Most Cleanest Cities In Cameroon

10 Most Cleanest Cities In Cameroon

There is a popular African adage which states “cleanliness is next to godliness.

This blog article brings to your awareness the 10 cleanest cities in Cameroon.

If you are considering exploring a particular city in Cameroon in the days ahead, be it for vacation, tour, or touristic ventures, then this blog post will be your most cherished asset.


10 Most Cleanest Cities In Cameroon

#1. Yaoundé

Yaoundé cleanest city in Cameroon
Yaoundé cleanest city in Cameroon

Yaoundé is one of the 10 cleanest cities in Cameroon. The city is perfectly planned.

Worthy of note here is that Yaoundé city has a waste transfer center that regulates environmental cleanliness which acts as an intermediary between the landfill and the household waste.

The center organizes the collection of waste in the community or environment in such a way that the trucks collect garbage from the landfill, then journey to a far off-site to landfills for treatment and disposal.


#2. Bertoua

Bertoua without any iota of doubt falls within the top 10 cleanest cities in Cameroon. The city Bertoua is known for its cleanliness and sanitation.

A convention was enacted in Bertoua by the Cameroonian Hygiene and Sanitation Company, “HYSACAM”. Every morning Hysacam trucks move all around the city filtering out waste or garbage on the highway, at the pedestal pads, and as well as inside the gutters


#3. Maroua

One of Cameroon’s greenest cities “Maroua” is known to be one of the 10 cleanest cities in Cameroon.

A lot of workshops have been ongoing in the city of Bertoua where every household is sensitized on how to be actively involved in the actual system of waste management comprising having a waste bin at home where dirt is properly disposed within.


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#4. Kribi

Kribi is equally known to be one of the 10 cleanest cities in Cameroon located in southwestern Cameroon.

Worthy of mentioning that the services of the hygiene and sanitation company “HYSACAM” are daily being deployed in this city popularly known as “The Town of Enjoyment”.


#5. Bamenda

Bamenda is another city accredited to be one of the 10 cleanest cities in Cameroon, situated in the North West region of Cameroon, popularly known as “Abakwa Town”. This city is known for cleanliness too.

Every Wednesday a community clean-up is respected in the city to filter all waste and garbage in the municipality and dispose of it.

The activities involve clearing grown bushes around, sweeping the highway, and disinfecting the markets and streets not only against Covid-19 but more importantly to give the city a facelift in hygiene and sanitation.


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#6. Limbe

Limbe is amongst the 10 cleanest cities in Cameroon that acts as a great hub for tourists who are looking to explore the beauty of the area. The Limbe I Council was awarded a prize of being amongst the 10 cleanest cities in Cameroon.

The council has placed billboards all over the municipality with a penalty fee against anyone who carelessly disposes of dirt on the highway or the gutters such as plastic papers, food waste, etc.

In addition to that, the council pays the hygiene company (HYSACAM) to daily collect garbage from dust bins in every household which is then properly disposed of far off.

Limbe Cleanest City in Cameroon
Limbe Cleanest City in Cameroon

Did you know that the Limbe I Council in the South West region has been awarded the prize for the cleanest city in Cameroon worth FCFA 150 million?

The FCFA 150 million awards were handed over to the city Mayor of Limbe, Andrew Motanga Monday, October 5 in Douala, Littoral region of Cameroon during a ceremony to commemorate the 34th edition of World Habitat Day, presided at by the Minister of Housing and Urban Development, Celestine Ketcha Courtes.

This act is a clear indication of cleanliness being the utmost priority in the Limbe municipality and its inhabitants.


#7. Foumban

From our countdown, Foumban is amongst the 10 cleanest cities in Cameroon. “HYSACAM” (the company providing hygiene and sanitation in the community) is responsible for ensuring environmental cleanliness in the environment of Foumban comprising collecting waste in the environment, treating household waste, cleaning the markets as well as sweeping the streets.


In addition to that, the inhabitants have been properly sensitized in the light of

  • Inhabitants must throw their garbage in garbage bins
  • Inhabitants take their garbage out of their homes only when trucks pass
  • No one disposes garbage out of bins, on the roadway, sidewalks, gutters, waterways, or drains. Nor set fire to the garbage.


#8. Bafoussam

Bafoussam City is located in the West Region of Cameroon is equally among the 10 cleanest cities in Cameroon.

The city is also a host for the hygiene and sanitation company HYSACAM, which is also responsible for its waste management services.


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#9. Buea

The city of Buea is another city known to be one of the 10 cleanest cities in Cameroon.

The city Buea always observed the first Wednesday of every month as the day to keep her city clean, popularly known as “Keep Buea Clean“.

This practice has existed for over ten years and came into existence through a ministerial text signed by the Minister of Territorial Administration and Decentralisation.


#10. Mamfe

Located 74km toward the Nigerian border, Mamfe is regarded as one of the cleanest cities in Cameroon.

Waste management in this area is run by the Mamfe Municipal Council which does its best to keep the major streets and road network in a hygienic state.

Added to this, the Council also implemented a clean-up activity which is often carried out once every week on Thursday. This clean-up activity is often regarded as “Keep Mamfe Clean”.



We would attest to the fact that the task of removing waste is so difficult and expensive but cannot be equated to the negative impacts of natural disasters and chronic diseases that could emanate from careless waste disposal.

Worthy of reiterating is the fact that the above-mentioned cities are known to be the 10 cleanest cities in Cameroon. But this does not necessarily mean that other cities in Cameroon are unclean.

Other major cleanest cities in Cameroon include Douala, Dschang, Kumba, Kumbo, Tiko, etc.



Which other cleanest cities in Cameroon do you know?

Share your thoughts and ideas in the comment section below.

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