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14 Affordable and Classy Hotels In Kribi Cameroon

Get introduced to the classy hotels in Kribi Cameroon.

These hotels are all affordable and your comfort is priorities as you lodge in any of these hotels in Kribi Cameroon.

Be rest assure that the city Kribi is amongst one of the 10 cleanest cities in Cameroon which only means that cleanliness adheres in all of the hotels.


Let’s Dive In!


14 Affordable and Classy Hotels In Kribi Cameroon

#1. Residence Romiace

Residence Romiace Kribi
Residence Romiace Kribi

This is one of the prestigious hotels in Kribi Cameroon. If you are contemplating lodging in a resort town, known for its sandy nature, then at this point Residence Romiacce justifies going for it.

Am just wondering if you too are a lover of good meals just like me, then lodging in Residence Romiace in Hotel Cameroon is worth it. You do not have to worry about the cost, as the dishes are very affordable, that’s right!


Telephone number (+237) 6 99 96 74 26


Another justification we are comfortable in recommending you to lodge in Residence Romiace is because of the modern facilities present in this hotel comprising free Wi-Fi, assortments of grouped beverages going from champagnes, whisky, wines.  Getting excited?

That is not all; as you consider lodging in this hotel in Kribi Cameroon, make sure you include your dancing shoes in your luggage as you get to enjoy hot music at the club section in the hotel that’s if you are a lover of sweet music just like me!

This hotel offers you a 350 seat capacity conference hall for your business transactions, so you won’t have to wander far off the streets of Limbe looking for a conference hall to host your programs.


#2. Hotel Gites

Hotel Gites is among one of the tasteful and top-notch hotels in Kribi Cameroon which grabbed our eye.

We noticed that Hotel Gites has very modern facilities which only means for you comfort comprising an indoor pool, free WIFI, a kitchenette, a level screen TV in the entirety of the rooms.


Official Site:

Telephone number (+237) 6 75 08 08 45


We equally notice that the safety officers are consistently on duty post even on Sundays which we considered as off – days, which only means for you top-level security throughout your lodging in this hotel,  sounds intriguing right!!


#3. Hotel Le Lagon Resort

On our list, we mention Hotel Le Lagon Resort as one of the hotels in Kribi Cameroon to be reckoned for class, quality services, and affordability.

Official Site:

Telephone number (+237) 6 57 98 25 38


What strikes our attention with Hotel Le Lagon Resort is the decent rate of environmental cleanliness as they ensure that the rooms are daily being clean-up, bed sheets wash and replace.

Let’s not forget that this hotel equally has modern facilities and lodging is quite affordable


#4. Emergence Djouda

We give a big kudos to Emergence Djouda as one of the classy hotels in Kribi Cameroon that has stood the test of time, that’s right!

Lodging in this hotel is remarkably cheap, this settles the issues of financial constraints. I can hear you asking yourself about the level of security in this hotel.


Official Site:


Telephone number (+237) 6 96 70 81 79


We wouldn’t mention this hotel in this blog post if we weren’t sure of your security.

Be rest assured security wise they got you cover all through your lodging at Emergence Djouda in Kribi Cameroon.

Without mixing words, we bring to your consciousness here and now that if you are considering facilities available, this hotel is well equipped with modern facilities. So you have little or no worries at all if you find yourself lodging in this hotel.


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#5. Residence Hoteliere Taz

Residence Hoteliere Taz is amongst the spicy, affordable, top-notch hotels in Kribi Cameroon we give thumbs up to which is according to our point of view one of the hotels in Kribi Cameroon known for the delicious African dishes they serve in the hotel, that’s right!.


Telephone number (+237) 6 95 48 99 92


They are best in what they do. They do not have a rival when it comes to serving delicious African meals.

Mind you that western meals are equally being served in this hotel. What about their facilities? Residence Hoteliere Taz makes available free Wi-Fi, a kitchenette, shared bathroom in all of their rooms, not forgetting a Flat screen.

They equally have a bar section where you can seat and have a bottle or two with friends, an extremely clean pool, a conference hall for those of you who will be organizing business programs


#6. Residence Hotel Saint Marco

Is Residence Hotel Saint Marco one of the hotels in Kribi Cameroon worth lodging in? Over and over again without fear of contraction, we say Yes.

If we are not mistaking Residence Hotel Saint Marco is most likely one of the hotels in Kribi Cameroon which holds to heart this maxim “Music is nourishment for the spirit”.

Have you at any point been in a climate where time simply passes quickly and you wish you had additional time and opportunity to come back?

This is a similar encounter you will get lodging at Residence Hotel Saint Marco, you heard me right!


Official Site:

Telephone number (+237) 6 93 00 80 80


I think we are missing out on another thing which would be unfair from our end not mentioning.  If you enjoy dancing as I do,  lodge in this hotel and you will be glad you did.

Every weekend as from 8 pm, a cabaret is being organized within the hotel where you get to listen and dance to the latest hit songs and dance.

Do not forget that this hotel equally has modern facilities just like the other hotels mentioned in this blog post and is worth reiterating that they are quite affordable.


#7. Hotel Tara Plage

Hotel Tara Plage
Hotel Tara Plage

Hotel Tara Plage is one of the hotels in Kribi Cameroon which is little known, but they are of quality too.

We cannot really for sure ascertain why they are little known, but we trust that you get to enjoy their facilities after reading this blog post.

Honestly speaking this is one of the hotels where you never have to worry about power failures.


They have a reinforcement generator that gives power if there ought to be an event of blackouts. What about water issues I can hear you thinking?

This hotel equally has an inbuilt reservoir of clean treated water which only means that you never have to worry about water issues be it for laundry, showering, washing of your car, and what have you!


#8. Hotel llomba

This hotel happens to appear in this blog post because they are quality and we recommend them as one of the hotels in Kribi Cameroon you can lodge in, that’s right!

They have a dedicated and professional team of young girls to serve you round the clock. Looking at their rooms, this is quite tempting.

Their rooms are spacious, with all the modern facilities you could need be it a kitchenette, a shared bathroom, an electric kettle, flat-screen TV and even a balcony


Official Site:

Telephone number: (+237) 6 99 91 29 23


In line with our above discussion, you can conveniently book a reservation in this hotel knowing fully where that this hotel is equally secured with the presence of trained bodyguards and security lights


#9. Residence Svet

If you are considering more alternative hotels in Kribi Cameroon to lodge in, then Residence Svet is worth going for.

If you love to be treated like the king that you are, I think this hotel will be your second home. They hold to heart an adage which states “The client is King”.  You get to enjoy what we call services at your bed and call.

You have a dedicated team ready to serve you round the clock. You just have to whisper and there you go. Looking at their facilities, we say that they have modern facilities. In terms of security, you are secured.


Telephone number: (+237) 6 71 98 80 95


#10. Pousada Hotel

We should not fail to remember that Pousada Hotel is one of the hotels in Kribi Cameroon which is prevalently known.

They are known all through Kribi and in the past as hotel which offers varieties of African and western dishes at very affordable prices.

This means that once you lodge in this hotel, you never have to border wandering off the streets of Kribi Cameroon looking for a particular meal all the varieties of meals are being served in the hotel, that’s right!

They have a free WIFI association, a spotless pool; a very serene environment, not forgetting to mention their large conference hall where you can organise your business talk shows with over 350 seat capacity


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#11. Eden Lodge

Eden Lodge is among the Hotels in Kribi Cameroon known for class and moderate as well.

Actually, like Pousada Hotel, they are similarly tasteful and on the off chance that you are thinking about reasonableness among numerous different elements, dwelling in this inn merits going for.


Telephone number: 6 96 10 20 52


They also have the advanced offices you might require, be without it Wi-Fi, extensive rooms, reasonable and quality dinners well serve, pool, rec center, dance club and what have we.


#12. Hotel Le Cardinal

Have you heard about Hotel Le Cardinal? Well, this hotel is one of the hotels in Kribi Cameroon we recommend because of their accessibility.

All things being equal, we give them thump-ups to their modern facilities, their security.

Every room has free Wi-Fi, a shared bathroom, a kitchenette summing it up with the cheap lodging cost


Official Site:

Phone Number: (+237) 56 13 73 04


#13. Hotel Framotel

As we attempt to round up this blog post, let’s not forget to mention Hotel Framotel amongst the classy hotels in Kribi Cameroon.

Just like Eden lodge, they also are truly moderate and serving quality African dishes.

Their environment is exceptionally tranquil and their staffs are at your bed and roll to serve you the most ideal way that is available.


Phone Number (+237) 6 99 94 82 22

On the off chance that you need a banquet or conference hall for your business exercises, you can square your shoulders high up and be confident to lodge at Hotel Framotel.

Their conference hall can accommodate up to 350 participants and is also very airy and serene.


#14. Hotel Edivince

We round up this blog post with Hotel Edivince as one of the hotels in Kribi Cameroon we recommend that you lodge in.

Just like the other hotels, they have modern facilities too in the rooms, they are secured and affordable.

If you come in contact with this hotel, do not hesitate to lodge there


Phone Number (+237) 6 94 21 24 10


Final Remarks

As we wrap up with this blog post, it is our utmost joy and heartfelt desire that this information meets you on time and we trust this information will be a guide in considering the 14 classy and affordable hotels in Kribi Cameroon.

The worth of mentioning is that other hotels are quite affordable and classy too. Para venture you stumble on hotels such as Hotel Les plygones, Llot Hebergement and Hotel Manapani, we give you the go-ahead to confidently lodge in them.

Do well to drop us your experiences at the comment section below if you had ever lodged in any of the aforementioned hotels stipulated in this blog post, we would much appreciate it.

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