Human Biology Past GCE Questions O/L 2023

Cameroon GCE Ordinary Level Biology Past Questions 2023

Cameroon GCE Ordinary Level Biology Past Questions 2023

SECTION A: Answer all 3 questions

Q1. (a) Draw a Spirogyra cell to show its features (5 marks)

(b) Give the functions of any four parts labeled (4 marks)

(c.) How is Spirogyra different from Amoeba? (6 marks)

(d). What will happen if a marine amoeba is put in a freshwater environment? (5 marks)

Q2. (a) Described an experiment to measure the rate of water update by a leafy shoot (9 marks)

(b) Explain how THREE (3) environmental factors affect the rate of transpiration (6 marks)

(c.) Tabulate the difference between a dicotyledonous stem and a monocotyledonous stem? (5 marks)

Q3. (a) Define the following as used in ecology:

(i)Pollutants (2 marks)

(ii) Afforestation (2 marks)

(b) State the harmful effects of bush burning (5 marks)

(c.) Describe the flow of energy in nature (6 marks)

(d) During a bush burning exercise, the quantity of carbon dioxide released was estimated and measured at regular intervals as shown in the table below; (5 marks)

Time/minutes 0 5 15 25 30 35
CO2/litter 0 10 30 80 70 50

Draw a graph to represent this information. From the graph, determine the amount of carbon dioxide that will be released during the 10th minute.


Answer any 2 Questions

Q4. (a) Draw a neatly labeled diagram to show the position of endocrine glands in a male mammal. (6 marks)

(b) State the functions of the mammalian skeleton (8 marks)

(c.) Described what happens when the hand touches a hot object (6 marks)

Q5. (a) Draw a large labeled diagram of the longitudinal section through the mammalian heart, showing the directions of blood vessels (13 marks)

(b) Described the functions of the major components of blood. (7 marks)

Q6. (a) Make a large labeled diagram of a male reproductive system of a mammal (8 marks)

(b) What is meant by:

(i) Ovulation (2 marks)

(ii) Fertilization (3 marks)

(iii) Pollination (3 marks)

(c.) Bring out FOUR (4) differences between an insect-pollinated flower and a wind-pollinated flower (4 marks)

Q7. (a) What is holozoic nutrition? (2 marks)

(b) How is the ileum adapted for the absorption of soluble food? (8 marks)

(c.) Copy and complete the Table below: (10 marks)

Vitamin/mineral Source Deficiency Function
Vitamin A     Proper vision
  Milk, meat, etc. Rickets  
Iron Oranges, grapes, limes, etc. Anemia  
      Prevent bleeding gum
Calcium     Helps in muscle contraction



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