International Relations Project Topics with Materials

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IR0001Role Played By Cameroon Government In The Management Terrorism In The Central Africa Study, Boko-Haram
IR0002Poor Environmental Governance In Cameroon: A Case Study Of Buea
IR0003The Role Of Humanitarian Organizations To Peace Building Case Study: Red Cross Buea
IR0004Terrorism And Its Implication On Global Security In The 21 Century; The Case Of The Book Haram Insurgency In Northern Cameron
IR0005The Role Of Broadcast Media On Conflict Resolution; Study Of The Anglophones Armed Conflict
IR0006Impacts Of Hosting The AFCON On The Host Country Case Of Cameroon 2022 Afcon
IR0007The Role Of The Diaspora In The Anglophone Crises Of Cameroon
IR0008Impact of team work on the organizational performance a Case study of Buea Council
IR0009The Role Of NGOS In Peace Building In The South West Region Of Cameroon Case Study: Buea Municipality
IR0010Cyber Criminality and Its Effects On Youths in Buea
IR0011The Place of Human Rights in Conflict Resolution: The Case of Cameroon-The Anglophone War of Independence
IR0012Transnationalization Of Terrorism In The Lake Chad Basin: The Case Of Boko Haram
IR0013Prospects And Challenges Of Regional Integration In CEMAC Sub Region; The Case Of Cameroon
IR0014Analysing The Beneifts Of Cameroon In CEMAC
IR0015The Activity of French Troops in Africa
IR0016Non-Governmental Organisation And Gender Based Violence In The Buea Municipality
IR0017Drivers of youth Migration and its Impact on the Cameroon territory
IR0018An Analysis of Natural Resource Paradox in Cameroon
IR0019The Causes And Effects Of Global Warming In Cameroon
IR0020Post Conflict Recovery In Africa: A Study Of the 1994 Rwanda’s Recovery Genocide
IR0021Government Response To Covid-19 Pandemic In The BUEA Municipality
IR0022Regional Organisations And Sustainable Economic Growth in ECOWAS
IR0023The impact of international migration and brain drain in Cameroon
IR0024The Politics Of Humanitarian Intervention
IR0025An Assessment Of Cameroon Trade Relation With UK
IR0026Environmental Governance In Cameroon
IR0027Environmental Governance In Cameroon
IR0028The Effects Of The Anglophone Crisis On International Relations With The US
IR0029The Us Foreign Policy towards Africa
IR0030Poor Environmental Governance In Cameroon
IR0031The Effects Of The Anglophone Crisis On Children In Buea
IR0032Diplomatic Immunity In International Law and Its Challenges In Cameroon
IR0033Globalization And National Security In Cameroon
IR0034Viability Of The UN Peacekeeping Missions As An Effective Tool For Conflict Resolution
IR0035Security tensions in the South China Sea and the future of China–Africa relations
IR0036The Effects Of The Anglophone Crisis On International Relations: The Case Of U.S
IR0037Strategies For Managing Industrial Conflicts In An Organization. The Case Of Sonara
IR0038The Role Of Good Offices In Mitigating Intra-State Conflict. The Case Of The Anglophone Conflict In Cameroon
IR0039The Role Of The International Court Of Justice In The Bakassi Peninsula Conflict Resolution: Implications For Nigeria
International Relations Project Topics with Materials