Human Biology Past GCE Questions O/L 2023

GCE Ordinary Level Citizenship Education Past questions 2023

GCE Ordinary Level Citizenship Education Paper 2 Past questions 2023


Study the extract bearing on the inaugural speech by the Head of State on the occasion of the swearing-in ceremony in 2011 and then answer the questions (a) to (d) that follow.

‘’….In this temple of democracy, I also wish to once again thank all Cameroonians for having renewed their trust in me. It goes without saying that such trust will be an invaluable moral support to me in the discharge of the heavy responsibilities awaiting me in the coming years…It is an expression of absolute loyalty to the institution of the Republic and the personal commitment to perform the duties of the Head of State as set forth in our Constitution.

Over time, our democratic system has been gradually taking root, consolidating and improving…..The National Assembly will soon be backed by a Senate……

On, the whole, I think we have reasons to be satisfied with the process made in our democratic process. Measures have been taken to guarantee the regularity and transparency of elections….in two decades, a lot has been done to hold free, fair and transparent elections. Although progress has definitely been made in electoral democracy, it remains that some adjustment have to be made to our electoral body to improves its functioning.

However, I must say that individual behaviours are not always consistent with the solidarity which is supposed to be hallmark of a democratic society. More often than not, self-interest takes precedence over general interest. Such a mindset is the cause of social ills such as fraud, corruption and even delinquency…..

Long live the Republic, Long live Cameroon.

Source: Cameroon Radio Television, Yaoundé. 3rd, November, 2011.


a). (i)Identify by Name the Head of State who made the speech (1 + 1 +2 marks)

(ii) What armed of government is headed by the President of the Republic named in 9a) (i) above?

(iii) Name TWO duties of the Head of State as set in the Cameroon Constitution

b). (i) Which legal institution in Cameroon is the president referring to as the ‘’temple of democracy’’ in line 1 of the Extract (1 + 1 +2 marks)

(ii) In which year were the promises made in LINE 7 of the abstract fulfilled

(iii) State Two conditions to be fulfilled by a Cameroonian vying for the post of a Senate

c). (i) Apart from Presidential and Senatorial elections, State two other types of elections carried out in Cameroon (2 + 2 +2 marks)

(ii) Identify Two weaknesses of the Cameroon electoral process

(iii) What TWO measures have been taken by the Cameroon government to improve the country’s electoral process?

d). (i) Defined social ills as mentioned in the passage (1 + 3 +2 marks)

(ii) What are the consequences of social ills mentioned in line 15 above?

(iii) Outline measures that have been put in place by the government of Cameroon to fight against corruption in the country.


Q2. (a) Differentiate between monogamy and polygamy (6/6/8 marks)

(b) What are the main causes of divorce in a family?

(c.) Give the consequences of divorce to both children and parents

Q3. (a)State and explain the main features of public schools in Cameroon (8/6/8 marks)

(b) Described the social ills that are common within the school environment

(c.) What measures are been used to fight against social ills in the school environment

Q4. (a) Give the main characteristics of Cameroonian towns. (8/6/8 marks)

(b)What factors are responsible for the increasing movement of youths from the communities to the urban areas?

(c.) Described the main features that have been taken by the Cameroon government to limit the movement of youths to town.


Q5. Write shorts notes on the causes and manifestation of: (10/10 marks)

(a) Examination malpractice

(b) Prostitution

Q6. What are the features of? (6/6/8 marks)

(a) The Cameroon flag?

(b) The Cameroon Seal?

(c.) Explain the importance of national symbols to the citizens

Q7. (a) What are the rights enjoyed by workers in Cameroon? (8/6/6 marks)

(b) Explain the advantages enjoyed by National Social Insurance Fund to workers.

(c.) Describe the problems facing social security in Cameroon


Q8. (a) What are Human Rights? (4/8/8 marks)

(b) Describe the forms of Human Rights abuse in Cameroon

(c.) Explain the efforts that have been made by the Cameroon government to fight against Human Rights violations.

Q9. (a) Define with examples: (4/8/8 marks)

(i). Ethnic Minority

(ii) Linguistic Minority

(b) Explain some of the measures taken by the government of Cameroon to protect her minorities

(c.) What efforts have been made by the minorities towards nation-building?

Q10. (a) Explain the causes of the refugee crisis in Africa today (8/8/4 marks)

(b). What are the effects of the refugee crisis on the country of origin?

(c.). What measures can be taken to reduce the growing number of refugees?


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