Faculties In The University Of Bamenda

Faculties In The University Of Bamenda [2024]

This blog post will cover details on Faculties In The University Of Bamenda.

The slogan of the University of Bamenda: Service To Mankind For The Glory To God

Acronym: UBa

Official Website: www.uniba.cm

Official logo of the University of Bamenda: See Fig 1

University of Bamenda logo
Fig 1: University of Bamenda logo


The University of Bamenda was created in 2010 and is one of the last 8 newly created universities in Cameroon. Its been rank as the 7th best university in Cameroon and global ranking 10409th best university in the world according to 2020 global ranking statistics.

The University of Bamenda is made up of 6 faculties, 2 colleges, and 4 schools.


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Faculties In The University Of Bamenda

#1. Faculty of Arts

Well, known among other Faculties In The University Of Bamenda, the Faculty of Arts consist of the following departments.

  1. Department of Urban Planning and Survey
  2. Department of Communication and Development Studies
  3. Department of Geography and Planning
  4. Department of History and Archaeology
  5. Department of English Language
  6. Department of Literature in English
  7. Linguistics and African Languages
  8. Department of Theatre, Television, and Film Studies
  9. Department of Visual Arts and History of Arts
  10. Department of Philosophy


#2. Faculty of Economics and Management Sciences

Similar to other Faculties in The University Of Bamenda, the Faculty of Economics and Management Sciences is divided into the following departments:

  1. Department of Accountancy
  2. Department of Banking And Finance
  3. Department of Management
  4. Department of Economics
  5. Department of Marketing
  6. Department of Human Resource Management


#3. Faculty of Education

  1. Department of Community Psychology
  2. Department of Educational Psychology
  3. Department of Early Childhood Care And Education
  4. Department of Teaching Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (Stem)
  5. Department of Educational Leadership
  6. Department of Curriculum Planning And Design
  7. Department of Curriculum Pedagogy
  8. Department of Physical Education And Animation


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#4. Faculty of Health Sciences

  1. Department of Midwifery
  2. Department of Nursing
  3. Department of Medical Laboratory Science


#5. Faculty of Law and Political Sciences

  1. Department of English Private Law
  2. Department of LL. B Public Law
  3. Department of Political Science
  4. Department of Public Administration and Policy
  5. Department of French Private Law
  6. Department of Capacite en Droit


#6. Faculty of Science

  1. Department of Software Engineering
  2. Renewable Energy
  3. Department of Biochemistry
  4. Department of Applied Botany
  5. Applied Zoology
  6. Department of Microbiology
  7. Department of Applied Parasitology and Vector Biology
  8. Department of Chemistry
  9. Department of Geology
  10. Department of Environmental Science
  11. Mathematics and Statistics
  12. Department of Mathematics (with a minor in Computer Science)
  13. Combined Mathematics and Computer Science
  14. Department of Pure Mathematics
  15. Department of Physics


#7. College of Technology

  1. Department of Wood Work
  2. Department of Civil Engineering Design
  3. Department of Building and Structural Engineering
  4. Department of Electrical Power System
  5. Department of Bakery and Food Processing
  6. Fashion Design, Clothing, and Textiles
  7. Public Works and Surveying Engineering
  8. Agribusiness Technology.
  9. Department of Environmental Engineering
  10. Water Resource Engineering
  11. Animal Production Technology.
  12. Department of Forestry and Wildlife Technology
  13. Department of Forest Resource Management
  14. Department of Crop Production Technology
  15. Department of Food Science and Technology


#8. Higher Institute of Commerce and Management

  1. Department of Marketing
  2. Department of Insurance
  3. Department of Accounting and Finance
  4. Department of Money and Banking
  5. Department of Executive Secretariat Duties
  6. Department of Logistic Management
  7. Department of Human Resource Management
  8. Department of Supply Chain Management
  9. Department of Project Management
  10. Department of Information and Communication Management


#9. Higher Institute of Transport and Logistics

  1. Department of Shipping Management
  2. Department of Logistics and Transport Management
  3. Department of Ports and Shipping Management


#10. National Higher Polytechnic Institute

Created by Decree nº 2017/582 of 24 November 2017 as an establishment of The University of Bamenda. Decree nº 2017/581 of 24 November 2017 lays down the administrative and academic organization of the Institute and provides for the creation of departments by Order of the Minister of Higher Education to meet the socio-economic needs of Cameroon.


Nahpi is created to do the following:

Provide initial and continuous training as well as research in the fields of engineering and technology.

Carry out the retraining and further training of professionals in the aforementioned fields.

Provide development support, particularly through service provision and sustainable development management.


  1. Departments of Computer in Engineering.
  2. Departments of Petroleum Engineering
  3. Departments of Electrical and Mechanic Engineering
  4. Departments of Mining and Mineral Engineering
  5. Departments of Chemical and Biological Engineering
  6. Departments of Civil Engineering and Architecture
  7. Departments of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering


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  1. Civil Engineering Design
  2. Software Engineering
  3. Urban Planning and Survey
  4. Wood Work
  5. Nursing
  6. Bachelor Of Nursing Sciences (BNS), Nursing/Midwifery
  7. Bakery and Food Processing
  8. Logistics and Transport Management
  9. Ports and Shipping Management
  10. Service and Administration
  11. Development Studies
  12. Human Resource
  13. Management


#12. Higher Teacher Training College (HTTC) at Bambili

The Higher Teacher Training College (HTTC) Bambili is a teacher training partner in the country’s attempts to improve teaching and learning standards and professionalize the education system.

The Higher Teacher Training College (HTTC) Bambili supports The University of Bamenda’s overall purpose by ensuring scholarly and creative approaches to teaching, learning, and curricular practices.

Well Known among other Faculties In The University Of Bamenda, The Higher Teacher Training College (HTTC) is divided into the following departments.


  1. Departments of Bilingual Letters
  2. Departments of Biology
  3. Departments of Chemistry
  4. Departments of Computer Sciences
  5. Departments of Economic Sciences
  6. Departments of English Modern Letters
  7. Departments of French Modern Letters
  8. Departments of Geography
  9. Departments of Geology
  10. Departments of Guidance and Counselling
  11. Departments of History
  12. Departments of Mathematics
  13. Departments of Philosophy
  14. Departments of Physics
  15. Departments of Science of Education

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