CAMACO and Telcar Cocoa Companies Description

CAMACO and Telcar Cocoa Companies Description

CAMACO and Telcar Cocoa Companies Description

CAMACO and Telcar Cocoa Companies are the main cocoa-producing companies in Cameroon. They have the highest market share in the production and marketing of cocoa in Cameroon.

In particular, Telcar Cocoa, Cargill’s Cameroonian trading company, exported 853 tonnes in June 2014 National Cocoa and Coffee Board (ONCC), topping the list of cocoa exporters.

Telcar Cocoa ltd as of now is the leading company in the cocoa sector and currently occupies about 28% of the market share in Cameroon (ONCC, 2014)

Telcar is one of the well-established and renowned exporters of cocoa beans from Cameroon with ISO recognition, having a highly modern, well-equipped, state-of-the-art, cleaning plant with facilities for grading, cleaning, polishing, de-stoning and separating the cocoa beans with highly sensitive U. K. made SORTEX machine.

Telcar cocoa ltd has its head office situated at Grand Hangar- Bonaberi- Douala, in the economic capital of Cameroon. The company started operations as far back as 1991 as a sole proprietorship. In 1995, the company became a Telka commodities trading company.

By August 2001, the company became known as Telcar cocoa ltd. The company carries out activities in the following regions, Southwest, Centre, and South regions of Cameroon.

The main motto of the company is to implement customer-focused strategies and enhancement of mutually beneficial business relationships with customers. The entire process of producing high-quality goods is in accordance with the international standards of ISO 9001. 

The cocoa beans are cleaned and packed with precise quality maintenance, and attractive packing that ensured pre/post shipment services. (

The Cameroon Marketing Commodities with its acronym CAMACO, on the other hand, is a limited liability company with headquarters in Kumba, Meme division of the South West Region of Cameroon. After the closure of the National Produce Marketing Board (N.P.M.B) in Cameroon in the year 1984, the Government of Cameroon liberalized the commercialization of Cocoa and Coffee beans in the country.

Private companies and individuals could now buy and sell cocoa or coffee in any market of their choice. This gave birth to Cameroon Marketing Commodities (CAMACO). Cameroon Marketing Commodities buys fairly fermented (FF) cocoa from producers and local farmers, processes the beans in its plan in Douala, and after processing, sells to its partners export-ready (G1 & G2).CAMACO is smaller in size and activities as compared to Telcar

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