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13 Most Luxurious and Affordable Hotels In Douala Cameroon

Douala city is one of those cities in Cameroon with the most classy and spicy hotels.

Nothing feels so great when you book a reservation in one of the hotels in Douala Cameroon, there-in you get to enjoy top-notch quality facilities, you shut the door behind you and you immediately have a warm bath, this indeed is comfort!!

It is our heartfelt cry that this blog article brings to your consciousness a run-down of the most affordable hotels in Douala Cameroon.

If you are considering hotels in Douala Cameroon to lodge in, be reminded that the facilities available are top-notch only that the cost of lodging is expensive.

In this regard, this blog post will serve you as we dive in to present to you a catalog of classy hotels in Douala Cameroon as well as the most affordable in an attempt to ease your research of the top classy and most affordable hotels in Douala Cameroon.


Let’s Roll In!!


13 Most Luxurious and Affordable Hotels In Douala Cameroon

#1. Onomo Hotel

Onomo Hotel douala
Onomo Hotel Douala

This is one of the highly esteemed hotels in Douala Cameroon.  Highly esteem in several capacities comprising serving African and global dishes at entirely reasonable costs, has an open and all-round 300 seat capacity conference hall for your business transactions.

The interior décor in each of the rooms is top-notch with free Wi-Fi, a shared bathroom, a kitchenette, and a flat-screen TV. Let’s not forget that Onomo Hotel has a bar section where you will get to appreciate quality wines, whisky, and champagnes, I kid you not!


Official Site:

Phone number (+237) 6 95 00 00 00


#2. Douala Rabingha Hotel

This is one of the advanced and reasonably affordable hotels in Douala Cameroon, you heard me right! Do you need lodging with an indoor pool, free Wi-Fi? These conveniences are available at Douala Rabingha Hotel.

Other conveniences in the rooms incorporate a kitchenette, cooling, and a level screen TV.

Official Site:

Phone number (+237) 2 33 43 50 00


#3. Best Western Plus Soaho

This hotel is amongst the most affordable top-class hotels in Douala Cameroon.

This hotel has practically all the classy facilities you could need like spacious rooms, a kitchenette, a shared bathroom, and what have you.

Let’s not forget to iterate an unmistakable component of this hotel is that it has cordial and a greater amount of expert female staff who are at your bed and roll to serve you 24/7, that’s right!

Official Site:

Phone number (+237) 2 33 50 65 00


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#4. Kermal Hotel

Kernal Hotel is worth mentioning in this blog post as one of the hotels in Douala Cameroon we recommend you to lodge in.

Looking for Top unmistakable conveniences? Kernal Hotel is endowed with modern facilities ranging from top-level security where the security guards are on duty 24/7 even on weekends, and then we have professional staff at your bed and call to serve you.

It gets pretty exciting when you move into the spacious rooms with a kitchenette, shared bathroom with cold and warm water, and a flat-screen TV. This hotel is very accessible which is a bonus consideration is lodging in this hotel, that’s right!


#5. Residence Amar

Residence Amar is one of the hotels in Douala Cameroon worthy of lodging.

This hotel without a doubt happens to be one of the fun and exciting hotel you can lodge in.

The hotel has a night section that does not fail to serve you good hit music every weekend, adding to their restaurant which serves quality African and western dishes at affordable prices.

The security level is quite exceptional which is fortified by the constant recruitment of professional security guards. What this means is that you can conveniently lodge in this hotel without an iota of fear of your security issues


Official Site:

Phone number (+237) 6 83 91 31 70


#6. Residence Cristal logpom

As far as lodging is concerned, Residence Cristal Logpom is probably one of the hotels in Douala Cameroon we recommend you to lodge in.

Every one of the rooms is very much ventilated and furnished with flat-screen TV and internet connection.


This hotel is popular for its rich menu of colourful African and European dishes, assortments of wine, and mixed drinks.


Official Site:

Phone number (+237) 6 92 03 40 84


This is one of the hotels in Douala Cameroon which holds to heart an African proverb that satisfies “Music is nourishment for the spirit”.

This hotel provides you with a modern and contemporary conference hall which means that you can organise your business seminars or programs while lodging in this hotel, so you do not have to wander off the streets of Douala Cameroon looking for a venue to organise your business programs


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#7. Line-Residence

Line residence
Line residence

This hotel isn’t prevalently known however it is one of the hotels in Douala Cameroon worth exposing light in this blog entry.

All rooms in the lodging are furnished with a level screen TV close by top-notch security


Official Site:

Phone number (+237) 6 64 40 12 02


#8. Coubadorf  Hebergement

Another modern hotel in Douala Cameroon known for luxury is Coubadorf Hebergement. The facilities in this prestigious hotel are outstandingly gorgeous, which are put in place to meet the needs of the numerous tourists coming into Douala city.

Quality and modern amenities offered in this four-star hotel comprise free Wi-Fi in all rooms, indoor pools, 300 seat capacity conference Hall, free gym.


Phone number (+237) 6 99 92 56 64


#9. Akwa Hin Douala

Akwa Hin Douala is amongst the fun and exciting hotels in Douala Cameroon which we are proud of introducing in this blog post.

Everything being equal, this hotel has a remarkable facility of a stand-by generator supplying electricity in case of blackouts as well as a reservoir of well-treated water to provide a constant water supply in the hotel.

In addition, the rooms in this hotel are air condition. Facilities such as flat-screen TV, electric kettles are available in the rooms of this prestigious hotel in Douala Cameroon, I kid you not!


Official Site:

Phone number (+237) 2 33 43 10 83


#10. Hotel-Y

Hotel-Y is little known but it is one of those hotels in Douala Cameroon of class and quite affordable too. We noticed that Hotel-Y has very modern facilities which only means for you comfort comprising an indoor pool, free WIFI, a kitchenette, a level screen TV in the entirety of the rooms.  

We equally notice that the safety officers are consistently on duty post even on weekends which we considered as off – days, which only means for you top-level security throughout your lodging in this hotel, sounds intriguing right!!


#11. Hotel Prince De Galles Douala

We appreciate Hotel Prince De Galles Douala as one of the classy hotels in Douala Cameroon that has stood the test of time in providing quality lodging services in the beautiful city Douala Cameroon, that’s right! Lodging in Hotel Prince De Galles Douala hotel is remarkably cheap, this settles the issues of financial constraints.


Official Site:

Telephone number (+237) 6 79 50 48 77


What about your security while lodging in this hotel? It would be unfair from our end to mention this hotel if we weren’t sure of your security.

Be rest assured security wise they got you cover all through your lodging at Hotel Prince De Galles.

We are not mixing our words as we bring to your consciousness right now if you are considering modern facilities then you have little or no worries at all if you find yourself lodging in this hotel


#12. Stone House

Stone House is one of the hotels in Douala Cameroon which is little known, but they are of quality too.

We cannot ascertain why they are little known, but we know they have modern facilities and they are quite affordable.

Honestly, this is one of the hotels in Douala Cameroon where you never have to worry about power failures.


Official Site:

Telephone number (+237) 6 97 31 01 82


They have a noiseless generator that gives power in an event of blackouts. What about water issues?

This hotel equally has an inbuilt reservoir of clean and treated water which only means that you never have to worry about water issues be it for laundry or showering as well as washing of your car and what have you!


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#13. Adamaoua Grand Hotel City

If you are considering more alternative hotels in Douala Cameroon to lodge in, then Adamaoua Grand Hotel City is worth going for.  In this hotel, you will be treated like the king that you are.

They hold to heart an adage which states “The client is King”.  You get to enjoy services at your bed and call. This hotel is blessed with a dedicated team ready to serve you round the clock.

All you need do is place a call and you will be attended to speedily, that’s right! Looking at their facilities, we say that they have modern facilities. In terms of security, you are secured


Telephone number (+237)  6 99 90 12 04


Final Remarks

As we conclude this blog post, from our innermost heart of hearts we trust that this information meets you on time, and is our heartfelt desire that this information will be a guide in appreciating and valuing the 13 most luxurious and affordable hotels in Douala Cameroon.

Worth of mentioning is that they are equally other hotels in Douala Cameroon not mention in this blog post but deserves a big thumb ups from us such as Premium Hotel, Appart mama Louise, Le colatier Douala, Hotel Zetta Douala,  Douala Design Hotel, Hotel La principaute Douala, Hotel La Renardiere, Convivium Home, Villa Magnum, Akwa Palace Douala, Somatel Hotel, Hotel le Milan, Loumia Residency, Manhantan Living, Noubou International , Hotel La Falaise Bonapriso, Des Roses, Immeubke Blue Sky, Saffana Hotel, Hotel Meredien, Star land Hotel Bonapriso, Jabea executive apartment, Grand hotel Citi, Hotel joana, Hotel la principaute, Denver Plaza Hotel, Hotel Lumiere Akwa, Hotel Libertis.

On this note, you have our permission to lodge in any of the 13 hotels elucidated in the paragraphs above and as well as the hotels listed.

Do well to drop us your experiences at the comment section below if you had ever lodged in any of the aforementioned hotels stipulated in this blog post, we would much appreciate it!!!

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