Top 15 Careers With a Degree In Law

Top 15 Careers With a Degree In Law

Are you looking for careers with a law degree?

By definition, the law is a free and self-governing profession that serves society in the public interest.

Legal practitioners are well-versed in a variety of disciplines, including economics, history, philosophy, and sociology.

This enables them to adapt to a variety of scenarios and find solutions for their clients that are based on the truth and social well-being. So, what are the careers with a law degree?


Top 15 Careers With a Degree In Law

1) Become a Lawyer


Become a Lawyer
Become a Lawyer

Being a lawyer is the best option to choose from the list of careers with a law degree. A lawyer represents both people and businesses in their legal issues.

The lawyer defends his clients in court by representing them.

His primary responsibility is to give legal counsel. A lawyer might be a generalist or focus on a particular field of law, such as traffic law, criminal law, or commercial law.

This job necessitates excellent interpersonal skills in addition to the particular legal abilities that are required.

A lawyer can explain legal norms and their implications to laypeople as a teacher.

They’re also at ease speaking in front of a panel of judges.

This career necessitates a high level of availability in terms of working hours as well as a substantial workload.


2) Become a Magistrate

The magistrate is an obvious choice in this list of careers with a degree in law each major should choose from.

There are two sorts of magistrates: Judges are those who make legal decisions. Prosecutors are those who advocate the public interest in judicial processes are known as public prosecutors.

The magistrate is responsible for enforcing and interpreting the law.

As a result, he must have a thorough understanding of the law and the ability to interpret it.

They may specialize in particular areas like family court judges, investigating magistrates, or even enforcement judges, and they are found in all jurisdictions.

They are meticulous and well-organized, and they can make judgments after thoroughly evaluating a problem.



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3) Become a Clerk

You should choose a clerk on the list of careers with a degree in law if you opt for a role in departmental administration.

A clerk is in charge of the activities that allow the judicial files to be prepared.

He schedules the sessions and brings the parties to the trial together.

A clerk attends the hearings and records the discussions. He records the proceedings and aids the magistrates.

A court clerk is present in all jurisdictions and at all stages of the proceedings as the guarantor of procedural compliance.

Court clerks are classified as government workers in category B.


4) Become a Jurist

A jurist works in a variety of fields so the fact that it is included in the list of careers with a law degree is normal.

A Jurist’s work consists of consumer or crime victims’ organizations, businesses, legal firms, and accountancy firms.

In every instance, the jurist makes his legal expertise available to people and businesses.

He safeguards the interests of the individuals for whom he works.

He ensures that contractual papers are written by the law.

He negotiates and prepares contracts while also keeping a legal eye on the situation.

A Master’s degree or, more commonly, a Master’s degree in law is required to enter the legal profession.

The location in which a profession is practiced is frequently determined by the specialty selected.


5) Become a Notary

A notary is the best choice for careers with a degree in law if you are a valuable counselor for individuals at every significant stage of life such as real estate transactions, inheritance, and family law.

He or she authenticates deeds and contracts signed by parties as a public authority.

He endows them with undeniable legal value and serves as a legal guarantee.

He or she must have strong interpersonal skills and be a teacher because he or she will be in frequent touch with others.

After earning a law degree and specialized training in notarial law, you can pursue this career. It can be done as a side business or as a full-time job at a notary’s office.


6) Become An educator for the Judiciary’s Office of Youth Protection

If you are passionate about youth protection, then choosing a career with a law degree can be the best option for you.

The educator in the judicial protection of youth (JPY), which is linked to the protection of minors, works with troubled kids and/or delinquents after a juvenile judge’s ruling.

They contribute to the administration of justice by preparing reports and suggestions for judges. Daily, he/she accompanies minors in their homes or at a JPY location.

The JPY educator must be pedagogical and must have a strong ability to listen. He or she must also be patient and tenacious.

The position is a category B public servant, and it is only available after a competitive test and training.


7) Counsellor for reintegration and probation in prison

Counsellor for reintegration and probation in prison
Counsellor for reintegration and probation in prison

Choosing to become a counselor for a career with a law degree is the best option for majors in law. 

Detainees as well as former criminals mostly get accompanied by counselors for quick reintegration. 

As a counselor, you do an intervention for those wear electronic armlet or those on conditional release. More to that, counselors help prisoners prepare for future release.

As a counselor, you have the responsibility to guarantee and that all the decisions taken at the court during judgment shall be followed.

A counselor is a government official in category B with a good capacity to hear and has a critical mind.

You can equally choose to continue your career as an executor in the prison for integration and probation services.

A law degree provides a wide range of opportunities accessible depending on one’s goes and interests.

With your law degree, you have personalized skills that can permit you to work in the court system, organizations, or businesses.



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8) Positions in the private sector

With a law degree, you can do a career in various economic areas (industry, transportation, construction, real estate, press, etc.)  as a guarantee for a company’s legal issues. 

By this, you are responsible to guide and check the validity of contracts. Employers prefer a Master’s degree in business law for internships.


9) Become a civil service officer

The civil service also provides a diverse range of possibilities on careers with a degree in law, including administrator of the National Assembly, Treasury inspector, territory editor, hospital director, police commissioner, and lawyer, among others.

A quarter of law graduates, the majority of whom have a Master’s degree in public law, choose to work for the government.

The majority of posts are filled through competitive examination and are classified as category A, requiring at least a Master’s degree and a strong foundation in general culture. Sciences Po is another common option for achieving success in these events.


10) Be a professor in a university

You could always choose the field of teaching as a career with a law degree.

With a legal degree and the abilities of a skilled orator, where you might pass your knowledge to the younger generation who desires to enter this sector.

Teaching at the elementary or secondary school level, or even at the college level, is a well-paying career that is also very rewarding.

So, if you don’t want to work in the corporate sector, a job in academics could be of interest to you.


11) Officers of the law

If a law school has only increased your desire to see the law enforced, a career in law enforcement could be a suitable next step to take in life.

Lawyers are a vital component of the criminal justice system, but all of the others engaged before the case even enters a courtroom are as significant.

Even though a degree is not needed to join the police force, a rising percentage of officers are law graduates.

If being a uniformed police officer does not appeal to you, there are a variety of different law enforcement jobs to explore.


12) Become a Journalist

Being a law student necessitates a great deal of study, as well as reading information that can be difficult at times and reducing it into a more readily understandable and ideally more entertaining form.

Writing is similar enough to journalism and even more engaging when you do that with a law degree.

You can do this appropriately if you can write well and respect deadlines.

You can start by doing daily work to improve as you practice.

You can equally join the national paper’s graduate program.

Even though it comes with lots of pressure, it offers a faster path to the top.


13) Become a Scriptwriter

Become a Scriptwriter
Become a Scriptwriter

Almost every good film or television series has tense courtroom scenes.

So, if you think you have what it takes to take your legal knowledge and turn it into a fantastic film or television script, this is a profession you should consider on these careers with a law degree.

Jobs as a screenplay writer in the entertainment business are not only interesting and gratifying, but they are also highly well paid. People will stand up and take notice of your work if it is good.


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So, if you are in for careers with a law degree, these are some of the best positions you may apply for.

Various organizations and company houses are usually eager to recruit anyone with a legal degree since they know that such persons possess the necessary abilities and credentials to think on their feet and convey their thoughts coherently and comprehensively without stumbling or stammering.

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