Human Biology Past GCE Questions O/L 2023

GCE Ordinary Level Food and Nutrition Paper 2 June 2023

GCE Ordinary Level Food and Nutrition Paper 2 June 2023

Q1. (a) State five (5) reasons why food labeling is important to customers (5 marks)

(b) List five (5) types of meals (5 marks)

(c.) Enumerate five (5) uses of food addictive (5 marks)

(d) Outline five (5) general rules for pastry making (5 marks)

(e) List five (5) types of traditional dishes in Cameroon (5 marks)

Q2. (a) State five (5) points to remember when preparing food for a patient (5 marks)

(b) Classify vegetables in five groups giving an example each (10 marks)

(c.) Explains the steps for making a cake using the creaming methods (5 marks)

(d) Outline three (3) roles of herbs to man (3 marks)

(e.) Name four (4) main ingredients for making vegetable salads. (2 marks)

Q3. (a) Define the term first aid (2 marks)

(b) List three (3) items found in a first aid box (3 marks)

(c.) Mentioned five (5) dietary recommendations for a healthy lifestyle (5 marks)

(d) State five (5) aims of food preservation (5 marks)

(e.) List five (5) methods of preserving milk (5 marks)

(f) Enumerate five (5) importance of studying food and nutrition (5 marks)

Q4. (a) State five (5) qualities of a good waiter (5 marks)

(b) Outline five (5) points to consider when choosing a refrigerator (5 marks)

(c.) Enumerate four (4) reasons for eating food (4 marks)

(d) State four (4) functions of protein to the body (4 marks)

(e.) Outline seven (7) changes that take place when an egg is getting older (7 marks)

Q5. (a) Define the term digestion (2 marks)

(b) State five (5) importance of digestion (5 marks)

(c.) Name five (5) main digestive organs (5 marks)

(d) Outline five (5) ways of reducing fat consumption (5 marks)

(e.) State eight (8) personal hygiene rules to be observed when preparing food (8 marks)

Q6. (a) In a tabular form, list four (4) small kitchen equipment and their uses (10 marks)

(b) List five (50 rules for reheating leftover food(5 marks)

(c.) Enumerate five (50 measures to prevent falls in the kitchen (5 marks)

(d). List five (5) basic rules to follow for the successful use of a freezer. (5 marks)

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