Office Technology Management Project Topic And Materials for Undergraduate and Postgraduate Students in Cameroon

Office Technology Management Project Topic And Materials for Undergraduate and Postgraduate Students in Cameroon

1. The Challenges Facing The Newly Employed Secretaries In Selected Ministries Fako Division, South West Region, Cameroon.

2. The Challenges Facing Married Female Secretaries In Selected Business Organization In Buea Municipality

3. Secretaries And Needed Office Skills: Current And Future Expectations in Cameroon.

4. Factors Affecting The Productivity Of Secretaries In Civil Service Bamenda Municipality.

5. Marital Status And Occupation Performance Of Female Secretaries In Selected Ministries In Fako Division.

6. The Effect Of Secretarial Manpower On Economic Development (A Case Study Of Ministry Of Secondary Education, Buea Municipality).

7. The Impact Of Human Relation Skills On The Job Performance Of Secretaries [A Case Study Of Some Selected Banks In Bamenda Municipality]

8. Analyses Of The Effect Of Boss/Secretary Relationship On Staff Management And Productivity In Selected Establishment In Buea Municipality.

9. Leakages Of Confidential Information In Business Organization: Causes And Effects: Case Study Buea Municipality.

10. The Impact Of Modern Office Equipment On The Job Performance Of Secretaries In Douala Ii Municipality.


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11. The Effect Of Internet Culture On Administrative Efficiency

12. The Effect Of In-Adequate Computers In Secretarial Training In Cameroon.

13. The Effect Of Working Condition On The Performance Of Secretaries In An Organization (A Case Study Of Some Selected Organizations In Yaoundé)

14. Morale And Office Professional’s Productivity (A Case Study Of the University of Buea).

15. Effect Of Globalization Of Information Technology On Office Services In Cameroon.

16. The Effect Of Good Communication On Minutes Writing And Production

17. Effect Of Good Filing System On Productivity Of A Secretary (a Case Study Of Staff Personnel In the University of Buea).

18. Assessing Of Competencies Required By Secretaries In Secondary Schools in Cameroon.

19. Causes And Remedies To Job Dissatisfaction Among Secretaries In Selected Private And Government Establishments in Mamfe Town.

Secretarial Studies Project Topics for Undergraduate and postgraduate students in Cameroon


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