In this blog article, you get to enjoy the privilege of letting us show you how to create a bank account online in Cameroon.

Create A Bank Account Online In Cameroon (Step by Step Guide)

In this blog article, you get to enjoy the privilege of letting us show you how to create a bank account online in Cameroon.

We all know how tiring and time-consuming it can be walking into a bank, wishing that within minutes you will be done creating a bank account, which is always never possible as the registration process require to create a bank account in Cameroon is not very straightforward.

With this in mind, we would show you how to create a bank account online in Cameroon, an outline of recommended Banks for you, the various bank accounts you can consider, and our last words as we wrap up this blog post, Sounds Interesting!!

This blog post is divided into 3 parts, the first parts cover the various banks you can create an account with online in Cameroon. The second part covers the different types of bank accounts, and the last part covers the step guide on how to create a bank account online in Cameroon.


Without Further Delay, Let’s Go!!


Create A Bank Account Online In Cameroon 

Part 1: An Outline of Recommended Banks For You

As you consider creating a bank account in Cameroon, here is our recommended banks to ease your search

  1. Afriland First Bank
  2. Atlantic Bank Cameroon (Banque Atlantique)
  3. Banque International du Cameroun pour l’Epargne et le Crédit (BICEC)
  4. BGFI Bank Cameroon
  5. SCB Cameroun
  6. Crédit Communautaire d’Afrique Bank (CCA Bank)
  7. Citibank
  8. Commercial Bank of Cameroon (CBC)
  9. Ecobank Cameroon
  10. United Bank for Africa (UBA)
  11. National Financial Credit Bank (NFCB)
  12. Société Commerciale de Banque du Cameroun – (Formerly SCB Credit Agricole)
  13. Societe Generale des Banques au Cameroun (SGBC)
  14. Standard Chartered Bank
  15. Union Bank of Cameroon (UBC)


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Part 2: The Various Bank Accounts You Can Consider

In this section, we do our utmost best to educate you on the various bank accounts in Cameroon as you better create a bank account in Cameroon.

Types of bank accounts
Types of bank accounts

Savings Account

If you want to create a bank account online in Cameroon, then you can consider Savings Account.

This account is operated primarily by traders or low-income earners.

So if you are a trader or low-income earner, you can go in for the Savings Account and be rest assured that this is an interest-bearing account with low interest.

Opening a savings account requires little cash or no cash at all.

saving account
saving account

The characteristics of a savings account are:

  • Money can only be withdrawn occasionally if interest is to be paid,
  • It attracts a favourable interest rate,
  • Withdrawals cannot be made by another person on behalf of the customer.


Current Account

The Current Account is one of the ideal options in your quest to create a bank account online in Cameroon, That’s Right!! If you are a business owner, then a current account will serve you best in your business transactions accompanied by a checkbook.

Let’s not forget to let you know that when you do deposits in a current account, the money deposited cannot be withdrawn until the duration elapses. 

The exciting news is that as a current account holder, you can obtain loans and overdrafts from the bank. The characteristics of a current account are:

  • Money can be withdrawn frequently,
  • Holders of current accounts are not entitled to interest on savings,
  • Customers are entitled to the use of a checkbook,
  • Payment of commission is made by the customer to the bank,
  • Other people can withdraw money from the account on behalf of the customer


Fixed Deposit Account

A Fixed Deposit Account is worth mentioning as you consider creating a bank account online in Cameroon.

If you are looking for an account to earn high interest on money deposited, then go in with the Fixed Deposit Account, that’s right!

The characteristics of a fixed deposit account include:

  • Money is deposited and saved in the account for a specified period as chosen by the customer,
  • A minimum period of 30 days and a maximum period of 180 days,
  • It attracts a higher interest rate,
  • A 7 days notice must be given before the withdrawal.


Joint Account

As we proceed, Joint Account is the next recommendation from us to you as you prepare to create a bank account online in Cameroon.

Worthy of keen note is that this account is opened by two or more individuals who are all signatories to the account, and no decision is made in this account without informing the other parties.

The joint account is divided into two categories which are: Joint tenancy is mostly operated by married couples, Tenants-in-common mostly operated by business partners.


Corporate Account

A corporate account is an account opened by big corporations and multinationals.

The corporate account is different from the other banking accounts because it is majorly opened for business purposes.


Domiciliary Account

What about the Domiciliary Account if you want to create a bank account online in Cameroon?  You can open this account if you want to carry out foreign transactions.

The account can be used to transfer money to another country or receive foreign currency from other countries.


Part 3: Create A Bank Account Online In Cameroon

If you were able to read until this point, we say congrats and you are now amongst the selected few to now discover as we reveal to you how to create a bank account online in Cameroon.

What this means is that you never have to border queuing in any bank in Cameroon again and completing a very tiring registration process.

Just from the comfort of your couch at home and your mobile phone, you can create within minutes a bank account online in Cameroon, without wasting much time, let’s roll in


If you decide to settle in Cameroon to work or start a business, you can open a bank account online.

However, the procedures to create a bank account online in Cameroon may vary from bank to bank.

I will explain to you the current procedure to create a bank account online in Cameroon.

If you are attentive right now, you will agree with me that the procedure to create a bank account online in Cameroon, is not complicated


Depending on the type of bank account to create online, individuals and organizations may be asked to deposit 10,000 XAF or 50,000 XAF respectively into the bank accounts of your chosen bank.

This is not compulsory for all types of bank accounts, but you will need to make the deposit online.

Then an SMS message will be automatically sent to your chosen bank informing them that the money has been credited to them.

Then the bank will send you an Email containing your banking details comprising: bank code, account number (12-14 digits).


The next procedure to create a bank account online in Cameroon will be to fill in a form and send it to the bank agent who will contact you by phone to confirm the success of your registration process.


The bank representative will send you a link to your account home page to access your bank account online. All you need do is click on the link given to you.

Once at the account home page, enter your customized username, bank code, country, your ID and you will successfully be log into your bank account.




Bonus Tip: Create a Verified PayPal account in Cameroon

As a bonus tip, we are now going to show you how to create a verified PayPal account in Cameroon which will enable you to make payments for goods and services online and even to receive payments, that’s right!


Step #1: Go to Cameroon PayPal Signup

Enter your first name, last name, Email, and Password. The email and password you enter in the form should be the same email and password which you will be used subsequently in authorizing payments via PayPal.


Step #2: Enter Your Information In The Next Form

After clicking on the Next button in the previous step, a new form will be displayed, then enter your personal information.

After you have filled the form with the required information, click on Agree and Create Account button. Congrats! Your PayPal Account is created.


Step #3: Enter Your Credit Or Debit Cards Details

If you have a debit or credit card, enter your debit or credit card details, then click on the ADD CARD button.

If unfortunately, you do not have a card, you can skip this step and link your card later by clicking on the “I’ll do it later” link “button or “I’ll link my card later”.


Step #4: Link Your Debit or Credit Card to Your Paypal Account

After creating your Cameroon PayPal account, the next and last step for you to do is to link either your debit or credit card to your Cameroon PayPal Account.

To do this, you have to go to the PAYMENT METHOD section in your account dashboard in PayPal, then click the link to a card.

Be reminded that PayPal Company is a credit card protection service; they conceal your credit card details from online thefts y making it possible for you to shop online without exposing your credit card details.

Concluding Remarks

We have come to the end of this blog post tag: create a bank account online in Cameroon, and we trust that this vital information served to you will be most cherished.

Before we go, you are now aware that you do not need to go to the bank to create a bank account; it could be done from the comfort of your home using a short code or using online platforms.

Depending on the type of bank account you want to open, there is a wide array of available banks for you to choose from online.

As our culture demands, we kindly plead with you to drop us a word at the comment section below of your experiences if you already had the shared privilege to create a bank account online in Cameroon.

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