7 Best Healthcare Insurance Companies in Cameroon

7 Best Healthcare Insurance Companies in Cameroon

7 Best Healthcare Insurance Companies in Cameroon

Although the majority of Cameroonians do not view health insurance as being of the utmost significance due to the negligence of some health insurance firms as well as their ignorance, the list of health insurance companies in Cameroon is still valuable.

Never put anything ahead of your health in any of your plans for a better life. Everyone is expected to have health insurance at all times and levels in Cameroon because of the decapitated state of the country’s healthcare system. It is impossible to overstate the many advantages of having health insurance.

Well-being is riches. In the world we live in, the majority of the choices you make have an impact on your health.

The status of the Cameroonian healthcare system is already known to you. Let’s imagine, for illustration, that you need to do surgery as quickly as possible.

Imagine not having enough money to cover the cost of the procedure. This is a key justification for getting health insurance.

1). ZENITHE Insurance

ZENITHE insurance is one of the best health insurance companies in Cameroon. It was first opened to the general public in 2005. Zenithe Insurance is an insurance and reinsurance firm that specializes in damage.

ZENITHE Insurance is located at Boulevard de la République, face Palais DIKA AKWA (1388 Rue Bebey Eyidi).

ZENITHE began its operation with an initial capital of 500 million FRS and over the years has grown to a whopping capital of 5 billion FRS.

ZENITHE Insurance provides family health and group health coverage in Cameroon and abroad that can be enhanced with travel assistance, medical evacuation, and repatriation. Benefits provided may be accessed through health coupons or our biometric card system.

2). Sunu Assurance Vie

Sunu Assurance Vie is another health insurance companies in Cameroon. Located also in Douala. Sunu Assurance Vie also provides insurance products such as home, travel and car insurance. It also has a share capital worth 3 billion FRS.

Sunu Assurance Vie also has branches spread into other African countries such as Benin, Burkina Faso, Central African Republic, Ivory Coast, Gabon, Ghana, Guinea, Liberia, Mali, Mauritania, Niger, Nigeria, Democratic Republic of Congo, Republic of Congo, Senegal and Togo.

Major insurance services provided by Sunu Asurance Vie Multi-risk health insurance, Home insurance, fire and multi-risk professional, Motor insurance, insurance Goods transport insurance and Civil liability.

3). Activa Assurances

Activa Assurances is classified among the various health insurance companies in Cameroon. It was initially created in the year 1998, but only in 2001 that it becomes fully active with its headquarters in Douala.

In 2009, CTIVA Assurances Cameroon opened an international branch in Ghana and 2012, it opened another branch office in Liberia.

By 2017, ACTIVA Assurances Cameroon opens its first intercontinental head office in Paris. Similar branches have been opened in DR Congo, Sierra Leone, and Guinea.

Major health services provided are funeral insurance, sicknesses, pharmaceutical care and many others.

4). Saham Life Insurance Cameroon

Saham Life Insurance Cameroon as one of the health insurer in Cameroon, provide health insurance services to individuals and family in case of accidents, damage, and offer guarantees of the reimbursement of medical and hospitalization expenses and provides for the payment of an insured capital in the event of death or disability.

Death, Permanent, Partial / Total Disability, Treatment costs or medical expenses and Daily allowances are other medical insurance services provided by Saham Life Insurance Cameroon.

5). NSIA Assurance Vie

NSIA Assurance Vie is one of the oldest health insurance companies in Cameroon. It became functional in early 1995.

NSIA Assurance Vie has a pre-financing system where individuals provide or insure their health and can as well recover the expenses within 15 days when needed.

NSIA Assurance Vie also has a third-party system where it covers all the costs incurred for your care in approved centres up to your coverage rate.

NSIA Assurance Vie render both life and non-life insurance services. Non-life insurance services include, multi-risk homes, auto, individual accidents, health and travel insurances. While life insurance service provided include school, pension, retirement etc.

6). Pro Assur (WAFA Assurance Vie)

Pro Assur is also listed among the best health insurance companies in Cameroon. It’s located in Akwa Douala. Pro Assur is a public limited insurance company with a net worth of 5 billion FRS.

Pro Assur has its headquarters in Stamadiates building, Yaoundé Cameroon, while its management office branch is in Akwa Douala.

Pro Assur obtained its license first in 2001 and has been struggling over the years until 2019 when Wafa Assurance purchased a vast majority of its shares.

At WAFA Assurance you would enjoy health benefits such as free Consultation, Hospitalization, Pharmacy, Laboratory, Eyewear, Dentistry and Maternity services.

7). ACAM Vie (Assurances du Cameroun Vie)

ACAM Vie became operational in 2015 and in 2016 it obtained state approval to operate as an insurance company in Cameroon.

By 2017, ACAM Vie sets offices in Yaoundé and Doula respectively and in 2019 another in Bafousam. ACAM Vie has a running capital worth 3 billion FRS. In 2021 ACAM Vie opens its first branch office in the Central African Republic.

As one of the leading health insurance in Cameroon ACAM Vie your family to the possibility of having immediate and substantial safety nets, in case of hard knocks. Protect them without their knowledge, or their knowledge, whether they are 2 or 10, and rest assured that we will accompany them for life.

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Final Remarks

Conclusively, healthcare insurance in Cameroon has been on the rise over the past decades. Even though, there are very few health care insurances in Cameroon of which many are located within major cities of Yaoundé and Douala, making it difficult for many Cameroonians in other regions to get access to the health care services.

If you live abroad and want to visit Cameroon one day, it’s very vital you insured your health and that of your family. Most Cameroonians do not understand the important of health insurance only because they are not well informed about the need and benefits associated with insuring their health.

If, you find this articles very useful, feel free to share with friends and family, so that everyone will be educated about the various healthcare insurance companies in Cameroon. If, you also have any questions and suggestions, please leave your contributions on the comment section below.

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