45+ civil engineering research topics for undergraduates

45+ Civil Engineering Research Topics for Undergraduates

50+ civil engineering research topics for undergraduates

1). Effects of the Addition of Carbide on Sewage Degradation


2). The Effect Of Reinforced Concrete On the Safety Of Residential Buildings In Cameroon


3). A Study on Bacterial Concrete


4). The Effect Of Motivation Of Labour, Cost, And Productivity On the Construction Industry In Cameroon (A case study of George & Jerry Construction Company Ltd)


5). Bituminous Stabilization of Clay Soils for Road Construction


6). The Effect of Silica Fume (S.F) on the Properties of Fresh and Hardened Concrete


7). Mixed Method in Elasticity in the Analysis of Layered Beams


8). Shear Behaviour of Reinforced Concrete Beams Using Granite As Coarse Aggregate Without Shear Links


9). Kinetics of Lead Adsorption by Activated Rice Husk Ash


10). Effects of Stabilization on the Performance of Deltaic Lateritic Soils as a Road Pavement Material


11). Finite Strip Analysis of Continuous Thin-Walled Box Girder Bridges


12). The Effect Of Reinforced Concrete On the Safety Of Residential Buildings In Cameroon


13). Assessment Of Asbestos Slate As Fibre On The Strength And Durability Of Concrete


14). Appraisal of Construction Management Practice in Cameroon


15). Modelling of Adsorption Efficiency for the Removal of Lead and Copper from Waste Water


16). Comparative Analysis of the Compressive Strength of Concrete with Gravel and Crushed Burnt Bricks as Coarse Aggregates.


17). Modelling The Biodegradability Of Sewage In Ordinary Pit Latrines


18). Integrated Solar and Hydraulic Jump Enhanced Waste Stabilization Pond


19). Potentials of Processed Termite as a Stabilizing Agent


20). Safety Analysis of Structural Foundations Built on Abandoned Solid Waste Sites


21). Optimization and Modelling of Rice Husk Ash-Clay Soil Stabilization


22). Scheduling of Solid Waste Collection Routes


23). Impact Of Stress On The Performance Of Construction Professionals In Cameroon


24). Effects of the Addition of Carbide on Sewage Degradation


25). A Study Of Crumb Rubber Modified Asphalt Slurry Seal Emulsions.


26). Comparative Analysis Of The Strength Of Concrete Made From Various Aggregate


27). Comparative Study of Buildings Using Flat and Regular Slabs


28). Effect Of Street Trading On Traffic Performance And Control


29). Assessment Of Different Types Of Foundation And Their Mode Of Construction


30). Bamboo Leaf Ash As A Partial Replacement Of Cement In Concrete


31). Design and Simulation of a Control System for a Center Pivot Irrigation Device


32). Application of Total Quality Management on Garments Manufacturing in Cameroon


33). Design of a Sanitary Landfill for Mamfe Town


34). Design Of A Small Scale Irrigation Scheme For Mokolo Community


35). Evaluation Of Saw Dust Ash As Mineral Filler In Asphalt Mixture


36). Reliability Evaluation Of In-Situ Strength Of Reinforced Concrete Members


37). Stabilization Of Black Cotton Soil With Locust Bean Waste Ash


38). Effect Of Crushed Concrete As Coarse Aggregates In the Production Of Concrete


39). Effect Of Trye Ash On Strength Of Cement Stabilized Laterite Soil


40). Design And Production Of Ceiling Board Using Plaster Of Paris (Pop) Gypsum Material


41). Stabilization Of Black Cotton Soil With Lime- Iron Ore Tailing Blend


42). Determination Of The Characteristic Strength Properties Of Mild Steel Reinforcement


43). Rimary Causes Of Road Pavement Failure And Possible Solution


44). The Assessment Of Factors Affecting Tendering In Construction Projects: Case Study Of Buea Municipality


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