Criminology Project Topics for undergraduates and Postgraduate students in Cameroon

Criminology Project Topics for undergraduates and Postgraduate students in Cameroon

1. The Role Of The Prison Service In Prisoner’s Rehabilitation in Cameroon: Case Study Buea Central Prison

2. Port Security-Threats And Vulnerabilities in Cameroon: The Case Study of Douala Seaport.

3. Impact Of Refugee Crisis On Human Security In the North West Region of Cameroon.

4. The Investigation Into Office Managers In Prevention Of Corrupt Practices In Selected Government Establishment In Fako Division.

5. The Effect Of Terrorism On Socio-Economic Development In Cameroon: A Study Boko Haram In the Northern Region of Cameroon.

6. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) As A Tools For Maintaining Peace In Society A Study Of SONARA Oil Refinery Company.

7. The Menace Of Drug Abuse In Cameroon A Case Study Of Buea Municipality.

8. Multinational Corporations And Human Rights Violation In the South West Region Of Cameroon.

9. Boko Haram Insurgency And Socio-Economic Development Of Northern Region Of Cameroon.

9. Indigenous Mechanisms Of Conflict Resolution (Case Study Of Mbororo And Babanki Tungo)

10. Non-State Security Actors And Security Provisioning In Cameroon.

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11. Human Rights Abuse And Policing In Cameroon: Case Study Of Buea Municipality.

12. Police Brutality As A Threat To Civilians Safety In Cameroon.

13. The Influence Of Poverty On Crime Among residents in the Bamenda Municipality.

14. Assessment Of The Impact Of Community Policing On Crime Control In Douala I Municipality.

15. The Effect Of Aggression And Violence On Academic Performance Of Students In Kumbo Municipality.

16. The Effects Of Home Video And Movies Industry On The Socio-Moral Behaviours And Crime Prevention In Kribi Municipality.

17. Insecurity in the Eastern Border Region, Cameroon: Causes, Consequences, and Resolutions.

18. Family Instability and Juvenile Delinquency: A Study of Mamfe Municipality.

19. An Assessment Of The Impact Of Poverty On Criminal Behaviour Among Youths in Kumbo Municipality.

20. Causes Of Domestic Violence And Abuse Against Women And Its Effects On Family Relationship in Menji Municipality.

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21. Auditing And Fraud Controlling In Government Sector In Cameroon.

22. The Effect Of Jungle Justice On The Criminal Justices System In Cameroon.

23. Crime Case Reporting And The Observable Impact On Its Victims In Cameroon: Case Study Buea Municipality.

24. An Analysis Of Corruption And Criminal Act In Public Sectors In Cameroon.

25. Conflicts And Conflicts Resolutions In Secondary Schools Administration In Limbe Municipality

26. A General Theory Of Crime” And Patterns Of Crime In Cameroon: An Exploration Of Methodological Assumptions.

27. Perceptions On Violent Crimes In Tertiary Institutions In Cameroon

28. Vigilantism And Crime Control In Contemporary Cameroon.

29. The Role Of The Churches In Combating Corruption Among Political Leaders In Cameroon.

30. Public Perception Of Kidnapping Activities In Cameroon.


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