Full List of Secondary Schools in Buea Fako Division

Full List of Secondary Schools in Fako Division

List of Secondary Schools in Fako Division

List of General Government Schools in FakoDivision

1). Bilingual Grammer School Molyko

2). Government Bilingual High ChoolMuea

3). Government High School Buea

4). Government High School Bonjongo

5). Government High School Buea Rural

6). Government High School Buea Town

7). Government Secondary School Bwiyuku

8). Government High School Bolifamba

9). Government High School Great Soppo

10). Government High School Bomaka

11). Government Secondary School Wokeka

12). Government Secondary School Liongo

13). Government Secondary School Dibanda

14). Government High School Limbe

15). Government Bilingual High School Limbe

16). Government High School Batoke

17). Government High School Bonjo

18). Government High School Bonadikomo

19). Government Secondary School Mabeta

20). Government Bilingual High School Muyuka

21). Government High School Bafia

22). Government High School Ekona

23). Government High School Malende

24). Government High School Munyenge

25). Government Secondary School Owe Road

26). Government Bilingual High School Tiko

27). Government Bilingual High School Mutengene

28). Government Bilingual Secondary School Mudeka

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List of Lay Private Schools in Fako Division

1). Salvation

2). Baird Memorial

3). MarthloCbc

4). Summerset Bilingual High School

5). Frankfils Comprehensive Colege

6). St. Therese I.S.S

7). Fomic C.H.

8). Remedial Bcss

9). Cambridge Cast

10). Charity Academy

11). Holy Child

12). Nabesk Cc

13). Triumph Bca

14). BrightlandCcc

15). Buea Bilingual Colege

16). ational Chs

17). Kulu Memorial Colege

18). KofeleLuma

19). New Horizon

20). Good Sherpard

21). King B.C.C.C

22). Unic S.S

23). KemondeVhs

24). Renaisance

25). Redemption Gloriou

26). Bethlehem Royal S.S

27). Vocast

28). EffuetnguMcc

29). Fess Tchs

30). Wisdom Bchs

31). Foundation Education Trust

32). Oxford B.C.C

33). Cambridge C.B.C

34). Sabibi Com

35). KoelBil Institute

36). Progreive

37). BeretonIcc

380. Emmanuel Bcc

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List of Mission Schools in Fako Division

1). Baptist High School

2). St. J.C. Sasse

3). Bishop Rogan Colege

4). St Paul Bonjongo

5). P.C.S.S

6). Our Lady Of Mt Camel Muea

7). Bishop Jules Peters

8). Baptist C. C.

9). SakerBaptit

10). P.G.S.S

11). P.C.H.S. Limbe

12). St Ann Girls S.S

13). EnrichettaCss

14). C.B.A Muyuka

15). Full Gospel T C

16). Our Lady Of Grace

17). CkcTiko

18). Sure Foundation

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