75+ Seminar Topics on Marketing [2023-2024]

75+ Seminar Topics on Marketing [2024]

75+ Seminar Topics on Marketing


In this blog post, you will a series of various seminar topics on Marketing. These topics can be used by students in high school, university undergraduates, and postgraduates.

These seminar topics on marketing are well structured and carry both the independent and dependent variables and a case study.

How do I choose a good seminar topic in Marketing?

Note that in choosing or formulating a seminar topic in marketing, the independent variables often come first in the sentence then follow by the dependent variable, and lastly a case study.

For example in Number 5 below, market segmentation is the independent variable while the performance of the hotel is the dependent variable while Bali is the case study (location).

After choosing a good seminar topic, make sure to do an online search to be sure that there exist a lot of materials (literature) on the topic you have selected or formulated.  

Anyway, these marketing seminar research topics would provide you with a foundation, based on which you can write your marketing assignment.

1). Integrated Marketing Communication Plan Vodafone

2). The Impact Of Cultural Influences On Consumer Buying Behaviour

3). The Effects of Marketing Research On the Performance of Selected Higher Institutions. Case Study University of Bamenda

4). Sales Promotion and its Impact On The Sales Volume In Business Organisations

5). The Effects Of Market Segmentation On The Performance Of Hotels In Bali

6). The Impact Of Quality Services On Customer Satisfaction In Private Higher Education Sector: A Case Of Higher Institute of Management (HIMS) Cameroon

7). The Effect of Branding On Consumer Behavior in Telecommunication Companies in Douala Cameroon

8). The impacts of Advertisement on Enrolment in Higher professional institutions in Douala; the case of University Institute of Guinea Gulf Campus “B”

9). The Impact Of Marketing On Agricultural Development In Cameroon

10). Service Quality And Its Impact On Customer Satisfaction In A Real Estate Service Providing Company In Cameroon: A Case Study Of Digital Renters, Buea Cameroon

11). The impact of E-commerce on Business growth of Small and Medium Size Enterprises in Douala II Municipality

12). Impact Of New Product Development On An Organisational Performance In Cameroon Case Study Source Du Pays Muyuka

13). Brand Image And Rebranding and its impact On Customers’ Purchasing Decisions among Universities students in Cameroon

14). The Effect Of Market Segmentation On The Sales Performance Of Hotels In Yaoundé

15). Customer Relationship Management And Customer Satisfaction In selected 5 stars hotels in In Cameroon

16). Relationship Marketing and its effects On Customer Retention In selected 5 stars hotels In Buea

17). The Effects Of Advertisement On Consumer Buying Behaviour: The Case Of European Driving School in Buea

18). The Role of Marketing Information Systems in the Decision Making Process of selected Commercial Banks in Cameroon

19). The Impact Of Modern Packaging On Products Sale of building materials in Yaoundé

20). The Impact Of Internal Marketing Audit On The Growth Of Microfinance Institutions

21). Effect Of Customer Service On The Loyalty Of Bank Customers: Evidence From Commercial Banks In Douala

22). Developing The Brand Image Of Financial Institutions in Cameroon

23). Improving Customer Service in Small Businesses in Cameroon: Case Study Restaurants in Kribi

24). The Impact Of Service Quality On Customer Satisfaction’ In The Case Of MTN Buea

25). Role of E-Marketing in the Growth of Selected Tourism & Hospitality Enterprises in Limbe Municipality

26). Digital Marketing and Consumer loyalty in Supermarkets

27). The Impact Of Digital Marketing On The Buying Behaviour Of Youths

28). The Effect Of Integrated Marketing Communications On The Sales Performance Of Microfinance Institutions

29). Factors That Influence Consumer Purchase And Consumption Of Eggs in Bamenda

30). Effect Of Sales Promotion On Organisational Performance

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31). The Influence of Personal Selling On Customer’s Perception Of Automobile Insurance In Yaoundé

32). The Effect Of E-Commerce On The Sales Of Communication Companies In Douala

33). Effect Of Corporate Social Responsibility On Organizational Performance of SMEs in Mora

34). Effect of Product Quality on Customer Brand Preferences of manufacturing companies in Douala

35). The Effects Of Marketing Strategies On The Sales Performance Of SMEs in Bafoussam

36). The Effect of Social Media Advertising on Consumer Buying Behaviour Of Cosmetic Products Among students

37). Branding and Its Effect On Consumer Choice

38). Effectiveness Of Promotional Strategies Employed By Digital marketing agencies in Douala

39). The Effect Of Customer Satisfaction On Customer Retention In selected Restaurants in Douala

40). The Effect Of Integrated Marketing Communications On Consumer’s Choices Of Soft Drinks In Yaoundé

41). The Effects Of Packaging Attributes On Consumer Buying Decision Of Nestle Products In Mora

42). Market Penetration Strategies And Consumer Buying Behavior In The Bakery Sector in Douala

43). The Effect Of Digital Marketing On The Sales Of Poultry Chicken In Mamfe Town

44). The Impact Of Intensive Distribution Strategy On Marketing Of Consumer Goods Garoua

45). The Effect of Digital Marketing On the Performance of Small-Scale Digital Businesses in Limbe

46). The Role Of Public Relations In Improving Cameroon International Trade

47). An Appraisal Of Promotional Strategies Of Barbing Salons In Kumba II Municipality

48). The Effect Of Price And Price Changes On Sales Of Consumer Goods In Tiko Municipality

49). The Effect Of Quality Service Delivery On Customers Patronage In Ecobank.

50). The Impact Of Physical Distribution Channels In Marketing Agricultural Products In Mamfe Town

51). Effective Marketing Strategies for Health Care Services in Buea Municipality

52). The Effectiveness Of Online Shopping On Business Performance: A Case Study Of Alibaba

53). Passenger’s Rating Of Service Delivery Of Transport Businesses In Cameroon

54). Brand Switching Behavior Of Consumers In The Hair Care Service In Limbe Municipality

55). The Effects Of Subsidy Removal On Effective Marketing Of Petrol In Cameroon

56). The Problems Facing the Marketing of Poultry Product.

57). The Impact of Marketing in The Development Of Tourism In Limbe Fako Division.

58). The attitude of Consumers Towards Public Utilities (A Case Study of ENEO, Cameroon).

59). The Problems Facing the Establishment of Banks in Rural Areas: The case study of Manyu Division.

60). The Impact of Promotion On Consumer Patronage of Pharmaceutical Companies in Buea Municipality.

61). The Effect of Management Development Programmes On Top-Level Employees’ Productivity.

62). The Impact of Physical Distribution Channels in Marketing Agricultural Products in Mamfe Town

63). The Effect of Quality Service Delivery On Customer’s Patronage BICEC Bank, Buea

64). The Impact of Market Segmentation and Product Positioning in A Service Industry: The Case of Hotels in Bamenda

65). Problems And Prospects Of Quality Control In Manufacturing Firms in Douala

66). Marketing Research and Its Importance in The Cameroonian Banking Industry: Case Study of Commercial Banks in Buea

67). Packaging And Branding and its effects On Marketing Productivity Of Locally Made Products in Oxford

68). The Effects of Organizational Culture On Employee Performance and Productivity: The case study of Camwater Office Buea.

69). The Impact of Sales Promotion On Customers’ Loyalty in The Cameroonian Telecommunication Industry. (A Study of MTN Buea).

70). Effectiveness Of Personal Selling Strategies In Marketing Of Cosmetics in San Diego

71). The Role Of Advertising In Achieving Consumer Brand Loyalty For Beer Products in York City

72). Effects Of Product Quality On Student Choice Of Peak Milk Product in Molyko

73). The Role Of Personal Selling In Enhancing Client Satisfaction In the Insurance Market in London


Concluding Remarks

Creating an engaging seminar presentation in a field like marketing can be a challenge. Fortunately, there are plenty of great topics to choose from that can help you deliver an informative and captivating seminar to your audience.

To make sure that your seminar presentation is successful, it’s important to make sure your content is accessible and relevant. Start by researching industry trends and up-to-date information about your chosen topic.

This can be done through online resources, books, or conversations with existing professionals in the field. As you’re gathering information for your seminar, try to simplify any complex concepts or ideas so that they are easier to comprehend for members of your audience.

Finally, make sure you provide some insightful tips or actionable advice so that the people attending your seminar can gain some valuable insights from the session.


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