first-class degree in any Cameroon university

10 ways on How to get a first-class degree in any Cameroon university

10 ways How to get a first-class degree in any Cameroon university

Having a first-class degree at any Cameroon university is not that difficult.

Yes, you read it correctly not that difficult. “If there is a will, there is a way”.

It all depends on the student’s determination as well as the will to make it happen.

That is, taking action to accomplish whatever goal you have in mind.


Something worth noting is that planning is very vital in any endeavour in life.

Failing to plan is planning to fail.  So, always have a plan of action and this isn’t different when it comes to achieving your academic goal.

Another point to take note of is to know where you are coming from to determine where you are heading to.

This goes in line with your understanding of how the grading system works before aiming for your goal and the various actions you need to do/take before arriving at your desired goal.

In Cameroonian universities, students are evaluated on a 100 where 30% is for continuous assessment (CA).

Continuous assessment refers to the class test. 70% is for the final exam that is assessing students based on all that they’ve learned throughout the semester.

Concerning the grade letter and grade points based on the mark, a student gets on a 100:

How to calculate the GPA of the University of Buea?

From 80-100 = A grade points 4.0

70-79 = B+, 3.5

60-69 = B, 3.0

55-59 = C+, 2.5

50-54 = C, 2.0

45-49 = D+, 1.5

40-44 = D, 1.0

0-39 = F,0.


To determine your GPA, multiple the appropriate grade points assigned to the corresponding letter grade by the credit value of the course.

The products are then summed based on the number of courses you registered for and divided by the total number of credit values to get your GPA for that semester.

With regard to the degree classification and cumulative Grade Point Average first-class = 3.6-4.0, second-class (Upper division) = 3.0-3.5, second-class (Lower division) = 2.5-2.9, third-class division = 2.0-2.4, and Pass = 1.0-1.9.

As a student striving for a first-class degree in Cameroon, you must be aware of how it functions to achieve your desired goal. There is nothing difficult to get as long as you are determined to.


The following are 10 tips every student can make use of to achieve a first-class degree in any Cameroon university.


#1. Learn how to plan ahead of time

 The first aspect regarding how to get a first-class degree in any Cameroon university is to plan your course of action.

As I earlier mentioned failing to plan means you are planning to fail. 

Proper preparation prevents poor performance.

Yes, if you prepare ahead of time, you will be in a better position in achieving your first-class degree dream. Planning ahead of time means scheduling your activities appropriately.

 As a student aiming for a first-class degree in Cameroon, you need to have a timetable for both the school and a personal timetable.

Your timetable indicates your activities of the day and the time at which you are supposed to carry out the activity.

Try as much as possible to stick to your timetable.

It might be difficult from the start but as time goes on, it will be more of a daily ritual.

Other points to take note of: are time for leisure, and time to entertain visitors just to name a few.


#2. Set SMART goals

To be goal-oriented is very vital when pursuing a first-class degree in any Cameroon university.

Without a specific goal stated/written, you can’t achieve it.

For any student to achieve his/her goal, he/she must have a specific target.

You can write your desired GPA, grade as well as CA mark on a piece of paper and place it beside your timetable to act as a reminder for your purpose.

When setting goals, it must be SMART. Meaning your goal must be Specific, Measurable, Attainable/Achievable, Realistic, and Time framed.

Set SMART goals
Set SMART goals

You desire to graduate with a first-class degree from any Cameroonian university, yes, what next? I want to graduate with a 3.8 GPA why not 4.0 though it might be difficult to get 4/4 but is somehow being specific on what you want.

Being realistic means setting reasonable goals like in Cameroon for instance, achieving a bachelor’s degree takes 3 years. You can’t set your goal stating you wish to achieve it in 2 years.

This isn’t realistic. Set deadlines for whatever you engage in.



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#3. Learn to Stay Focused

Avoiding any form of distraction goes a long way in helping any student that wishes to graduate with a first-class degree in any Cameroon university.

Stating your goal of graduating with a first-class is very easy but keeping the dream alive by taking action is what makes it difficult.

 As a university student, there would be a lot of distractions ranging from maybe going out with friends to catch some fun, Facebooking, Whatsapping, and watching videos just to name a few.

All of this is necessary but we need to set priorities.

What comes first before the other and achieving a first-class degree is not Whatsapping for the whole day. Manage your time wisely so as not to mix everything up.


#4. Have good Time management Skills

Having track of everything you do is very important when pursuing a first-class degree in any Cameroon university. Schedule your activities wisely.

good Time management Skills
good Time management Skills

You need to indicate when to read, cook, time to sleep, time for leisure, sports for those that take it as a ritual.

When one tracks, he/her time/activities, he/she becomes more oriented in achieving any task, including having a first-class university degree in any Cameroon university.



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#5. Have good study skills

Study skills refer to the techniques that students apply or use in the learning process to be successful.

Striving for a first-class degree means you need to know how you learn best and the environment in which you study more comfortably.

There are 3 types of learners: visual learners those who learn best by seeing, auditory learners who learn best by hearing or listening to lectures, and kinesthetic learners who learn best by doing and touching objects.

As a student when you are aware of the type of learner you are, it goes a long way in helping you explore the category in which you find yourself.

 Also, knowing the time or hour of the day in which you understand most and the environment is equally important.

Some learners study well during the day, some early in the morning, and others at night.

Concerning the environment, some can study in a noisy environment and others in a very quiet area.

Achieving a first-class degree in any university in Cameroon requires the learner to know the kind of learner he/she is and to study in an environment that is more conducive for him/her.


#6 Keep Good Company

Keeping good company means associating with the right people. The people with whom you regularly interact have a great impact on determining whether you will pass or fail.

There is a saying that birds of a feather flock together. So, if you have the dream of graduating with a first-class degree, associate with people of your caliber.

That is people of the same thoughts and mindset as you.

For instance, if you are a brilliant student, associate with other brilliant students, and in the case where you are an average student, associate with those above average.

All in all, what I am saying is: when pursuing a first-class degree in any Cameroon university, associate with those that will impact your life positively. Those that can offer something.


#6. Study! Study! And Study!!!

Graduating with a first-class degree in any Cameroon university entails cultivating the habit of studying and reading even when it’s not convenient.

Have you heard of the saying that nothing good comes easy?

Yes, nothing extraordinary comes without sacrifice. In achieving a first-class degree, the sacrifice is reading and studying.

Always be ahead of others, learn to read ahead of others, ahead of your lecturer, ahead of your examination, endeavour to revise what was taught for the day, get materials from senior course mates, and start reading the semester resumes.

Note that learning without playing makes Jack a dull boy. So try to catch some fun to relax your brain.


#7. Cultivate the Habit Of Taking Notes During Lectures

One of the reasons why students attend lectures is to listen to the lecturer while lecturing and to pen down some important points. 

Some lecturers might not bring what they gave as notes but may bring what they mentioned in the course of lectures.

A situation where maybe you didn’t jot down the point to remember might affect your performance which is what we don’t desire while pursuing a first-class degree.

Cultivate the Habit Of Taking Notes During Lectures
Cultivate the Habit Of Taking Notes During Lectures

Also attending classes is very crucial. No class is not too important.

Every class matters as you may learn a few new things.

Attending classes allows you to ask questions of the lecturer directly to clarify your doubts.

Some lecturers ask or give revision questions that might come in the exam. 

This is a step towards achieving your first-class dream.


#8. Understand your lecturers

Another important point to take note of when aiming to achieve a first-class degree in any Cameroon university is to inquire about how each lecturer functions.

One man’s food is another man’s poison.

So it’s advisable to ask senior students about how a particular lecturer operates, lecture style, and how they ask a question in the exam.

Knowing all of this gives you an upper hand to prepare for the course.

For instance, during exams, some lecturers award extra marks when students think out of the box.

That is bringing their ideas apart from what was taught in class while others may not award marks aside from the materials they gave.

This is very vital when striving for a first-class degree.



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#9. Have A Study Group Or Reading Partner

Having a reading partner is very essential. One thing students need to bear in mind is that no one is an island of knowledge.

Everyone needs someone to interact with within class. Some students think that a reading partner might be a detractor. Yes. This will only be true when you both don’t know what you want. When you mean business, is business.

The truth is: everyone needs an accountability partner, someone who can motivate you, challenge you into action, and who you can use as an experiment once you have finished reading.

Believe me when I say having a reading partner is just another pave way for achieving your first-class degree in any Cameroon university.


Concluding Remarks

To conclude, as I earlier mentioned above graduating with a 3.8 or 9 GPA is very possible though it requires a lot of hard work, determination, and commitment.

If there is a will, there is a way so nothing seems too high or low to achieve.

 As long as you plan your course of action, set specific goals, attend classes as well as take down notes, understand your lecturers by being aware of how they operate and set their exams questions, associate with mates with thoughts and goals like yours, knowing your learning style and the environment in which you study best, developing the right attitude, staying focused, managing your time properly, then, achieving your first class degree in any Cameroon university won’t be a suicide mission.

 Believe in yourself while taking the action to achieve your goal.

Without action, is like planning to be the richest person in Cameroon while just eating and sleeping for manners from heaven to put everything in place.

There is a common misconception that students from high school have.

They believe the university is a place to relax after studying for intensive nine months.

I am sorry this is not true. Studying hard and smartly continues especially when you are goal-oriented.

This article is just what you need to achieve your first-class degree dream.

Please feel free to add your point concerning achieving a first-class degree, especially in a country like Cameroon.


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