Careers With A Degree In Biology

Top 17 Careers With A Degree In Biology [2024]

If you want to pursue a profession in biology, consider this list of careers with a degree in biology.

Your possibilities are vast and varied. Biology majors either pursue a career in research or work for a corporation.  

Aside from the core topics of biology (botany and zoology), this stream has expanded and fused with technical science, resulting in new subjects like biotechnology, bioinformatics, and statistical science, all of which have promising futures.

You should aim to undertake your post-graduation work once you finish your degree. In the long term, higher education always has positive outcomes.


Top 17 Careers With A Degree In Biology

1) Biologist

It is evident that with a degree in biology you can be a biologist so this is the first option to think of among the careers with a degree in biology.

A biologist is a scientist who uses all they’ve learned to study creatures such as humans, animals, plants, and microbes, as well as their interactions with their surroundings.

The objective is to get a better understanding of how the human body functions and how external variables can influence each organism.

Your findings as a biologist may lead to novel therapies for a variety of ailments as well as the protection of natural resources.

Biologists can specialize in a variety of fields, such as wildlife, marine biology, botany, and more. Furthermore, a biologist’s first employment will most likely be as a graduate student.


2) Technician in Biological Sciences

Biological technicians, also known as laboratory assistants, are an essential point that can’t be neglected when you opt for careers with a degree in biology.

They use laboratory skills and procedures learned by biology majors in their laboratories, academic research, and collaborative research with professors.

Technicians must conduct studies that produce precise findings.

They record data and do computations in the same way they did as biology majors while producing reports.

Many new graduates who do not desire to attend graduate school or who wish to delay graduate school find technical employment with medical school researchers, government organizations, nonprofit research institutions, or pharmaceutical and biotechnology firms.


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3) Biochemist


This is found at the top list of careers with a degree in biology because biologists with knowledge in chemistry are vital in the sectors of biotechnology and biomedical research, which are continuously expanding.

Biology offers students the laboratory and scientific research skills and knowledge they need to plan and carry out investigations for new product development.

Anatomy and physiology knowledge aids biochemists in comprehending the effects of medicines and technological solutions on the human body.

They use their biology major’s presentation and writing abilities to present ideas and results to peers and possible funding sources.


4) Botanist

It is important to know that botanist is always open for who so ever is searching for careers with a degree in biology. Botanists are those who study plants.

They research the effects of pollution, acid rain, and soil deterioration on plants.

They publish findings that propose environmental protections for plant life as a result of their research.

Botanists can also find new species of plants, analyze their components, and come up with novel applications for them that might have a variety of health advantages.


5) Senior Lecturer

You can choose to be a senior lecturer amongst the list of a career with a degree in biology.

A lecturer in higher education performs similar duties to a secondary school teacher, except teaching biology and other academic subjects to undergraduate and postgraduate students beyond the age of 18.

You will be expected to conduct tutorials, seminars, lectures, and fieldwork in this position. You will also play a part in online learning in this technologically sophisticated firm.


6) Genetic advisor

Thinking of making a list of careers with a degree in biology without including a genetic advisor is quite impossible.

Genetic counselors examine their customers’ hereditary composition and inform them about the possibility of passing on a genetic illness or handicap to their children.

Adults who are concerned about the possibility of acquiring signs of genetic diseases later in life may also benefit from their services.

They must be able to think mathematically, as a biology major, to estimate the possibility of various outcomes depending on the genetic propensity of patients.

To judge the value of a fast-developing body, genetic counselors must have a solid grasp of the scientific approach.


7) Nurse Practitioner

Nurse Practitioner
Nurse Practitioner

It is impossible to dress a list of careers with a degree in biology. If you’re thinking about pursuing a career in nursing, your biology degree might come in handy.

It will be a smooth transition into the nursing school training procedure because you studied most of the subjects during your bachelor’s degree.

A physician assistant, on the other hand, works as part of a medical team alongside a qualified physician or surgeon.

Under the guidance of a senior health care professional, you will conduct a variety of diagnostic and therapeutic duties as a physician assistant. Prior experience in the healthcare field is required for admission to the PA program.


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8) Professor of Forensic Science

Careers with a degree in biology always include forensic science.

Working as a forensic scientist will keep you occupied if you are an inquisitive individual with a sharp mind and a biology degree.

A forensic scientist examines samples, particularly those taken from a crime scene, to acquire significant evidence.

Analyzing biological material and genetics will be part of your employment.

You can pursue a master’s degree in forensic science after earning your bachelor’s degree in biology. You can work in a university or college.

To work in a college or university, you don’t necessarily have to be a professor or have a PhD in biology.

Check out which departments are recruiting and see if any of them are a good fit for you.


9) Science writing

Science writing is found on the list of careers with a degree in biology since it is a fantastic area for freshmen and students with a passion for writing.

You’ll be able to collaborate with scientific periodicals. This position is ideal for students who have a strong background in biology and a good command of the English language.

Students studying biology can potentially work in the field of scientific publication. It’s also fun to edit journals, novels, and research papers published by writers and scientists.

If you have a biology degree, you will be eligible for the following occupations.


10) Specialist in Health Communication

Specialists in health communications are present in this list of careers with a degree in biology because they are in charge of informing populations about health concerns.

Health communications experts are frequently hired by hospitals or other healthcare organizations, and they may also oversee the facility’s public relations campaigns, marketing initiatives, and community participation.

Health communications professionals are responsible for presenting issues linked to human health and illness to a broad audience, which necessitates excellent writing and interpersonal skills.

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11) Medical/Pharmaceutical Sales Representative

Sales representatives for pharmaceutical goods are done by those with a degree in biology, thus worth its place in the list of careers with a degree in biology.

Hospitals, clinics, and other medical offices buy medical supplies, computer goods, medicines, and other items from pharmaceutical/medical sales reps.

These employees must be technologically savvy to explain how a product works.

They’ll also need scientific expertise to explain how the product will help both the doctor and the patient. Strong communication and interpersonal skills are required of pharmaceutical or medical sales agents.

In many cases, a bachelor’s degree is sufficient training to enter this field. Work for a pharmaceutical firm.

Your biology knowledge will come in handy as you strive to develop goods that will benefit a large number of people.


12) Food Scientist

Food scientists are highly important and worth careers with a degree in biology you can choose from.

Work in agriculture, researching and developing techniques to increase agricultural and livestock yield and sustainability. A subfield of food science, such as soil, plants, or animals, may be specialized in.

They might also work as food technologists, creating novel foods, packaging processes, and contamination detection methods.

Although graduate food scientists are prevalent, a bachelor’s degree in biology plus engineering courses may be adequate to get into the profession.

Working for a firm that does food research. Many businesses require food scientists with a scientific background. Jobs like these are obviously out of the ordinary, but they’re also a lot of fun.


13) Conservationist

Consider conservationists as an important point on careers with a degree in biology.

Landowners and governments work with conservationists to discover methods to conserve natural resources like soil and water.

A bachelor’s degree in ecology, natural resource management, agriculture, biology, or environmental science is required to work in this profession.


15) Hydrologist

Hydrologists are highly important in this list of careers with a degree in biology because scientists study bodies of water on the surface of the planet as well as underground.

They examine the circulation, distribution, and physical characteristics of the substances.

A master’s degree in geology, environmental science, or engineering with a focus in hydrology or water science is required to work in this profession.


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15) Manager of Medical and Health Services

Medical and health-care executives stand as an existing option on the list of careers with a degree in biology.

Spend a significant amount of time working with healthcare professionals and must be able to convey scientific policies and procedures to them.

They must be able to decipher scientific regulations relating to medical services and adjust plans as needed.

Medical and healthcare executives frequently employ, oversee, and assess healthcare workers and researchers.

When evaluating applicants and workers, they must be able to comprehend the subtleties of their qualifications and performance.


16) Lawyer


Law is also an important option among the careers with a degree in biology you can choose from.

With a background in biology can succeed in a variety of legal fields that rely on scientific understanding and reasoning.

To process patent applications and defend clients against infringement, patent and intellectual property attorneys must comprehend the science underpinning biotech goods, medicines, and medical devices.

Environmental attorneys support and oppose environmental initiatives and regulations based on a knowledge of the ecosystem’s impact.

Medical malpractice attorneys must possess a scientific understanding to assess medical procedures and determine if medical practitioners performed ethically and appropriately.


17) Cosmetics or perfume firm

We can’t end the list of careers with a degree in biology without mentioning working at a cosmetics or perfume firm.

Do you enjoy, or at least find intriguing, cosmetics and perfumes? These lovely little items are based on a lot of research, which you may participate in.

You can bring your expertise in this field and come out with great results and income.



With this list of careers with a degree in biology, you have surely found the ideal match for your skills and convenience.

If you don’t want a job in the sciences fear not; there are also options in education, journalism, and sales with can be done with a degree in biology as well.

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