8 Caliber Of Friends To Keep while at The University

8 Caliber Of Friends To Keep while at The University


The university milieu is where you meet sorts of people with different characters.

It’s only in the university where you get the chance to make a variety of friends some of whom are friends for this period and others for a much longer time.

Have you heard of the saying that “the friends you keep after graduation will be your friends for life?” someone special always tells me this so I’m delighted to share this advice of mine with you.

In summary, a university is a place where you can establish long-lasting relationships as well as those established just for the period.

Whatever the case the process of choosing/making new friends or the criteria to consider before making new friends can be a bit stressful for those who find it difficult to interact with others or bring up a conversation when they come in contact with someone.

A friend refers to a person other than a family member, spouse, or lover whose company one enjoys and towards whom one feels affection or one with whom you are vaguely or indirectly acquainted.

No man is an island we all need friends at a certain point in our lives.

I don’t think there is anyone who can proudly beat his/her chest that he/she did not have this or that friend for various reasons while ascending the academic ladder, especially during your university life, none.

 8 Caliber Of Friends To Keep while at The University

#1 Study buddy

The first caliber of friends to keep during your first year in the university is the study type of friend. People who portray this habit are always seen either at the school library or in a quiet environment studying.

A friendly chat with such a friend either during a study break or a few classes together might lead to more beneficial conversations over this theory or topic with others.

An advantage of the study type of friend is: that he/she acts as a competitor which enables you to always stay focused on reading thereby providing healthy competition that motivates you to do well.

Your goal is to help each other succeed. Such relationships can develop into lifelong friendships to explore each other mutual interests even outside of the university walls.


#2 The coursemate

Another caliber of friends to keep during your first year in the university is the course mate type.  There is more to a coursemate buddy than just sharing notes.

You tend to interact with this friend a couple of times a week and some even go as far as reserving a seat for you during lectures. Others call to know why you didn’t attend this or that course.

One thing to note about the coursemate kind of friendship is that it is defined by proximity.

That is; the closer you are, the more you relate and the further you are, the interaction drops.

It’s more of a “Bluetooth type of friendship” Oops you understand what I mean right? During lectures, your interaction is 100% but the minute you leave the lecture room each of you returns into your world only to meet at the next class.

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#3 The friend for life

The third caliber of friends to keep during your first year in the university is the bestie type of friend.

When you come in contact with such a friend, you feel like the universe is in support of you crossing paths.

You feel at ease sharing everything with your friend.

With such friendships, you will realize that no distance, jealousy, or time difference can break up your bond.

As a result of this, the friendship tends to grow beyond university and last for a lifetime.

If you are lucky to have such, treasure it like priceless jewelry because true friends are hard to find.


#4 The party friend

Having the party type of buddy during your first year at the university is cool. 

This type of friend keeps you updated with the latest happenings such as the latest artist in town, or the celebrity that is to visit the town during the weekend.

The party friend knows the coolest spot to chill as well as where to get the cheapest drinks.

The party kind of friend makes use of statements like “where are we heading after class? Most times, such friendship is full of cheering and toasting.

Even if you are not the party type, it is advisable to keep one as a friend to bond with him/her when the need arises.


#5 The older friend

The older friend acts more of the mum’s role in the relationship.

Some of the advantages of having an older friend during your first year in the university are: that you tend to model from them especially when you come in contact with one who is full of ambitions and enthusiastic.

They provide valuable advice when necessary, support you financially if need be, try to direct you not to make the same mistakes he/she did, and most importantly they are reliable, responsible, and always have your back.

If you don’t yet have an older friend, please endeavor to make one then thank me later.

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#6 The younger friend

Added to the list of 8 calibers of friends to keep during your first year in the university is the younger friend. Having a younger friend tends to shape your personality and behaviour.

This is because you act as a role model to the younger one and you won’t want to mislead him/her or portray an attitude that does not serve as a good example.

The truth is when you have someone looking up to you; it makes you more conscious because you would not want to fail him/her thus adjusting your ways. This goes a long way to improving your personality.

#7 The same goal buddy

The seventh out of the 8 calibers of friends to keep during your first year in the university is a friend you share common goals with.

Like I mentioned earlier, the university milieu is where you come in contact with all sorts of things; the good, the bad and the ugly.

Choose friends that have the same goals as you as well as those that encourage you to study.

As the saying goes if you want to be rich, associate with the rich. This equally applies to choosing friends to climb the academic ladder successfully.

#8 The business friend

The last but not the least caliber of friends to keep during your first year in the university is the business-oriented buddy.

It’s advisable to keep such a friend because he/she will give you advice.


Concluding Remark

Are you confused about whom to interact with during your first year at the university? Worry no more we’ve got you covered.

The above-listed points will guide you in choosing friends during your first year at the university.

What is your opinion that could be added to the above points?

Please share your ideas in the comment section.

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