Geography Project Topics For Students In Cameroon

1. Causes Of Excess Flood In the Limbe Municipality, South West Region, Cameroon

2. Analysis Of The Locations Of Motor Vehicles Accidents In Douala, Littoral Region, Cameroon

3. Analysis Of Cemetery Location In Fako, Municipality South West Region, Cameroon

4. Social Analysis Of Homes Near Power Line/Mast: Possible Effects On Residents In Buea Municipality

5. Waste Generation And Management In the Kumba Municipality

6. Impacts Of Industrial Set-Up On The Environment: A Case Study Of The Kribi Industrial Estate.

7. Household Waste Management Practices In Limbe City South West Region, Cameroon

8. An Assessment Of The Perception Of Local Farmers On Climate Change In Manyu Division, South West Region, Cameroon

9. Socio-Economic Effect Of Population Growth In Cameroon: A Study Of Buea Municipality

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10. Geography Teachers And Students’ Perception Of Factors Affecting Students’ Performance In Geography Examination in the Buea Municipality.

11. An Evaluation Of The Effects Of Anthropogenic Activities And Domestic Waste On Surface Water Quality In Tiko Town

12. Impact Of Population Growth On Unemployment In Cameroon

13. Effect Of Building Material Cost On Housing Development In the Fako Division

14. Effects Of Some Weather Elements On The Occurrence Of Malaria, Typhoid And Tuberculosis Cases in the Buea Municipality.

15. Rainfall Trends And Variability In the Buea Municipality (2000-2020)

16. Water Supply And Consumption In The Buea Municipality

17. Environmental Impact Assessment Of Limestone Quarrying In Limestone Deposit Areas In Fako

18. Environmental Impacts Of Flooding On Agricultural Activities In Limbe And Its Environs

19. Effects Of Population Growth On Transportation Facilities In the Buea Municipality

20. The Effect Of the Land Use Act-On Sustainable Housing Development In Mamfe Central

21. Effect Of Land Dispute On The Socio-Economic Activities Manyu Division, South West Region, Cameroon.

22. Housing Problems In A University Town: A Case Study Of Buea

23. Assessment Of The Effects Of Sand Excavation On The Environment on River Mungo

24. The Effect Of Geography Education On Infrastructural Development In Cameroon.

25. Effects Of Infant And Maternal Mortality On The Economy Of Cameroon: A Case Study Of Manyu Division

26. Perception Of Urban Beautification Program In Limbe Municipality

27. Road Traffic Accidents in Cameroon: A Case Study Of Kumba City.

28. Geography Teachers And Student’s Perception Of Factors Affecting Student’s Performance In Geography Examination in The Fako Division

29. The Effect Of Poor Planning Policies And Practices On The Development Of Bamenda.

30. Benefits Of The Hospitality And Tourism Industry On The Socio-Economic Development Limbe Municipality.

31. Causes Of Traffic Congestion: A Case Study Of Buea Municipality

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100+ Geography Project Topics with Materials  [PDF DOWNLOAD]

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