A sample letter of Compliant for Omission of Exams Mark

A Sample Letter Of Compliant For Omission Of Exams Mark

Below is a sample letter of complaint format that students can use when applying for a complaint such as the omission of; be it a continuous assessment (CA) mark, exam mark, or the appearance of a grade you think you don’t deserve and wish to write a complaint for it to be removed.

It is a formal letter so the format remains the same. The following are parts of a formal letter.


Components of a Letter of Complaint

#1 The sender’s address

The sender’s address includes one’s personal information.

Personal information could be your name, address, telephone number, email, mailing address to which a reply can be sent just to name a few.

It appears on the top right or left corner of the page depending on the format you choose. There are three formats: the full block, the semi-block, and the indented format.


#2 The date

The date is generally placed below the sender’s address.

Bear in mind that I should be placed one space below the sender’s address and it should end with a full stop/period. For instance the 21st of September, 2022.


#3 The recipient’s Address

It contains the full mailing address of the official who would receive or treat the letter.

For example, the Chancellor of the University of Buea, the Registrar of the University of Buea, The Head of Department just to name a few.


#4 The salutation

The salutation begins with “Dear” accompanied by the recipient’s name.

In the case where the recipient’s name is not known, “Dear Sir or Madam but in case you don’t know the sex “Dear Sir/Madam can be used.


#5 The subject

The subject states the precise purpose or reason of the letter. It should be short and straight to the point.

When written in capital letters, it shouldn’t be underlined but in case it is written in lowercase letters, it must and should be underlined.

The subject of the letter must be centralized when making use of the semi-block format when writing a formal letter.


#6 The body

The body entails a detailed explanation of the subject.  The reason why you are writing the complaint or application.


 #7 The complimentary close

This refers to the words of courtesy that are used at the end of a letter.

It appears at the end of the letter just before the signature. Note that the closing is determined by the salutation.

Yours sincerely is used when you address the addressee by his/her name and Yours faithfully when you make use of Dear sir/madam.

The closing appears at the bottom left-hand corner of the page when we make use of the full block and indented format of writing a formal letter while it appears at the bottom right-hand corner of the page when we use the semi-block format.

Never forget to capitalize the first word in the closing and end it with a comma.

Also have it in mind that when you write your name at the sender’s address, there is no need to write it again below the signature.

You can only do that if and only if you did not include it at your address which is the sender’s address.


#8 The signature

It is always placed below the complimentary close


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Letter Of Complaint About Omission Of Exams Mark



 Eta Sandra

Faculty of Education

Department of Educational Psychology

Mat Number.

21st of September, 2022.


To the Head of Department

Of Educational Psychology


Dear Sir/Madam

Omission of EPY 606 Continuous Assessment (CA) Result mark

I am writing to complain about the omission of my continuous assessment mark for EPY 606 which is titled Psycho-Educational interventions.

I wrote the CA and score a CA Mark of 25/30. My instructor read the mark to my hearing in class before the examination. Furthermore, while writing the exam a class list containing our CA marks was passed around for everyone to confirm his/her mark and to sign that you were present. I did the exercise and saw that a mark was assigned to my name but on checking my exam results, my CA mark was omitted.

As a result of this omission, I failed the course with a score of 42 exam mark. Attached to this complaint is a photocopy of my CA paper to prove that I sat for the CA and have the above-mentioned CA mark. I hope you will give this matter your urgent consideration. Thanks.

Yours Faithfully,



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