Business Management Project Topics for students in Cameroon

Business Management Project Topics for students in Cameroon

Business Management Project Topics for students in Cameroon

1). Impact Of Social Responsibility On The Performance Of Organizations In Cameroon: Case Study Eneo Cameroon

2). Impact Of Reward System, on Employee Turnover In Cameroon: Case Study Orange Cameroon

3). Impact Of Reward System, on Employee Productivity In Cameroon: Case Study MTN Cameroon Buea Branch

4). The Impact Of Compensation And Reward System On Organizational Performance Oil and Gas industry in Cameroon: Case Study Gaz Du Cameroun.

5). Effective Communication as A Tool for Achieving Organizational Goals and Objectives In Source Du Pays.

6). Impact Of Reward System, on Employee performance In Cameroon: Case Study CAMTEL Cameroon Limbe Branch

7). The Influence Of Strike Action On Employee’s Performance And Productivity in the Banking industry in Cameroon: Case Study UBA bank Limbe

8). Impact Of Reward System, on Organisational performance In Cameroon: Case Study NEXTEL Cameroon Buea Branch

9). The Impact of Cultural Diversity On Organizational Performance in George & Jerry Construction Company Ltd (Buea)


10). Performance Appraisal as A Tool for Enhancing Organizational Output: The case study of Guinness Cameroon Buea Branch.


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11). The Impact of Time Management in Employee Productivity in Organization: The case study of Cucas Ltd, Buea

12). The Impact of Working Environment On Employee Productivity: The Case study Buea Council

13). The Impact of Time Management in Organisational Performance: The case study of Njiforbi Bakery Buea

14). The Impact of Conflict Management On Organizational Efficiency the case of RENAPROV SA Buea

15). The Impact of Conflict Management On Organizational Productivity the case of COGENI Bonamoussadi

16). The Impact of Welfare Scheme On the Motivation of Workers in selected hospitals in Buea Municipality: Case Study Mt Mary and St Monica Health Center

17). Challenges Faced by Retirees in Accessing Pension Funds in local communities in Buea Municipality


18). The Impact Of Customer Relationship Management On Customer Satisfaction in the Limbe Regional Hospital

19). The Impact of Management Information System On Organization Performance in selected Hospitals in Fako Division

20). Organisational Culture As A Predictor Of Overall Job Satisfaction, The Case Of Buea Council


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21). Impact Of Employees Turnover On Hotel’s Profitability IN Cameroon: Case Study Lady Limbe

22). Effects Of Leadership Styles On The Productivity Of workers in Mountain Hotel Buea

23). The Impact Of Collective Bargaining On the Organizational Performance Of MFIs in Limbe.

24). The Influence Of Training and development On Employee’s Performance in the Limbe II Council

25). The Effect Of Service Quality On Customer Satisfaction” In the Buea Regional Hospital

26). Recruitment and Selection Criteria and Its Effects On Organizational Productivity in GABACAM Ltd Ringway Street Bamenda

27). Job Stress And Its Effects On Employees’ Performance In L&J Construction Company Bamenda.

28). Effects Of Motivation On Employee’s Productivity: A Study Of Beirut Restaurants Buea


29). Effect Of Job Enrichment Techniques On Employee Performance: A Case Study Of Academic Staff of the University of Buea


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30). Mobile Money Transfer: A Focus On The Impact And Usage in the Bamenda Municipality

31). Effect of Employee Engagement on Job Satisfaction (A Study Of Academic Staff At HIMS Buea).

32). The Impact Of Personnel Satisfaction On Organizational Growth And Development (A Study Of ENEO Cameroon)

33). The Impact Of Goal Setting On Employee Performance in PLASTICAM

34). The Relevance Of Safety Management On Job Performance Among The Employees In Tiko Council

35). The Effect Of Quality Control In The Manufacturing Companies in Cameroon: Case Study Jamalia Group Ltd

36). The Impact Of Organization And Method On Office Management: Case Study Of Your Office.

37). The Effective Cost Control In The Hotel And Catering Industry (A Case Study Of Eta Palace Hotel)

38). Effect Of Business Stress On The Performance Of Small Scale Entrepreneurs in Mamfe Town.

39). Impact Of Total Quality Management On Productivity Of A Manufacturing Firm (OLAM AGRI Cameroon Wheat Processing Plant)

40). The Impact Of Business Policy On Organisational Performance in Cameroon: Case Study Guinness Cameroon

41). Negotiation Skills As A Tool For Enhancing Timely Delivery Of Material (A Case Study Of Amaris Global).

42). The Impact Of In-Service Training On Staff Development In Mamfe Council.

43). The Impact Of Entrepreneurship Activities On The Promotion And The Development Of Economic Growth in Cameroon: Case Study of Foods & Fish Industries Cameroon

44). The Impact Of Rebranding On Organisational Sales Volume Of Organizations in Cameroon: Case Study PPG Pack & Trading Ltd

45). The Impact Of Employee Job Dissatisfaction On Organizational Performance in KEN Technology Sarl.

46). The Effect of Organizational Structure On Corporate Performance Case Study SONARA

47). Effect of Manpower Planning On Productivity Of Employees In Public Sector Case Study Brasseries Du Cameroon

48). The Impact Of Technological Advancement On The Growth Of Entrepreneurship: A Study Of selected businesses in Buea Municipality.


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