How to make money on the Threads app in Cameroon

How to make money on the Threads app in Cameroon

How to make money on the Threads app in Cameroon

Are you curious about how to make money on the Threads app in Cameroon? If yes, then this blog post would provide you with 10 alternative ways you can make money using the Threads app.

Threads app is an Instagram subsidiary app that was created in 2023 and has stood the test to be one major competitive app to Twitter app.

Users of Threads App can log in to their accounts only by having an Instagram account.

The app is now popularly used by many influencers and users from Cameroon and the majority are using the Threads App to make lots of money online while living in Cameroon.

1). Freelancing (Find new clients)

Freelancing is one of the best ways to make money on the Threads app in Cameroon. Freelancing helps you gain new clients and Threads App provides a perfect market for such.

If you have skills that someone might need, then Threads provides you with the perfect market for that. Remember, all Threads users are Instagram users.

If you have a skill such as Data analysis, Graphic designing, video editing, web development, app development, content writing, SEO, translation, and transcription, just to name a few, then Threads provides you with a platform to gain clients that can hire you for your services.


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2) Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money online on Threads while living in Cameroon.

In simple terms, affiliate marketers make sales by simply sharing their affiliate links with their followers or audience. When they click on it and make a sale, then you earn a commission for each sale.

If, you have 5000 followers on Threads and do not understand how affiliate marketing works, I suggest you go to YouTube and Google and learn detail on how to get started.

Do not miss this opportunity of earning extra income from this huge fan base that you have.

To earn even more on affiliate marketing, stay focused on a particular niche or sell only related products.

3) Be a Threads Account Manager

There are several organizations, celebrities and influencers who have online presence needs but lack the time and patients to run their activities. This gives perfect business opportunities for many Cameroonians with good know-how on how to run, manage and promote accounts on social media like Threads.

Reach out to private schools, private hospitals, driving schools, NGOs, etc. and make known your intention to create and manage their Threads account for them.

They would hire you and make you their Threads Account Manager. You can then charge them a monthly fee for such services.

4). Provide Consulting Services

Many Cameroonians with good communication and listening skills are now making money online on Threads by providing counselling services to others.

From relationship issues, marriages, spirituality, politics, education, etc, you can provide counselling online on the Threads app and make money.

You can also provide counselling and coaching services on ICT-related subjects such as SEO, Digital marketing and online courses.

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5). Promote Events for Others

Threads app accounts users from Cameroon can also make money on Thread by promoting events for others.

If you have many followers or you are an influencer, you can make money on Threads easily. Event planning organisation that deals with weddings, birthdays, funerals, etc will be your major target customers.

Charge them a particular fee and hashtag their events and Threads account on your posts and comments section. This would enable them to get clients for their businesses.

6). Promote other Threads users

Another way to make money on Threads App from Cameroon is by promoting other Threads users. How does this work? Well, it’s simple, if you have a huge number of followers or fan base, you could help other growing Threads users to grow their Threads Accounts for a particular fee.

All you need is to hashtag them to your posts, comments and ask your followers to also follow them on Thread.

Your major targets would be upcoming artists, skit makers and even skin care businesses. Make sure you charge them well.

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7). Selling your products on Threads App

Selling your products or services is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to make money online on Threads from Cameroon.

For physical products, you can decide to sell a specific niche such as clothes, shoes, watches, bracelets, phones, TV, Chairs, etc.

Even if you do not have physical products to sell, you can also sell services or electronic services such as e-books, and online courses.

8) Become a Brand Ambassador

Another way to make money online from Cameroon using the Threads App is by being a brand ambassador.

If you work with a particular company that produces and markets a particular product or service, you can become their brand ambassador to that company.

9). Sponsored Posts

One of the most common ways to make money online on the Threads app while living in Cameroon is by posting sponsored posts.

This involves getting paid by individuals, businesses and NGOs etc to post about their products or services on your Threads Account.

For credibility, have a focus niche or area you often carry out sponsor posts.

For example, if you often carry out sponsor posts on skincare and health-related products, then it’s more credible if you remain focused on this niche.

Likewise, if you often sponsor educational posts from private schools, then remain focused on this niche.

10). Drive Traffic to websites and blogs

One final way you can make money on Threads App from Cameroon is to drive traffics to websites and blog.

If you have a blog or website of your own, you can use the Threads App to regularly drive traffic to your blog.

You can also get paid by other bloggers and website owners including YouTubers for you to regularly drive traffic to their websites, blogs or YouTube channels.

One way to even earn more is to focus your Threads on a particular niche, that attracts only the audience and generates the right traffic needed to these blogs, or YouTube channels.

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Threads app is one of the most innovative and faster-growing social media platforms ever built in the 21st Century.

Having a high engagement and more than 30 million new users on its official day of launch.  

There are several ways you can earn money as a Cameroonian using this new app.

The above listed are some of the major ways, to do so, as time goes by, the Threads app might be modified and many more features might be added, giving room for more users to make money.

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