Special education

Special Education Project Topics for undergraduate and postgraduate students

Special education is a very fascinating subject, but many students fail to establish interesting special education research Projects that lead their project to be rejected or to a low score.

If you’re looking for some good stuff, then you’re in the right place!

Here we’re going to send some fantastic special education project topics and ideas right now so hurry up and catch them!

30 Special Education Project Topics

1. The Level of Special Education Teachers’ Technological Pedagogy and Content Knowledge, Teaching Style, Self-efficacy and Competency in Cameroon.

2. Increasing peer support for students with behavioral or emotional disabilities: the social side of the problem in Fako Division.

3. Emotional Security With Teachers and Children’s Stress Reactivity: A Comparison of Special-Education and Regular-Education Classrooms in the Buea Municipality.

4. People with Disabilities in re-habitation Centers in Anglophone region of Cameroon: Pathways Toward Acknowledgment and Engagement

5. Digital Literacy in Special Education: Preparing Students for College and the Workplace in Cameroon.

6. Prevalence of Adoptees Among Special Education Populations in Fako Division.

7. The perception of special education administrators on the use of paraprofessionals in the education of students with disabilities in the Buea Municipality.

8. Regular Teacher Teaching Methods and Its Effect On Learners with Visual Impairment from Selected Secondary School in Limbe II Municipality.

9. Parenting Style and Its Effect On Children with Special Education Needs in Some Selected Secondary Schools in Kumba I Municipality.

10. The Availability and Use of Assistive Technology by Person with Disabilities in Some Selected Public Schools in Fako Division.

Special education Project Topics
Special education Project class

11. Challenges Faced by Children with Hearing Impairment and Its Impact On Their Educational Achievements in Limbe.

12. The Effects Of Classroom Setting On The Academic Performance Of Visually Impaired Students in Buea Municipality.

13. Regular Teachers’ Attitude And Its Effects Towards Learners With Dysgraphia In Secondary Schools In The Buea Municipality.

14. Access To Higher Education Of People Living With Special Needs In Cameroon.

15. Teachers Academic Background And Its Effects Students Or Children With Disabilities In Mamfe Central.

16. Enabling The Participation Of Students With Special Educational Needs In Regular Education In Buea.

17. Teacher Identification of Children at Risk for Language Impairment in the First Year of School in Tiko Water Tank Community.

18. Student Teachers’ Attitudes Towards the Inclusion of Children with Special Educational Needs in Secondary Schools in Mamfe Central.

19. Teacher Attitudes toward Dyslexia: Effects on Teacher Expectations and the Academic Achievement of Students with Dyslexia in Anglophone Region of Cameroon.

20. Factors Influencing Academic Performance Of Students With Special Needs In Institutions Of Higher Learning in Buea.


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21. Discrimination and Stigmatization of physically Disabled Students in a General Educational Environment in Cameroon: Case Study Mamfe Town.

22. The Academic Challenges Facing Deaf Students at the Buea University of Technology.

23. Resiliency among physically disabled adolescents in Buea Municipality.

24. The role and function of the teacher of students with visual impairments in Bamenda.

25. Academic Impediments Students With Visual Impairments Encounter In The University of Buea.

26. School Administrators’ Attitudes toward Inclusion of Children with Disabilities In the General Education Classroom in Cameroon.

27. Teachers’ Attitudes and Self-Efficacy Towards Inclusion of Pupils with Disabilities in Regular Primary schools in Buea.

28. Attitude Of Teachers Towards The Inclusion Of Pupil With Disabilities In Regular Primary Schools In Fako Division, South, West Region, Cameroon.

29. Relationship between self-esteem and academic achievement of girls with hearing impairment in secondary schools for the deaf in Buea Municipality.

30. Barriers to social participation for the deaf and hard of hearing in Cameroon.


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