George and Jerry Construction Company Limited

George and Jerry Construction Company Limited

George and Jerry Construction Company Limited

George and Jerry Construction Company Limited which was later called G&J Co.Ltd was created in February 2004 with its registered head office in Buea, south west region of Cameroon.

They are a team that is extremely knowledgeable with about 20 years, of experience in the construction industry and building trends.

They are passionate about bringing projects to life, acquiring and maintaining good business relationships with their partners and clients. This construction organization is located in the southwest region of Cameroon chief street Bomaka, Buea.

They are involved with construction activities such as building houses, road construction and maintenance, construction of bridges, supply of aggregates and equally civil engineering works, and related activities of all sorts such as rehabilitation of buildings, bridges, and roads.

Throughout the world, they have a vast experience in these related fields that have enormously shaped our countries through a number of services rendered.

Also, prior to its incorporation in 2004, the company initially was called TABOT ENTERPRISE under the sole proprietorship of Mr. Tabot George Eko, working as a sub-contractor with RAZEL CAMEROUN.

With many demands for services, the structure was changed in February 2004 into a private limited company with three (03) shareholders and Mr. Tabot George Eko as the Director of George & Jerry Co. Ltd, still functioning as a sub-contractor of RAZEL, in 2004, G & J Co. LTD also became a sub-contractor.

Not only was the company functioning as a sub-contractor, it has also been working with the Ministry of public contracts and local city councils in the execution of projects in the public investment budget such as the construction of schools, hospitals, markets, culverts, road works, and municipal conference hall.

In addition, with well-trained, flexible, and experienced personnel who are devoted to contributing their expertise and resources for a better global society, the company has gained government trust and an impeccable reputation with companies like; SOGEA-SATOM, RAZEL CAMEROUN, SPIECAPAG SUCCURSALE CAMEROUN, DENYS CONSTRUCTION, WARTSILA CENTRAL AFRICA.

Their services include;

  • Triangular concrete V-Shape ditch and trapezium U6 shape ditch.
  • Stonework
  • Construction of the pedestrian track
  • Non covered gutters of dimension 70 x 70 and 50 x 50
  • Small slabs with covering of sizes 70 and 50
  • Precast curbs P2, T2, T3, CC2, CC3, and border separation 50cm
  • Prefabricated water drainage on slopes.
  • Laying of concrete rings 800 and 1000 concrete rings.
  • Fabrication of cobblestone.
  • Sliding metallic gates.
  • Stonework for bridges and walls
  • Painting of buildings and related activities
  • Installation of optic fibers
  • Public garden; planting of grass
  • Installation of vertical and horizontal road signs
  • Construction of a highway fence 2m high
  • General electrification
  • Construction of highway gutters
  • Displacement and installation of the telecommunication network

George and Jerry construction co. ltd has a staff strength of 101-200. As a follow-up, they have stated as a mission to become a leading construction company in Africa and have a vision; to strive to provide the highest quality professional services in the construction and telecommunication sector.

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