Environmental Sciences Project Topics For Undergraduates And Postgraduate Students In Cameroon

1. Recycling And Refuse: Alternatives To Waste Management In Cameroon.

2. Impact Of Sand And Gravel Dredging On The Environment in Ombe Town

3. Analysis Of Poverty Status Of Forest Dwellers In Coastal Communities in Manyu Division

4. Assessment Of The Effectiveness Of Environmental Sanitation In The Control Of Malaria in Mamfe Centre

5. An Assessment Of The Management Of Garbage Collection And Waste Disposal in Bamenda

6. Effect Of Land Use Act On Property Development In Cameroon.

7. Environmental Impact Of Gas Flaring On The Inhabitant Of Limbe Municipality.

8. Effect Of Early Life Exposure To Air Pollution On The Development Of Childhood Asthma in Tiko

9. Environmental Sanitation And Implication On The Health Of The Children In The Rural Area In Fako Division

10. Impact Of Marine Pollution On Shipping Operation In Kribi

11. Impact Of Slum On Value Of Residential Properties In Cameroon: A Case Study Of slums in Douala

12. Causes And Effects Of Abandoned Residential Properties (A Case Study Of Yaounde)

13. The Effect Of Slaughterhouse Effluent On The Residents livelihood in Mamfe Town.

14. Consequences Of Deforestation On Rural Household Income (A Case Study Of Eyumojock Subdivision).

15. Residential Building Collapse In Cameroon: Causes, Effects, And Solutions

16. An Assessment Of Housing Condition And Socio-Economic LifeStyles Of Slum Dwellers In Bamenda

17. Effects Of Outdoor And Indoor Air Pollution On Respiratory Health Of Children From Limbe Municipality

18. Environmental Inequalities: Class, Race, And Industrial Pollution In Cameroon

19. Impact Of Illegal Dumpsite On Environmental Quality In Cameroon (A Case Study Of Mamfe Centre)

20. The Impact Of Climate Variability In Socio-Economic Activities (A Case Study Of Buea Municipality)

21. Evaluation Of The Problems Of Rent Collection As An Aspect Of Property Management in Buea Municipality.

22. Assessment of Soil Degradation In the Buea Municipality

Environmental Science Project Topics with Materials

23. An Evaluation Of Environmental Impact Of Air Pollution And Industrial Waste Management in the Kumba II Municipality

24. An Analysis On The Impact Of Marine Pollution To Shipping Operation And Marine Environment in Limbe Municipality

25. Environmental Pollution In Cameroon: Issues And Solution

26. Assessment Of The Housing Condition And Socio Economic Lifestyles Of Slum Dwellers In Mamfe, Cameroon.

27. Effect Of Heavy Rainfall On Farmlands In Cameroon (Case Study Of selected communities in Manyu Division)

28. Challenges Of Poor Drainage Systems And Flood Control In Douala Metropolis

29. The Effect Abandoned Buildings: Magnets For Crime (A Case Study Of Bamenda Municipality)

30. Impact Of Slum On Value Of Residential Properties In Cameroon: A Case Study Of Mamfe Municipality

31. The Effect Flood On Land Utilization: A Case Study Of Buea Municipality

32. The Effect Of Flood On Roads Durability In Cameroon: The Case Study of Roads in the South West Region, Cameroon.

33. An Assessment Of The Effects Of Flooding On Residential Properties (A Case Study Of Limbe Municipality)


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