Library Science Project Topics for students in Cameroon

Library Science Project Topics for students in Cameroon 1). Use of School Library And Academic Performance Of Secondary School In The Buea Municipality.   2). Common Culture Created Supported Enhanced by Academic Library On University Of Buea Campus   3). Challenges and Prospects Of The Availability And Utilization Of ICT In Processing Information Resources Among Universities Students In The Buea Municipality   4). Availability And Preservation Of Information Resources In University Of Buea Library   5). Attitude And Interest Of An Information Professional Toward Digital Preservation In The...

Essay Writing Tips for University Students in Cameroon

Essay writing has become a common and well-known assessment procedure in all fields of study and academic works in all university institutions in Cameroon. Faced with an essay writing situation in the form of, papers, seminars, and projects at every stage of academic pursuit is unavoidable and a sine qua non.   Much of your university work will be examined through your final year research work, whether it is an essay you prepare on your own time over a period of days...

15 Compelling Reasons To Start A Business After Leaving The University

Starting your own business may be a leap of religion. It requires pushing out of your temperature and trying something new. If that idea excites you, why wait around? You’re able to take the leap and be the CEO of your OWN COMPANY. It’s a lot of work and there are some risks, but the potential for rewards is huge. If you’re not convinced yet, here are 10 of the simplest reasons for starting your own business. Below are 15 Reasons Why You Start  A Business After Leaving the University Reason...

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