Literature Project Topics with Materials

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LIT0001Patriarchy And The Quest For Emancipation In Just Another Woman
LIT0002Gender And Power Relations In Diasporic Fiction: A Study Of Priscilla M. Manjoh`S Snare
LIT0003Power Dialectics And Commitment In African Drama
LIT0004Poetry As Social Criticism: A Study Of Nol Alembong’s Forest Echoes
LIT0005The Importance of Gender in Education and Development”. A study of Tsitsi Dangarembga’s Nervous Conditions
LIT0006A Critical Discourse Analysis of the Unity-Disunity Messages and Comments on the Anglophone Crisis in Cameroon
LIT0007Gender Empowerment In John Nkemnkong Nkengasong’s The Widow’s Might
LIT0008Psychic disintegration and the Notion of War: A Study of Virginia Woolf’s
LIT0009An analyses Mathew Takwi poetry using the collection of poems people Be Not fooled
LIT0010Bernard Shaw’s Religious And Philosophical Development
LIT0011The Poetics Of Sentimental Aesthics In Anglophone Cameroonian Poetry: A Study Of Emmanuel Fru Doh Selected Poetry
LIT0012Gender, Power And De-Centering A reading of Carrol Ann Duffy’s “The World’s Wife”
LIT0013Sexist Bias In Fako Division (South West Cameroon Types, Causes And Effects
LIT0014Dance as a Medium of Cultural Manifestation: A Study of the Mfuh of Nkambe
LIT0015Incidents In The Life Of A Slave Girl And The Color Purple
LIT0016The Sociolinguistic significance of n the Anang-okobi Annual festival in Oshie
Literature Project Topics with Materials