How to start a laundry service business in Cameroon?

How to start a laundry service business in Cameroon?

How to start a laundry service business in Cameroon?

Do want to start a laundry service business today in Cameroon? Then this article will give you all the detailed step-by-step guide you need.

A laundry service business is one of the most lucrative businesses in Cameroon, yet only a few persons have ventured into this form of business.

But what is a laundry service business? It’s the sorting, washing, ironing, packaging and delivery of clothes to customers.

Not a single day goes by without us having dirty laundry to put aside for the weekend. With little or no time for us to take care of our dirty laundry, we often turn up frustrated and lazy to clean our dresses. Thus there is a need for laundry businesses service to help us fill this gap.

 In this article, we have provided the cost of starting a laundry business in Cameroon, the equipment needed and a step-by-step guide on how to start the laundry business and become successful in life.

Cost of starting laundry services in Cameroon

With a capital of 250,000XAF to 1,500,000XAF, you can start a laundry service business in Cameroon. The most important stage is to get the washing machine which cost an estimated 50,000XAF in Douala.

The cost of starting a laundry business in Cameroon will depend largely on the scale of the business you want to begin with.

Steps on how to start a laundry services business in Cameroon

a). Conduct feasibility studies

No one ever started a business without asking questions. This also applies to the laundry service business in Cameroon. Conduct feasibility studies about the laundry business before you venture into it.

Ask key important questions, such as where will I operate the business? who will be my target customers? where will I get customers? How much will I charge? where will I buy the equipment I need? Who are my potential competitors? what will I do differently from what others are doing? Etc.

These questions will help you have a map or an overview of the business at hand before you embark on it.

b). Select a strategic location

If no one ever told you this, keep it at the back of your mind today that choosing the right location is one of the keys to success in operating a laundry service business in Cameroon.

When you’ve decided to operate the business from the comfort of your home, make sure it’s easily accessible to your customers. Nobody wants to walk a mile to deliver or pick up their laundry.

The majority of your potential customers will likely be individuals with a busy schedule, thus it would be wise to choose a location that everyone can easily access.

In major cities in Cameroon, such as Limbe, Douala, Buea and Yaoundé, most successful laundry businesses are located near hotels, restaurants, daycare centres, hospitals and government offices.

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c). Develop a business plan

To be successful in the laundry service business, you need to write down a business plan. This is very important especially if you want to start a commercial laundry business with huge capital and hired labour.

You don’t want to start something and end up not making a profit due to poor planning or o planning at all. That is why you need to craft a well-written business plan.

In this business plan, map out the cost, profit, risks and implementation plans on how you want to operate the business.

d). License your business

Unless otherwise, you want to operate the business in the comfort of your home, you will need to get approval from the local authorities, to register your business. This will help add credibility to your business and build trust and confidence among your potential customers.

A business permit and registration will also save you from unnecessary closure and embarrassment from local council authorities in your community.

e). Get all the necessary equipment

Get all the necessary equipment
Get all the necessary equipment

Get all the necessary equipment that you need. Don’t miss out on anyone and don’t settle for less. Unless you are working on a small budget, then you can try and get second handed equipment, but make sure they are 100% functional.

Some of the most basic equipment you can get to start your laundry business in Cameroon be it home level or commercial level includes:

  • Laundry detergents
  • Washing machine
  • Pressing Iron
  • Iron Table (Ironing board)
  • Dryer
  • Generator
  • Nylon (plastics)
  • Tags
  • Garment Conveyor

f). Buy the right detergents and soaps

Make sure to get a variety of different detergents and soap for your laundry service business. From my personal view, some customers look when their clothes smell with a particular smell.

So, you must get different varieties of detergents and soaps to provide an amazing smell to your customer’s clothes when they collect them.

Customers are not only paying because they don’t have time to handle their dirty laundry, but also because they trust you will deliver them amazing services.

h). Keep your Price Moderate

One of the most difficult decision-making parts of a business is to determine what prices we want to set for our business.

At the start, keep your prices moderate and low, you can increase them with time. Especially, if you decided to start a home base laundry service, you must keep your prices as low as your competitors, to attract potential customers.

Some customers will always pay high and others can never afford to go beyond a certain price level. So, try setting a price mechanism system, in which both the high-income and low-income can benefit from the services you are providing.

g). Provide great packaging services

Often ignored by many start-ups, but this is an important aspect you must have in mind when starting a laundry service business in Cameroon.

Customers love it when your package and arrange their clothes very well. So, try hard to always have a team in charge of this service. Learn to arrange and package your customer’s items before they come and collect.

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h). Offer Timely delivery services

Offer Timely delivery services
Offer Timely delivery services

Nobody likes to walk into fast food restaurants and yet spends more than 30 minutes before having their food serves. This logic also applies here to running a laundry service business in Cameroon.

Make sure to always deliver or have your customer’s laundry ready on time when they come to collect. Never keep a customer waiting or give them the excuse that they should come later. Try hard to always get everything ready on time.

If electricity is not constant in your area, get a small-size generator and get back your business running in minutes. Customers will always pay higher when they know they would always get their laundry delivered on time.

Get a standby power supply
Get a standby power supply

i). Hired skilled labour

If, you decided to scale the business up, then ensure you hire the right employees who are skilled and professional in their daily tasks. Working with the right employees or team is like working with one big and happy family.

Hired only individuals who want to take your business to the next level. Hired persons that can contribute to the success and goals of the business.

j). Create a Partnership alliance with other business

If you want to be successful at running a laundry business in Cameroon, then you will need to learn how to work in partnership with others.

Create good partnership networks with local hotels and hospitals around you. These are the type of business partners that would always work for you.

Hotels will always have clients seeking laundry services, so learn to work in collaboration with local businesses such as hotels if you want to make it big in the laundry business in Cameroon.

k). Keep Records

Having a journal or booklet where you keep all transactions, complaints, and commands of all your customers. Record keeping will help you trace the directions in which your business is going.

l). Promote your business

Now that you have successfully set up your laundry business in Cameroon, it’s time for you to market and promote your business. Promote your laundry business with everything you have at your disposal.

Use social media and website sites to promote your business. Use flyers and cards, and promote through local newspapers and radio.

You can also print t-shirts carrying your business logo and info and provide them to your key customers. This gesture will help them spread the good news about your services.

Final remarks

The laundry business is one of the most profitable businesses in Cameroon. It’s one of the businesses you can start with little capital and run as a one-man business or as a family business.

Get the right equipment and tools, employ the right promotional strategy and most important locate your business in areas where everyone can easily access it.

Decide the scale at which you want to start the business and do a feasibility study to know what new feature you’re bringing into the marketplace.

If you read the articles right to this stage, then you are an awesome person, if you have any questions or suggestions, please drop your thoughts in the comment section below.


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