considered a worthless degree in the nearby emerging Cameroon.



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#4. Having a Degree in Art History will be a worthless university degree in Cameroon

Art history is a high niche subject that has already been perceived as being one of those degrees that do not guarantee a well-paying job after graduation.

With the advancement in technology, the job market has just become so difficult for a graduate with a degree in Art History.

Researchers from Rutgers University in New Jersey have developed an AI system that uses new machine learning techniques to train algorithms to recognize the artist and style of a fine art accurately while revealing connections between artists and entire painting styles.

Interestingly, 60.0% of the time the artist was identified and the style of the work was also identified 45,0% of the time.

While there is still a lot of room for improvement, shortly art historians will have artificial intelligence to compete within their job market.

Thus a degree in Art History is one of the most worthless university degrees to have in Cameroon by 2035.


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#5. Having a Degree in Journalism Degree will be a worthless university degree in Cameroon

Traditional Journalism is no doubt another dying field to have a degree in Cameroon by 2035.

With the increased use of technological devices such as smartphones and social media, many users and readers now depend on bloggers and YouTubers for their daily news and info.

Having a degree in Journalism will be considered worthless by 2035 in Cameroon as many individuals solely depend on social media platforms and bloggers for their daily info.

We all have seen these changes in journalism careers with influential individuals such as Mimi Mefo who now have a large share of readers following them online on social media and websites for their daily info as regards traditional TV journalism.

Journalism Degree will be a worthless university degree in Cameroon

On the other hand, news organizations have started using machine learning algorithms to write their stories. Forbes magazine already uses an AI tool called Bertie to assist in providing reporters with first drafts and templates for news stories.

A Chinese state news outlet, Xinhua, created the first female AI news anchor in November 2018. Jia Jia, a humanoid robot journalist interviewed Kelvin Kelly, the editor of Wired Magazine.

This trend is only seeing its early stages.


This write-up is not to say there is no future for Journalism, however, is to encourage all journalism students to explore other aspects of the media such as blogging, YouTube, Content writing, SEO, which are additional skills every future journalist will be required to have to be able to earn a sustainable amount of income even without gaining a job from an employer.


#6. Having a Degree in Fashion Design will be a worthless university degree in Cameroon

Although a degree in fashion design is not such a bad idea, if you want to study in today’s world, you will need an inherent creative talent, a strong capacity for imagination, and a healthy fear of A.I.

This is because the fourth industrial revolution would not spare the fashion world.

The invasion started with advanced forces including Stitch Repair.

With this fashion service, having trendy clothing is filling out a profile.

Your data is processed by a computer that allows the stylist to select the pieces that suit your preferences, needs, and budget.

You don’t even have to come and pick at the shop, it’s going to be shipped to you.

There are going to be better Stitch Fix models.

Only the best models will survive the attack.


Concluding Remarks

Think about jobs that existed 10 years ago that are no longer relevant today.

Also, think about jobs that did not exist 10 years ago that do now.

The smart thing to do is to make wise career decisions with the future in mind.

No degree or career is worthless in life, however, with the rapid technological changes and changing lifestyles, some degrees are deemed worthless in the future as they will be replaced by robots that work more efficiently and effectively without getting weird.

This article was not possessively written to discourage anyone from pursuing a degree in Banking, Anthropology, Marketing, Fashion Design, Journalism, and Art History, but implying that the number of job vacancies in these industries will drastically drop in nearby future as they will highly be replaced by sophisticated technologies (robots) which are more efficient, fast and reliable.

We, therefore, advise you to do detailed research before choosing a particular career line of choice by examining the future opportunities and prospects that exist in that field before you jump-start into the university for a degree study.

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Comments (7)

  • Richard Ndi Reply

    Yes l appreciate the ideas put forward by your article. You look into the future with regards to the types of jobs that will emerge in the next few years. The jobs engineered by technological advancement are crucial. However, to think that marketing, banking and other jobs in the social sciences will be worthless seems to be an over statement. Man is a social being and interactions between people will continue to give fulfillment to humanity. This social sciences cultivate in humans, a spirit of creativity. Without the social sciences, the world will be monotonous with no challenges. Everything will get governed probably by Procedures and protocols. This is exactly what is taking root in the western world. In the absence of social interactions, there will be more stress, anxiety etc which is demanding to our health.

    07/09 at 12:22
    • PHCS Reply

      Thank You Mr Ndi for your great contributions

      The article however was not to say the above listed area are worthless to study in the university.

      The main idea behind the write s to encourage a;l Cameroonians to embrace ICTs in their study and find ways to adapt to technological changes

      As in an emmegering Cameroon and Future Cameroon, some of these jobs will be lost and replaced by A.I

      Those who merely enroll in to the university to study banking for examples without adapting changes with ICTs will find themselves less likely to be employ

      08/09 at 10:12
  • Dibussi Tande Reply

    The issue is not whether there are “worthless” fields of study or degrees, but whether those fields are able to adapt to the technogical advances of the new world. The most successful journalism programs, today, for example, are those that have been able to harness and incorporate social media, data journalism, etc., into their programs. And in a country such as Cameroon where ethnicity and local identify have been at the core of its existence, for better or for worse, anthropology will always have a place – as long as it is made relevant to the society. The problem, as in the case with most subjects, is a Eurocentric and 20th century focus that has nothing to do with today’s needs or challenges.

    07/09 at 18:11
    • PHCS Reply

      Thank You Mr Didussi for your great contributions.

      No field of study is worthless as you rightly said, as long as that field adapt to technological changes.

      However, the point of the article is to highlight the fact that , number of job vacancies run by Human will drastically reduce as A.I will do some of the time consuming task more better and reliable…also the article main focus was to encourge all Cameroonian to embrace ICTs in their field of study so as to be ready for any changes that occur in the future

      08/09 at 10:00
  • Nkepwa Ngonga Beauclaire Reply

    I have been saying this, and I will say it again: “I Cannot Be Broke, Poor or Job-Seeking If I Read Marketing/Sales in the university or any professional school as they call it.”

    The highest level of witchcraft among graduate job seekers is with university graduates who read marketing, sales, and even other business-related programs.

    How can you read marketing and you are jobless and broke? I do not know who sold this lie to us in Cameroon that marketers and salespeople sit in offices with ACs. As a job seeker, only looking for a job with an air-conditioned office with a marketing degree and knowledge will not change your condition.

    Business ideas in Cameroon for marketing graduates
    It is easy to start a business in marketing with little or no capital. Here are 8 well-paying business ideas in Cameroon marketing graduates can take advantage of today and be self-employed.


    Create a working business relationship with furniture makers in your town to market and sell their furniture products and deduct your commission.

    Most of these people are still practicing ancient business where they produce and wait for customers to look for them. That is a gap for you to fill by taking the products to the customers.

    How can you do this? Build a relationship, agree on a specific price, take good pictures, and promote across your network and social media platforms.


    Contact amazing Cameroonian authors in your town to market and sell their books. Across Cameroon, you will find incredible authors in the business, personal development, finance, etc fields. You can get the books at a wholesale price and attend workshops, conferences, seminars, churches, visit schools, and sell at retail prices.


    Meet event, conference, and workshop organizers to plan and execute promotional campaigns for their programs and receive a commission for each ticket you sell.

    How can you do this? If you see an event flyer, reach out to the organizer, tell him or her what you can do, the results you can produce, and how you will like to be paid. All event organizers want to have a successful sold-out event. So, they will hardly say no.

    Get in contact with school proprietors. Every day, you see these school owners struggling to promote their schools to get students. Make a deal with them,.It could be either a primary school, secondary school, or a higher institution. For any student you bring, you get paid.

    Network Marketing

    Join network marketing companies. Most of these network marketing companies have great products that many people buy and believe in. Forget about the referral part of the business. Just focus on selling their products and make some cash.

    Work with general electronics and office equipment dealers. If you are good with electronics, where you can easily detect fake and original, this could be a good fit for you. Have a good business deal with these electronic and office equipment shop owners to market and sell their products in your community both offline and online for a commission.

    Service Providers
    Collaborate with business consultants, insurance service providers, comedians, and any other service provider to promote their services. Act like their business development managers, know their pricing modalities, negotiate deals on their behalf, and be paid in the process.


    Go to local startups around you. These entrepreneurs have amazing products but are barely making good money because they are not able to sell effectively outside their own network. Reach out to tech startups, agricultural startups, food processing startups, etc. Get their products, market, and sell and get paid on commission.

    Bottom line
    Here is a fact! In the business ecosystem, the money is in marketing, sales, and distribution. Every other part of business will only rise when these three parts succeed.

    Marketing and sales can change your career and financial life but it will require massive, consistent action from your end. You cannot be lazy and expect to succeed in marketing. Moreover, to succeed exponentially in marketing and sales, you will need to build these key soft skills.

    Building networks and relationships
    Product presentation
    People management and emotional intelligence
    Social media marketing
    Content writing and promotion
    Outreach and Coordination
    Branding and reputation management
    Taking independent actions.
    As a graduate unemployed marketing student, freelance marketing is one of your fastest ways out of that situation. These business ideas in Cameroon should be able to turn your financial life around. What’s more, you can implement these business ideas with little or no capital.

    If you are making up your mind to venture into this path, remember this: treat yourself like a business structure. As a freelance marketer, you are your own business.

    07/09 at 21:12
    • PHCS Reply

      Thanks Nkepwa@ for taking your tie to read this article form start to finish and the good write-up u have at the comment section…

      Just as you rightly Marketer should enroll in to the university with aim of looking for a job but creating one after graduation

      08/09 at 10:04
  • Mirene Tatah Reply

    Thanks for the article. I think parents and students who go through this keenly will be able to make the right choices. Most Cameroonian students lack orientation immediately they graduate from High School. Some of them follow their passions, that of their friends and some parents even force them to do what they want and not what they know their kids can do. It would be appreciative if administrative counselors impact pupils and students with broad knowledge on career choices while they are still young.

    09/09 at 01:18

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