Top 19 High-Paying Jobs In The World

Top 19 High-Paying Jobs In The World

Have you ever wondered: what are the high-paying jobs in the world?

We all want to earn well.

Whether you’re working, still starting, or looking to retrain, these highest-paying jobs are the fastest way to fill that bank account!

Here are 19 jobs that pay well and may inspire you for a career in the future.


Top 19 High-Paying Jobs In The World

1. General Doctor

In the first place, there is a general practitioner who figures on the list of high-paying jobs in the world. Being a doctor is certainly the dreamt profession for most of you.

To practice as a doctor, you must have at least a bachelor’s degree.

You will need to work hard since everything happens at medical school. It is a competitive area so; you need to work hard to get the precious sesame.

As far as salary is concerned, a general practitioner earns $7,923 per month.


2. Ophthalmologist

Next, we have ophthalmologists, who are among the high-paying jobs in the world as health specialists.

These eye specialists have taken additional courses of study and specialize in the science of the eyes.

Ophthalmologists are very well paid because they have completed more than 11 years of intense study.

As far as salary is concerned, they earn a monthly salary of  $17134 per month.


3. Aerospace Engineer

Added to that is an aerospace engineer. To be an engineer is a dream, but can you imagine working on spacecraft?

Aerospace engineers are responsible for the design, prototyping, evaluation, and maintenance of devices sent into the cosmos.

An aerospace engineer is one of the best high-paying jobs in the world and can expect to earn an average of $6278,80 per month.


4. Real estate investor

Next on the list is real estate investor. It is difficult to say exactly how much a real estate investor earns but is found among the high-paying jobs in the world. 

Everything depends on the profitability of his assets. Indeed, the real estate investor earns money on the rental or resale of real estate.

A survey was conducted on many people practicing real estate investment and it appears that the average salary is about $6521,09 each month.

However, as everything depends on the investment, there is no limit to the income.


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5. Surgeon


Also present on the list is a surgeon as a high-paying job in the world.

As a surgeon perform surgery in the operating room, many specialized surgeons deserve very well. Think of the brain or plastic surgeon.

With your practice, however, you can earn even more. A very experienced surgeon may or may not be able to sit on a very nice $38643.11 each month.


6. Prime Minister

As an administrative function, there is a prime minister. It is a high-paying job in the world since it has is the most important income for administrative functions.

The income of a prime minister is set annually at the maximum.

After a political job, former ministers often work in business at much higher salaries.

For convenience, it can be assumed that for his very responsible task, a Prime Minister can credit a maximum of $17485,80 each month.


7. Broker

Little known, the broker’s profession is such a high-paying job in the world.

A broker acts as an intermediary between the seller and the buyer.

The job of a broker is to facilitate exchanges between different brokers by identifying those who offer the best price for a financial product in the desired quantity.

Thus, the broker ensures the possibility of the market and earns by charging for bringing the buyer and seller together.

As far as salary is concerned, a broker earns $9665,33 each month.


8. Astrophysicist

Astrophysicists are on the list of high-paying jobs in the world. An astrophysicist is a scientist who works in an interdisciplinary branch of astronomy.

Around the physics and the study of the peculiarities of the objects of the universe such as galaxies, constellations, the interstellar environment, and also the planets.

The experienced astrophysicist obtains a remuneration of approximately $5531, 04 per month.

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9. Professional diver

Also called “scuba diver” is a high-paying job in the world, the professional diver works in a hyperbaric environment. (Water pressure higher than atmospheric pressure).

Before practicing this profession, the scuba diver must follow an intense training program, as there are many constraints related to this profession (pressure resistance, underwater endurance, etc.).

Welding, cutting, and metal fittings, the professional diver performs all his tasks underwater. Concerning the salary, the payment is $5313.05 received monthly.


10. Airplane pilot

Airplane pilot
Airplane pilot

An airplane pilot is certainly the luckiest of the best high-paying jobs in the world. In any case, the pilot is the highest-paid person in the world. 

A pilot is the one who creates his luck because having the responsibility of flying with people is undoubtedly something that requires tenacity, courage, and perseverance.

With an average salary of $18940.73/month, the airplane pilot for airlines can also work as a humanitarian.


11. Marketing manager

Marketing manager
Marketing manager

A marketing manager manages the entire marketing department of a company.

A marketing manager can easily carry out marketing campaigns and strategies, positioning, brand image, etc. So, the average salary is approximately $5332,80 per month.



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12. Software Developer-Designer

This job is on the list of high-paying jobs in the world and is strongly connected with new technologies.

The software designer designs software and algorithms, such as applications, for clients.

A software designer studies computer writing and programming and then sets the parameters to create programs for games, office automation, or the web.

The salary is around $5081.23 a month.

13. Head of Pharmacy

The head of the pharmacy is primarily a simple pharmacist who owns a pharmacy.

The role of a pharmacist is to deliver to people (often patients) the pharmaceutical products prescribed by doctors.

The head of the pharmacy earns $5796.53 per month from the sale of medicines, dispensary items, and food supplements.


14. Lawyer

With an average salary of  $7854.25 per month, a lawyer is one of the high-paying jobs in the world.

The lawyer’s goal is to represent and defend in court individuals, communities, and companies for civil and criminal cases.


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15. Financial Consultant

Financial Consultant
Financial Consultant

Also, a financial consultant is among the best paid in the world.

The purpose of the financial consultant (or advisor) is to accompany and also advise companies in the implementation, transformation, and optimization of their financial information system.

Concerning the salary per month, it is $9506.30 for an experienced financial consultant.


16. Anesthesiologist

As an anesthesiologist, you work in the operating room. Here you will take care to administer the right amount of anesthesia for the patient and keep a close eye on its evolution.

The odd high salary is also due to the very long education. After a six-year medical course, a specialization lasts another 5 years.

With a relatively high of $6524.06 per month, the chimney smokes well.


17. Notary

The notary is undoubtedly the top of high-paying jobs in the world.

As a notary, you have a responsible position where you draw up important documents and often supervise high transactions.

A notary is a legal expert, especially in the field of inheritance and property law.

Before becoming a recognized notary, you often studied and worked for 10 years.

A notary earns on average $6955.08 per month with his own office.


18. Mayor

You will always find mayor wherever high-paying jobs in the world are mentioned. A mayor is the head of the administrative body of a municipality.

For example, a mayor is the president of the city council.

Together, this forms the administrative board of a municipality. The salary of a mayor depends on the size of the municipality.

Starting from $6723 per month for a small municipality rising to $11593.02 for a municipality with more than 375.000 inhabitants.

As a mayor, you are often trained at the university in a direction like administration. However, this is not a requirement.


19. Accountant

To close the list, there is an accountant.

To be an account, you need a four-year HBO degree in accounting. An accountant has to work very precisely and can work under pressure.

In this way, you check the annual accounts and the accounts for the accuracy of many different companies.

During your internship, it is not uncommon to get 1850 dollars internship fee with sometimes another car from the business.

The average starting salary is around $2875 and can increase very quickly plus a bonus.

In addition, you will often have dinner with your clients, all you have to do is lay back if you are doing one of the high-paying jobs in the world.



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Companies prefer to offer a bonus to their most deserving employees to retain them. Nevertheless, the disparities between men and women remain important for an equal position and knowledge.

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