International Relations Project Topics for Undergraduate students in Cameroon

International Relations Project Topics students [2024]

International Relations Project Topics for Undergraduate students 

1). Role Played By Cameroon Government In The Management Terrorism In The Central Africa Study, Boko-Haram


2). Poor Environmental Governance In Cameroon: A Case Study Of Mamfe Municipality


3). The Role Of Humanitarian Organizations To Peace Building Case Study: World Food Program


4). Terrorism And Its Implication On Global Security In The 21 Century; The Case Of The Boko Haram Insurgency In Northern Cameron


5). The Impact of Migrant Remittances on Poverty Reduction: The Case of Cameroon Anglophone Refugees in Nigeria.


6). UN Peacekeeping in Africa; Effectiveness and Problems in the Case of Cameroon.


7). The Assessment of WTO Rules and Implications on Cameroon Trade.


8). UN and the Challenge of Promoting Gender Equality in Cameroon.


9). The Role Of Broadcast Media On Conflict Resolution; Study Of The Anglophones Armed Conflict


10). Impacts Of Hosting The AFCON On The Host Country Case Of Cameroon 2022 Afcon


11). The United Nations and the Challenges in Fighting Gender Inequality in Cameroon: Case Study Bamenda Municipality


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12). Poor Environmental Governance In Cameroon: A Case Study Of Douala II Municipality


13). The Role Of The Diaspora In The Anglophone Crises Of Cameroon


14). Impact of teamwork on the organizational performance a Case study of Tiko Council


15). The Role of NGOs In Peace Building In The South West Region Of Cameroon Case Study: Kumba Municipality


16). Cyber Criminality and Its Effects On Youths in Limbe Municipality


17). The Place of Human Rights in Conflict Resolution: The Case of Cameroon-The Anglophone War of Independence


18). Nature of Christian Missionary Activity in West Africa: Case Study in Cameroon.


19). China’s Increasing Interest in Africa- Implications for Cameroon’s National Development.


20). The Dynamics of Conflict Resolution in Africa: Cameroon in Perspective.


21). The Global Revolution in Military Affairs and Combat Effectiveness: Challenges and Prospects For The Cameroon Military.


22). The US-Africa Command, And Stability of African States: Issues and Prospects for Cameroon.


23). Cameroon and Her Neighbours: A Comparison of Trade Relations between Cameroon and Chad (2015-2022).


24). ICJ and Administration of CRE: The Case of Bakassi Peninsula Dispute between Cameroon and Nigeria.

25). Nigeria-Cameroon Diplomatic Relations in Post- Bakassi Peninsula Dispute (2006-2016).


26). The Role Of Mediation In The Russian Ukraine Conflict


27). Impact Of Russia Invasion On The Economic Strength Of Ukraine


28). Leadership And Good Governance In Cameroon: Issues And Prospects For National Development


29). The Impact Of Trade Liberalization On Poverty Alleviation In Cameroon


30). The Role Of Private Military And Security Companies In African Conflicts: With Particular Reference To Conflicts Mali


31). The European Union And The African Migrants: Dilemma Of Balancing Security And Human Rights


32). Sanctions And Their Impact On Human Rights: The Cases Of Zimbabwe


33). China’s Increasing Interest In Africa: Implications For Cameroon’s National Development


34). United Nation And Conflict Management Of The Anglophone Crisis in Cameroon


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