90+ Seminar Topics In Biochemistry [2023-2024]

90+ Seminar Topics In Biochemistry [2024]

90+ Seminar Topics In Biochemistry [2024]

Need help brainstorming relevant seminar topics in biochemistry? This comprehensive list can give you insight into the current research topics and popular trends in this field.

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1). Types and Origin of Biochemical Reactions

2). An Overview of Metabolism

3). Serum Calcium Concentration Is Inversely Associated With Radiographic Knee Osteoarthritis

4). Mitochondrial Disorders and Their Treatments

5). Kinetics and Enzyme Inhibition.

6). The Oxidative Stress Status Of Rats Fed On Oil Bean Seed Meal.

7). Bioenergetics and Metabolism Regulation.

8). Screening Of Senna Alata Leaves For Biochemical And Hypoglycemic Activity

9). Different Approaches to Developing Targeted Drug Therapies

10). Enzymology and Catalysis.

11). Prevalence of Angiotensin Converting Enzymes (Ace) Polymorphism with Hypertension in a Community Hospital

12). Evaluation of Diaspot and Hexogon Hbsag Rapid Diagnostic Tests (Rdts) Compared to Hbsag Enzyme Immunosorbent Assay (Eia) Test Kit (Foresight).

13). Computational Biochemistry and Its Impact on the Environment.

14). The Role of Free Radicals in Human Health and Aging.

15). DNA Modification for Drug Targeting Purposes.

16). Anti-fungal Activity And Mineral Compositions Of Ethanol Extract Of Plantain (musa Paradisiaca)

17). Transgenic Animal Production for Clinical Research Purposes.

18). 3-Dimensional Protein Structures and Their Interactions with Cell Membranes.

19). An Assessment of the Prevalence of Malaria and Its Predisposing Factors Among Patients Attending Regional Hospital

20). Genetic Diversity Of Hepatitis B Virus (HBV) And Its Association With Disease Severity Amongst Infected Individuals Attending a Community Hospital.

21). Strategies For Optimizing Biofuel Production.

22). Prevalence Of Malaria Parasite Infections Among School-Aged Children In Rural Areas

23). Exploring the Link Between Genetics and Disease.

24). Phytochemical analysis of selected tomato products

25). Qualitative And Quantitative Analysis Of Some Phytochemicals In Diodia Sarmentosa Leaf

26). The Future of Gene Therapy: Opportunities & Challenges.

27). Analyzing Pathways for Signal Transduction in Cells.

28). The Latest Advances in Proteomics Technologies & Their Applications in Biochemistry.

29). Association Of Angiotensin Converting Enzyme (ACE) Gene Polymorphism With Diabetes In A Community Hospital  

30). Exploring the Role of MicroRNAs in Gene Regulation.

31). A Comparative Investigation Into The Lipid Profile Of Moringa Oleifera Seeds And Leaves

32). Analyzing the Use of Stem Cells in Regenerative Medicine.

33). Production and evaluation of enriched fried unripe plantain cake

34). Investigating the Effects of Genetics on Obesity and Diabetes Risk Factors.

35). DNA Sequencing and its Implications

36). The Effect Of Pterocarpus Mildbreadii Seed On Plasma Hdl Cholesterol Of Albino Rat.

37). The Study of Proteins and Their Role in the Body

38). Production Of Ethanol From Cassava Peels Using Zymomonas Mobilis And Saccharomyces Cerevisiae

39). Exploring the Role Metabolism Plays In Disease

40). The Anti-inflammatory Activity Of Crateva Adansonii Dichloromethane Fraction

41). Stem Cells: What Are They and How Can We Use Them?

41). Antioxidants As a Strategy Against Metal Exposure

42). What Are Biomarkers and How Do They Enhance Health Diagnoses?

43). Understanding Metabolic Pathways and Enzymatic Processes at a Molecular Level.

44). Examining New Concepts in Proteins and Amino Acids Structures and Functions.

45). Screening and Isolation Of Amylase Producing Bacteria collected from different dumpsites

46). Extraction of Amylase Enzymefrom Germinating Maize

47). The Basics of Enzyme Kinetics

48). Proximate And Mineral Composition Of Theobroma Cacao Bean And Shell

49). Carbohydrates and their Regulation in Metabolism

50). Proteins and Protein Structure

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51). Influence Of Gallic Acid On A-amylase And A-glucose Inhibitory And Antioxidant Properties Of Acarbose

52). Lipids and their Significance

53). Enumeration and identification of bacteria on used handkerchiefs in males

54). Nutrition in Biochemistry

55). Impact Of Schistosomiasis Infection On The Level Of Cytokines In School Children

56). Impact Of Schistosomiasis On The Profile Of Oxidation Stress Biomarkers In School Children

57). New Developments in Protein Synthesis Techniques.

58). Neuroscience as It Relates to Biochemistry.

59). Spatial Organization of Nucleic Acids.

60). Lipid Metabolism in Normal and Disease States.

61). Enzyme Activation Strategies for Biological Systems.

62). Determination of Glucose levels in Five Different Fruit Waste Extracts before and after yeast (Saccharomyces Cerevisiae) fermentation

63). Glucose Concentration In Fresh Palm Wine Before And After Pasteurization

64). The Evaluation Of Antimalarial Properties Of Secondary Metabolites From Fungi

65). Protein Engineering Solutions for Cancer Treatments

66). DNA Replication and Repair.

67). Protein Structure and Function.

68). Metabolic Pathways and Enzymes.

69). Prevalence Of Hepatitis B Virus Infection In a Community

70). Assessing The Re-Emergence Of Chloroquine Sensitive P Falciparum In a Community

71). Exploring the Potential of Gene Therapy.

71). Enzymology and its Impact on Disease.

72). The Role of DNA in Understanding Human Biology.

73). Chemical Reactions & Bioreactor Design for Biofuel Production.

74). Molecular Imaging in Clinical Diagnostics.

75). Determination And Analysis Of Bromate Contents Of Different Bread Types Eaten Locally In a Community

76). DNA Replication and Repair.

77). Genomics and Proteomics.

78). Regulation of Metabolism.

79). Protein Structure and Function.

80). In Vivo Studies of the Inhibitory Action of Actocarpus heterophyllous (Jack Fruit) on Amylase in Young Adults in a Community

81). The Effects Of The Combination Of Iron70 And Cyclophosphamide On Oral Glucose Tolerance Test In Wistar Male Albino Rats

82). The Evaluation of Antimalarial properties of secondary metabolites from fungi

83). Biomolecule-An Overview

84). Biological Signal Transduction & Cell Communication

85). Metabolic Pathways of Carbon Compounds

86). DNA Structure and Function

87). Protein Chemistry and Enzyme Kinetics

88). The Biology of Cells and Molecules.

89). The Enzymatic Activity of Proteins and Carbohydrates.

90). Principles of Bioenergetics and Metabolism.

91). Genetic Engineering and Applied Molecular Biology.

92). Microbiology, Viruses, and Immunology.


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